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Top 10 Basic and Amazing Shipping Container Home Plans

What great things can you do with a used shipping container? Have you ever seen a house 100% made from the recycled materials like shipping containers? Well, it seems to be a novel idea, but dreams come true thanks to talented and creative designers and

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What is the Most Popular Space-Saving Furniture for RVs?

For RVers, life in motorhomes is perfect to satisfy their love for traveling and enjoy

What is the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Records?

How to clean vinyl records must be a hard question for each collector and user.

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What is the Best Sleeper Sofa and Best Sofa Bed – 2017 Reviews and Guide

If you have a home, then the idea of a guest room may have crossed your mind once or twice. Don’t worry, you don’t actually need to have a guest room because some Best Sleeper Sofa can provide you all the necessary space you need for a

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Infographic: This is Why Bigger Homes are Not Always Better

Bigger is not always be better. Though society loves to always push us towards a house that is slightly bigger or pricier, homebuyers do not often consider the long-term effects of their decision. While most people are aware that a bigger home will cost more

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Top 10 Amazing Vintage Interior Design Ideas That Will Inspired You

Vintage, an increasingly popular trend of interior design, is a harmonious combination of modern architecture

Sampling Art Deco-Inspired Furniture as a Space Saving Idea

Art Deco is a style which focuses on geometric and flowing curved patterns. These characteristics