Sampling Art Deco-Inspired Furniture as a Space Saving Idea

Sampling Art Deco-Inspired Furniture as a Space Saving Idea

aArt Deco is a style which focuses on geometric and flowing curved patterns. These characteristics give a streamlined appearance, resulting in a clean and symmetrical look.

Even though it flourished in the 1920s, Art Deco’s timeless appearance still gets highlighted today through pieces of furniture that feature the design. For your next space saving design theme, check out Art Deco or ‘style moderne’, as it’s also called in France.

In a previous article, we discussed the ‘Top 7 Ideas for Small Bedroom Decorating’. The technique of utilizing the available space as storage was mentioned and we’ve shown how you can maximize the gap under your bed. You can also extend upwards through a bed fitted with shelves. Fresh Design Pedia shared numerous samples of Art Deco-inspired furniture, but this daybed is a noteworthy pick as it’s also an excellent way to save space in your bedroom.

Fresh Design Pedia
Image: Fresh Design Pedia

Additionally, Worldwide Home Furnishings stated that Art Deco is “taking over the décor scene,” and taking into consideration the space saving factor, placing mirrored furniture pieces is a great technique as it makes a room appear more spacious.

Take for example a bedside cabinet with mirrored drawers. The optical illusion seemingly creates an extension for your bedroom.

Worldwide Home Furnishings
Image: Worldwide Home Furnishings

Bar stools are also staple pieces in Art Deco style, and you can set up similar pieces in the kitchen or another part of the house. Contrary to traditional four-legged chairs, bar stools take less space. A kitchen-bedroom combination separated by a partition was featured by Lushome and the bar stools clearly don’t eat up too much space even if they’re placed along the walkway.

Image: Lushome

These are only a few ideas to help you manage the limited space while rocking a classy look through Art Deco design. There are countless other compilations all over the internet, but you can also see the style in person for a genuine taste of Art Deco grandeur.

Experiencing Art Deco grandeur with your own eyes

For some homeowners, seeing photos might not be enough to appreciate the actual beauty of Art Deco. If you want some added inspiration and to witness it firsthand, take a trip to the east coast or Miami to be exact.

The city has the largest concentration of Art Deco structures in the world. A blog post by Discover Homes Miami mentioned how tourists are treated to 1920s and 1930s pastel and white buildings adorned with a combination of modern and vintage aesthetics patterned on the Art Deco style. The Art Deco era may long have passed, but its legacy lives on through various home buildings throughout Miami and beyond.

To sum it up, small spaces shouldn’t mean you cannot inject a bit of vintage elegance into your house interiors. All you need to do is to look at space saving Art Deco style furniture for inspiration.

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