80+ Most Beautiful Container Home Designs of All Time

shipping container home designs

Shipping container home has recently become extremely popular all over the world. Have you ever wonder what exactly is a shipping container home? The shipping container home design is a new form of architecture that uses the shipping containers (with steel material) as a structural shape.

Taking advantage of a new or used container, architecture creates an amazingly fantastic environment for people to live and discover new atmosphere. Despite a slightly narrow area in a container, we ensure a comfortable living space like a normal home with living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom or even a playing ground in front of it.

Although you can suffer some challenges when living in a container home such as temperature, humidity, lack of flexibility, we all can not deny wonderful advantages of this design. The first strength is its price. Making use of used containers, it is built with the incredibly cheap expense and offers exceptional value for money.

Furthermore, a home designed from a used container is also friendly with the environment because we can take full advantage of approximately unused 11 million shipping containers and 3,500kg worth of steel in each recycled container home. Consequently, it is one of the best selection for people who have low or average income or want to discover a new living environment.

For its remarkable benefits and popularity, there is a wide range of new designs annually. If you are intending to build one, keep reading our following article in which we mention the top 80 beautiful shipping container home designs all over the world.

80 Most Beautiful Container Home Designs

Container Home Designs
Source: honomobo.com

The first design we want to introduce to you is a wonderful container home design with a larger space than ever. This home consists of three floors with 5 rooms in the separate areas. The marvelous feature impressing any people is that it also contains a playing ground where you can lie in a chair bathing sunshine. How wonderful it is!

HO4 Design
Source: HO4 Design

Another construction comes from HO4 design. Consisting of two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a nice full kitchen which are much higher than the ground, you can have a good view to enjoy your surrounding environment. Built for heating, cooling, and hot water efficiency, that model will bring you a feel like you are in a real house.

 The Beach Box by Andrew Anderson
Source: The Beach Box by Andrew Anderson

Next, let’s enjoy a marvelous living space like in a beach. Imagine that after a long working time, you can lie among white sands and enjoy the slight sunshine with the soft wind. Incredible but you are! Just with amazing design, feel the most comfortable and relaxed at any times.

Source: ZieglerBuild

Another, for the people who love classic style, take consideration of this model. With a beautiful and monumental construction, you will have a chance to live in a place like the Winter Palace. Especially, that home will be sparkling with decorative lights inside and outside.

Taj Malodge by Larry
Source: Taj Malodge by Larry

Get rid of the worry about electricity and heat water provision,  this design satisfies your needs and demands a lot. The solar panels on the roof will serve you. Simple but useful! Let’s try and enjoy it!

container home plans
Source: containerhomeplans.org

And, one of the most simple and cheapest container home designs ever, that model is very suitable for the people who have low or average income. If you want to make use of your small-sized land, try this model immediately. Furthermore, you do not require any building permissions for this construction.

Source: G-PodsDwell

Have you ever heard any types of houses which can be removed? Do not be surprised with this construction. As an environmental-friendly home, you can relocate it wherever you want. Using only a single container together with many pull-out and fold-down elements, the living space is considerably widened.

container home designs
Source: popularmechanics.com

Furthermore, if you want your home to appear in the coolest style, here is for you. New- fangled construction with various circle windows not only makes your home to be brighter but also creates a focal point for the whole appearance.

North Brach by Robyn Volker
Source: North Brach by Robyn Volker

Next, It is really a great idea for hillsides container home design. A nice home standing on a side of the hill relaxes you a lot after tiring working times. Helping the people to live friendly with nature is also the purpose of this construction.

container house design
Source: homedesignplans.org

Another, a beautiful home with full of natural light is always a dream of many people. If you love the living atmosphere with sunshine, let’s pay attention to this model. Constructed to gain the maximum light from the sun, the roofs are made from total glass, which also enables you to feel like you are touching the sunlight.

beautiful container house
Source: homedsgn.com

Aiming at making the living environment green, you can not find others better than this model. Simple but modern and attractive features are all you can find in only one container home. However, overall, it creates a fresher atmosphere for the owners by the capacity of growing trees inside.

red container home
Source: vatgia.com

Not just for living only, a container design is now for office. With the simplest construction, it is built to widen the space inside for further living and working area. For both staying and working, that model is extremely useful and functional.

The container of Hope by Benjamin Garcia Saxe
Source: The container of Hope by Benjamin Garcia Saxe

If you do not want the noise of strong winds to annoy you any more, let this model serve you. With the construction of mostly glass window surrounding, it contributes to minimizing the effects of bad weather in the environment while still getting enough sunlight.

yellow container home
Source: homedsgn.com

This is one of the most practical container home design all over the world. A house only becomes useful if you can take full advantages of all empty space. With 2-floor design and a large balcony, you can enjoy not only the atmosphere inside your house but also all the beautiful scenes around you.

container home plans
Source: containerhomeplans.org

Multidimensional construction makes the whole area larger and airier. As a combination of classic and modern style, it generates an atmosphere like a cafe. Sit in an armchair enjoying a cup of coffee and a piece of jazz music. What a wonderful feel!

container home interior
Source: homedsgn.com

Here is another modern look you can choose for your container home design. Nothing is impossible if you take useful advice from designers and professions.

Manifesto House by James and Mau
Source: Manifesto House by James and Mau

Putting some pallets on the external walls, it is able to control the sun and insulation as well, so the climate can be adjusted well. Made from eco- friendly materials, it is really one of the best choices for the cold areas.

container home
Source: containerhome.info

This model is an interesting example of using a container to build a home on a difficult access site. Even on the hillside or in the heavily sloping site, you can always build a house for permanent living.

blue container home
Source: architecturedesign.net

Built for comfort and warmth, this design features a small patio in the front and wood panels on the walls. As a combination of color and material, it is worth living for the entire life.

container home
Source: containerhome.info

Are you seeking a lovely design which contains one floor with several rooms? This kind of home engineered for green, healthy and low-carbon lifestyle will definitely impress you a lot.

Jean Nouvel’s Design
Source: Jean Nouvel’s Design

This creation is designed by a Frech architecture- Jean Nouvel. Because of the capacity up to 120 people, not just for home only, it can be used for party, wedding or meeting.

black container home
Source: honomobo.com

Simple but still functional and spacious enough for living. This design is for the ones who love peace and simpleness.

HO2 Design
Source: HO2 Design

With the living area of 352 square feet, the HO2 ensures effective, comfortable and changeable space both for living and entertainment. Having enough empty area for a full bathroom and kitchen, it brings conveniences like in a home.

modern container home
Source: honomobo.com

For an additional affordable design, it is certainly an interesting selection. All in only in one room, find your warmth in this construction.

modern container home
Source: architecturedesign.com

Wow, let’s have a close look at that outstanding idea. Concentrating on the modern living standard provision, this home contains a variety of solar panels and wind turbines. You will be attracted by such a stylish and fashional construction.

Shipping Container Home Plans
Shipping Container Home Plans

Bring people near nature is the purpose of this creation. With multi-dimensional design, you will have a feel like you are in the forest. Let’s enjoy a green, eco- friendly life in this home.

shipping container tiny house

If you would like to live in a small but cool space, this creation is for you. The outside of this home is designed in a modern style, which never makes your home become monotonous. Another sunshine bathing area is also available in the front.

best container home
Source: architecturedesign.net

Combining traditional and modern design, you can the most comfort in this model. This is an enormous house which adds another classic area inside, so you can feel both styles in only one house. A beautiful vision is expanded through sliding glass doors as well.

beautiful container home
Source: containerhomedesign.org

If you want to invest in building a massive construction in container style, do not skip that idea from Matt Money. Containing three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and an outdoor swimming pool, that is really a house-like construction which can provide you all beauty, entertainment and so on.

Nomad Living Guesthouse
Source:  Nomad Living Guesthouse

You can never find a perfect construction than this container home design. All the characteristics make it the most comfortable, convenient and safest place to live. This home features foam anti-fire insulation, roof double ventilation, southeast large windows to take full advantages of solar energy.

lovely container home
Source: architecturedesign.net

Widening the living area is the purpose of this creation. By focusing on width, it can hold all facilities for the daily life such as a sofa, dining table or a bathroom, etc

shipping container home
Source: digitaltrends.com

It can not be more wonderful than when you live in an affordable, house- like container home design for your farm. Try it in your upcoming construction.

Ecotech Design
Source: Ecotech Design

Take the container design to another level with this amazing construction. It is not just a place to live, it is now for discovering life.

green container home building
Source: greenbuildingelements.com

Take this idea if you want to use the rest land for growing food, vegetables, which not only saves your money but also helps you to relax and get some exercise

shipping container home design
Source: nola.com

If you want to find out an idea to save your money, the expense of this model is extremely exceptional value for money. A large window in the front also creates a good view for the owners.

white shipping container home
Source: popularmechanics.com

Modern lines and appealing spaces are strengths of that creation. In any location, especially near the beach, you can not be happier in your wonderful house.

shipping container home plans
Source: containerhomeplans.org

A good house is not only useful in function but also attractive in look. You can find both of them in that model.

best shipping container home
Source: popularmachenics.com

Being as near nature as you can, this creation provides a beautiful vision, a fresh and peaceful life  to a family of four or even five people

container home plans
Source: containerhomeplans.org

This is a unique construction for tropical weather area. Strong paints and various domes outside prevent it from raining effectively. How functional it is!

shipping container home plans
Source: containerhomeplans.org

Let’s show your style with this amazing design. Strange-looking but harmonious, that it is!

The Ecopod
Source: The Ecopod

Designed for on or off-grid living, the Ecopod enables you to minimize the impact of the environment. This model features a solar panel, recycled car tires floor, and an electric winch.

red shipping container home
Source: popularmechanics.com

Finding an affordable and simple model is never the problem if you pay attention to this model…

Container home Illy design
Container home Illy design

Or even more modest with this construction from Illy design.

havana container house
Source: Havana container house

This model is engineered in the traditional style like a normal house. Aiming at minimizing construction expense, although this appearance is not very attractive, the space inside is for your creation.

simple shipping container home
Source: tikspor.com

Modest, simple but flexible and functional enough to ensure security and demands, this design contributes to enhancing the personal life for the ones who hate noise and crowd.

green container home
Source: popularmechanics.com

Move your eyes to another amazing model. This is a considerable choice for urban space management. The color of the house also show eco- friendly message efficiently

shipping container home plans
Source: containerhomeplans.org

We innovate the walls so that they are smooth and flat enough to ensure a comfortable life.  For a holiday home on the beach or for an overnight camping, enjoy it over the weekend!

best shipping container home plans
Source: containerhomeplans.org

Here is also another design you can consider to save your money and increase your favor of separated areas.

beautiful shipping container homes
Source: popularmechanics.com

Designed by LOT- EK, this fantastic concept is highly appreciated as one of the most beautiful designs among container home design ideas. Let your dream come true with this monumental creation.

blue shipping container home
Source: containerhomeplans.org

This is the first residential shipping container home in Washington D.C. Designed for a better drip edge connection, this construction deserves the most beautiful building made from containers ever.

shipping container home designs
Source: popularmechanics.com

Another, the Riverside Building located in London is another great creation inspired by container home design. The capacity up to 22 offices, this model is suitable for modern life, especially for an urban area. Fantastic view is also a considerable highlight. This idea is also applied very well in home construction.

container homes
Source: homedit.com

Building your home as you are living in a restaurant or a book cafe is in your hand with this remarkable idea. Feel relaxed at any times you want. An additional modest space in the front makes a focal point for this creation.

container home designs
Source: homedit.com

What do you think about this creation? Try it if it is your favorite style.

Port - a - Bach design
Source: Port – a – Bach design

A temporary accommodation for a nice weekend? Going off the grid? Or even a permanent choice to live? Find flexibility with this design. Folding up into a fully enclosed stell shell, security for you and your family is highly ensured.

Port - a - Bach
Source: Port – a – Bach

Another Port – a – Bach design you can take full advantages is above model. Why is it called “ Bach”? This slang is used for the word “ Batchelor Pad”, which means picturesque beauty.

M2AKT Container House
Source: M2AKT Container House

House is not a place for living only, it shows the style of the owners as well. Equipped with all necessities like a normal life, this construction is built for artistic souls.

container house plan
Source: containerhomeplans.org

This is such a cool and cozy creation for home construction. Spacious, airy, bright. It is enough for a normal life.

popular container home
Source: popularmechanics.com

How do you think of a tall building among crowded city? With the construction of three stacked containers, the full furniture for daily demand can be held up neatly. A large glass door in the front of each floor creates a modern look for the whole appearance and good vision for the owners.

orange container home
Source: digitaltrends.com

Also, a good house has to be designed both for living demand and good- looking appearance. If you are seeking a lovely model. Keep reading as following. The most helpful feature that differs it from others is the slanted roof. That roof makes the atmosphere airy by letting the sunlight in and escaping the hot air out.

best container house design
Source: popularmechanics.com

Here is another lovely model by Jure Kotnik architect. As a perfect example of doing more with less, the upper container creates shade to the lower’s entrance while a small terrace is also contained in the lower one.

modern container house
Source: digitaltrends.com

In fact, it is extremely more difficult to build to a home on rough areas like a hillside. Take it easier by applying this fantastic idea. Built with 12 containers and ventilated facade, the cooling system of the whole massive design if from natural air mountain.

blue container house
Source: digitaltrends.com

If you are on the way of finding a suitable container home design in the countryside, let’s have a close look at these models.

Container house ideas

All the walls are made from woods, which is not only an effective way to minimize hot air from sunlight but also make the house become more artistic and beautiful

container home interior ideas
Source: digital.com

Here is also another way to construct the used containers into a greenhouse for living.

shipping container house idea
Source: homedit.com

How green and fresh it is!

shipping container home idea
Source: homedit.com

The more spacious your home is, the more comfortable you feel.

eco friendly container house idea
Source: digitaltrends.com

For the summer, this design idea is really practical. How do you think about that?

Ecocosa Design Studio
Source: Ecocosa Design Studio

This model features mint- green color, concrete floors walnut finish, solar panels dual aluminum windows. All amazing characteristics enable the house to become one of the most modern and beautiful container home design all over the world.

beautiful container house idea
Source: digitaltrends.com

Another, passive ventilation and modern design are what you can find with this construction. By using sustainable materials, it is worth of money.

Manifesto House
Source: Manifesto House

Also, use recycled wood pallets and shutters with a view to shading the whole area in the summer and heating them in the winter. This is the best choice for the ones who want to enjoy life.

container home ideas
Source: digitaltrends.com

Such a stable construction that can protect you from bad weather even dangerous animals.

eco friendly container house
Source: digitaltrends.com

A house among a forest with security? Apply this idea in your construction immediately.

 tree design container house
Source: Two – tree house

Do let nature prevent your construction with this model. Keep it in mind whenever you need.

wood design container house
Source: homedit.com

A house with full of books and working table- a really fantastic idea for officers.

container house interior
Via: homedit.com
container home interior designs
Source: homedit.com
container home interior design
Via: digitaltrends.com
container house interior design
Source: homedit.com

These above suggestions are very useful if you are worried how can convert an old container into an extremely outstanding atmosphere.

Cove park
Source: Cove park

Come back to simple construction, we want to show you an idea from Cove Park. Designed to maximize the owner’s vision, it provides positions for visual artists, craftspeople, writers and musicians

Hybrid House
Source: Hybrid House

Finally, With an open layout and solar shaded windows, a house among hot desert is now definitely possible. For it’s large, and good- looking appearance, this Hybrid house is an ideal selection for the ones who want huge storage areas and a beautiful working environment.

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