Best Smallest Microwave Oven in 2020

best smallest microwave oven

Today almost every household has a microwave. They are perfect for easy and quick cooking or just to heat up a smaller quantity of food. But, the problem is their size and weight. They are big and bulky. This is why compact microwaves are more in demand. They are smaller, lighter, consuming less electricity, and they retain their original purpose. These factors make a lot of difference. This also makes them great for a Tiny House or RV.

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Choosing the best compact microwave is not easy, considering the many options and features available. Fortunately, shopping online ensures you can get the best (not just what is in-store near you). How do you find the right one online, though? That’s why we have researched all of the best compact microwaves for Tiny Houses and RV’s available today. These are our top picks.

Best Smallest Microwave Oven Reviews

1. Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven Review

Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven

Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven Toshiba was founded in 1939. You can be rest assured that this manufacturing company knows its product. They understand why and what the product is being manufactured for. The product’s black stainless steel exterior finish gives an elegant vibe not only to itself but to your kitchen too.

This microwave has 6 different types of functions of cooking required for heating up food. You no longer will have to calculate the time needed to heat up the food or think about anything. Its Single Touch Start is a great feature which makes it very simple to heat up food hassle free. You just have to touch the number and your food will get heated.

Many people prefer their electronics to make no noise and be silent. For example, our smartphones have this ‘sound on/off’ feature. This microwave also has a silent feature which makes it amazing. Also, when on power saving mode, it helps save money. We are well aware that microwaves utilize a good amount of electricity.

Pros of the product
  • Its black exterior made from stainless steel makes it quite elegant looking.
  • You can heat your food with just a touch because of the Once Touch Start feature.
  • ​It provides more power that helps you cook faster.
  • The cavity has a LED inside it which lets you look at the food that is being cooked inside the microwave without having to stop and open it.
  • ​You can cut down on your electricity bill because of the power saving mode.
Cons of the product
  • ​It is neither very small nor very big because it is 0.9 cubic feet.

2. Samsung MG14H3020CM Microwave Oven Review

Samsung MG14H3020CM Microwave Oven Review

Samsung MG14H3020CM Microwave Oven Review

The name ‘Samsung’ means Three Star or ‘Tri-Star’. And the number ‘3’ in South Korea, stands for Numerous, Big and Powerful. This Samsung MG14H3020CM has many functions, is powerful and big.

The shiny mirror design exterior makes the oven look premium in your kitchen. This microwave’s settings let you know if you have to defrost, reheat, or cook. This makes life very simple for you.

One of the main issues is the power consumption. The microwave is usually plugged in throughout because it is used too frequently for its various functions. This can shoot up your electricity bill thus increasing your expenses.

Hence this 950-watt microwave has an Eco Mode which helps in saving power. This is done by turning the display off when the microwave is not in use. Thus saving on your bill amount. When looking at the inside top part, you will notice that the grill heating rod is not straight. This helps in spreading the heat in a circular motion which on the outside allows the food being grilled to delicious brown color and get nice and crispy while letting the inside be juicy.

However, what differentiates this microwave from others is not its exterior but its interior. You will notice that the cavity inside is different. In many microwaves, it is made of steel. But, the inside of this one is made from Ceramic Enamel. This is the reason why the cavity surface is non-stick which makes it easy to clean. And its texture lets its surface show a luster.

Pros of the product
  • There is enough space to cook and eat in this 1.4 cubic feet space.
  • The ceramic enamel inside helps cook/heat up food nicely and it also retains the original flavor of the food being heated or cooked.
  • Electricity consumption is minimized because of the Eco Mode.
  • ​Its auto-detection feature makes life easy by letting you know whether you need to defrost, reheat or cook your food.
  • ​Grilling is possible.
  • ​It comes along with a free ceramic plate and a round rack. Who can say ‘No’ to such goodies?
Cons of the product
  • Because of its large dimensions, you may find it difficult to accommodate it on a counter having less space in a tiny home.
  • It weighs around 41.9 lbs. This makes it less portable because it is heavy.
  • The front mirror finish doesn’t let you really see what is happening inside.

3. Panasonic NN-SD372S Countertop Microwave Review

Panasonic NN-SD372S Countertop Microwave Review

Panasonic NN-SD372S Countertop Microwave Review This Panasonic microwave is made from stainless steel and is well built. It boasts of its industrial design. This 950 watts light grey microwave is stronger than other microwaves because of the tactile buttons which are used here instead of its touch being sensitive.

When you look at it, one can definitely say that it is a bold step from Panasonic for using Inverter Technology.

When the food is heated, the temperature of the food can differ from area to area because of the power setting, unless you are using the maximum power option. Whereas, by using Inverter Technology, the temperature remains constant which lets the heat spread in equal amounts, irrespective of the power level being used.

Apart from that, food cells are not killed when heated thereby letting the food remain healthy. It is energy efficient also. The inside capacity is 0.8 cubic feet and has a 950-watt output. It is spacious and powerful to an extent to boost you on cooking/heating up your food effectively and quickly. This microwave also includes a cooking e-book for free.

Pros of the product
  • Its look is sturdy because of its industrial design.
  • The oven durability is increased by the tactile buttons.
  • The food stays fresh and the food cells don’t die because it uses the Inverter Technology.
  • ​The free cooking e-book gives educates you on all the possible things that can be done using this microwave.
Cons of the product
  • 0.8 cubic feet means it isn’t small

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