Top 10 Absolutely Amazing Vintage Interior Design Ideas!

Vintage tiny house

Vintage, an increasingly popular trend of interior design, is a harmonious combination of modern architecture and antique elements. This timeless style assists you to create the unique living space without worrying that your home becomes old-fashioned. If you are enchanted by the classic beauty, you should not miss this style. Let’s consider our Top 10 Vintage interior design ideas to turn your house into a comfortable and elegant home.

Top 10 Vintage Interior Design Ideas

Living Room: Being Posh And Comfy

When it comes to the living room, you require it not only a chic style but also comfortableness but have no idea how to decorate? A soft spacious sofa comes along with a deluxe faux fur throw might be the suitable suggestion for you.

Vintage interior design ideas
Source: BHG

To enhance the splendor, you can incorporate cleverly other classy and elegant decorations. Such as glory floor lamp beside the sofa, floral patterns on the dark wooden table. On top of that, your guest might be favorably impressed by a vintage turntable or glossy mirror on the cabinet.

vintage record player
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A Kitchen: A cozy Gathering Place

Who doesn’t want a cozy kitchen that encourages all members of a family to gather, dine and chat intimately together? Give your kitchen a Vintage appearance by placing nostalgic style interiors.

No need of luxurious materials, you still create a warm and unique dining room in the simple and reasonable way that decorates a wooden table (light earth tones), cookware and some artwork on the wall.

Unless your kitchen is really extensive, a vintage storage on the wall is a wise choice that not only saves your space but also makes up an elegant and rustic impression.

vintage kitchen idea

Vintage Bedroom: Being Romantic And Gentle

Bedroom, your private space, has a tremendous effect on your health physically and mentally. Therefore, it is essential to figure out the relevant manner of decoration for your bedchamber. Here is an instance if you decide to adopt style of vintage interior design.

vintage bedroom idea

There is nothing sweeter than spending romantic moments with that special in the bedroom that is painted in a scheme of caramel and vanilla to warm up the feelings. Plus, don’t forget to cover up the bed with numerous soft woolens, pillows, and furs.

If on top of your bed is an empty wall, you should try hanging on photos that are put in vintage frames. Now you have a gallery of memories above your head and blend into your dream every night.

Vintage Bathroom: Taking Shower In Vintage Flow

Have you dreamed of taking shower in a vintage bathroom? Unless you afford a vintage style bathtub, you still remain innumerable choices to make your dream come true.

For instance, you might make use of an old bicycle as a carrier for a sink, flourish fresh flowers beside the sink, and hang on a wooden-framed mirror between yellowish lights. It seems simple but wonderful.

vintage bathroom idea

Children Room: Vintage Up Childhood

Parents who are following vintage interior design style can find out some great ideas to delight kid’s spaces sweetly instead of classically. Ideally, wallpapers should be in pastels theme that supports to incorporate easily and harmoniously various furniture together.

Aside from the breath-taking wallpaper, you can select some cute, whimsical and fun vintage interior design ideas and put them on a wooden shelve in a corner. Plus, cover a furry rug in case your kids want to stretch out and play comfortably on the floor.

vintage nursery room

Entrance Hallway: A Road To Vintage Home

Hallways and entrance foyers are the spots that visitors firstly pay attention to your home so make sure that it is totally impressive. The manner of vintage interior design ideas in a hallway depends on its size.

With regard to the narrow one, for instance, you might simply cover a colorful brocade carpet on the floor to show guests that your home is an inviting place. In addition, a wooden bench is placed along the wall for those people who are knocked out by your home’s grandeur.

vintage interior design ideas
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Vintage Ceiling: An Antique Piece Of Sky

To alter a crude ceiling into an elegant one that you just want to look up and enjoy. You can decorate some antique items such as a vintage style fan or light or two-in-one item.

vintage ceiling idea

We ensure that your guest will be surprised dramatically if you hang this one on your ceiling.

Home Office: Working In Vintage Atmosphere

You want to turn your working room into an inspirational space to boost your productivity? This is one of vintage interior design idea we offer to you.

vintage home office idea
Source: Loom Brand

A heavy wooden desk from the old time is truly chic furniture you should not miss. Besides, you can adorn cleverly a lamp, notes or calendar on it. Also, don’t forget one or two plants to make your home office green and healthy.

Reading Corner: In The Name Of Comfortableness

With reference to a bookaholic people, it is vital to build up a gorgeous small-sized library in their home.  Maybe you try heavy, antique bookends in reading corner that stand proudly along with your value books.

Moreover, if you own an abundant space for reading, let’s magic up it with a rattan hanging chair that supplies your home both a comfortable seat and truly vintage style look.

vintage interior ideas

DIY Vintage Interiors: Giving A Flight To Your Creativity

If vintage accessories are too expensive for you to afford them, never forget that vintage style is extremely multiform. Also, you can twist it with everything you have on hand. An amazing pallet shelf that can’t be handmade easily is a convenient decoration to carry books or herbs jar. You can place it on the wall of kitchen reading room or what have you.

On top of that, there are various other vintage interior design ideas about vintage style handmade accessories. Therefore, you can adopt as much as you like. Such as making use of old wine bottles as adorable vases, repurposing hooks as hangers in the bathroom or making fun candle stands from funnels.

vintage home decor idea

In conclusion, the vintage interior design is a never-ending inspiration. Let’s consider our amazing ideas to “vintage up” your sweet home then you will never be disappointed.


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