Girard Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting – Easy!

Girard Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting

The Girard tankless water heater is very preferred today. A large number of people choose to replace the RV water heater with tankless. According to my observation, it not only operates in a quiet way but also provides a stable hot water flow. Furthermore, maintain the temperature and flow rate a constant.

So, the unit from Girard is perfect enough, isn’t it? It is not necessary. Much like any machine, including the water heater, it also has the certain problems. That’s why I share this article with you – Girard tankless water heater troubleshooting. Read to know more!

Girard Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting – Step by Step

I and you will find answers to the problems related to the Girard tankless water heater, by answering the questions below in turn.

Girard Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting
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1.  The Girard Tankless Water Heater Runs Like a General Water Heater, Doesn’t It?

There will be a wrong thought if you assume that the operation of the Girard water heater is the same as the tank water heater. In fact, both have the differences. I also supplement the simple running tips so that you can follow in case you do know:

  • Initially, you need to turn on the power switch and then set the auto mode.
  • Instead of turning on the hot water faucet, the best plan would be to only switch on hot water at a normal rate.
  • After a couple of seconds, the water will start warming up. The next, you only need to adjust the water flow to the desired temperature. Continuously, reduce the hot water flow, but you remember to raise the temperature of the water. Thus, gradually increase the water flow and begin to decrease the temperature.

2. What Technology Have Girard Tankless Water Heater Applied?

The Girard tankless water heater has equipped a burner. It helps to automatically adjust the BTU number. Combine with an auto mode to adjust the water temperature.

With that being said, also have two positions (low & auto) of the mode switch placed inside your RV. When setting the low position, the BTU level is approximately 27,000. The auto position is higher ~ range from 27,000 to 34,000 BTUs. Remember that there is a sensor inside the auto mode. The high or low BTU is to depend on this sensor.

Yes, the high/low sensor – a bimetal disc is a part of the water heater compartment. But, it does not likely shift the low-to-high temperature and time properly if you are setting the auto mode. In this case, your water heater is often in the low mode, instead, the high mode.

Let’s feel secure! This is not a problem of the Girard tankless water heater. Basically, this technology helps to test on the gas valve (a dual-BTU valve) of your water heater. I recommend that you should utilize the high/low sensor when the WCI pressure has incorrectly read inches of the water column though you have set the mode switch. In this way, the mode switch will be high/low without auto/low. We can accept this because of likely approving a water heater without including the auto mode.

3. What Problems Are There When Using the Girard Tankless Water Heater?

Throughout the use process, the Girard tankless water heater can occur some following problems:

Fail to light – In the first ignition, you do not detect the flame. Or, the failure to light is due to the burner. It means that the gas valve is not provided the energy and the control via an inter-purge is getting delayed before the efforts of the ignition again.

To overcome this issue, you need to recover the lockout, by resetting the thermostatic need. Require shutting off the power within 5 seconds and open the hot water faucet later.

Failure of the flame – The operation of the burner is normal, but the establishment of the flame gets lost. At that time, it takes about 0.8 seconds so that the control starts responding. De-energize the gas valve and start both the ignition routine and a new inter-purge.

Aside from that, the light failure of the burner will also lead to the gas valve de-energized. And there will need at least two attempts to activate the burner. Until the three trials, the control is going to move into lockout (mentioned above). Once the flame is lighted back, the unit will run in a normal way.

Problems related to the combustion airflow – Don’t you recognize the signal of the airflow? During the running process, the hi-limit switch is always in the opening stage. Nonetheless, the blower still works while the gas valve is maintained the energy.

Don’t stop! In a case of the closed switch, an ordinary ignition will continue working. With the last-long condition over 5 minutes, the blower will be entered lockout off by the control.

Stop operating – Unfortunately, your machine stops working. Don’t worry! On the panel, you carefully consider the LED indicator. If there is the blinking LED, it shows the fault:

  • Air fault – one flash
  • Flame detection – two flash
  • Lockout error – three flash
  • Low voltage – five flash
  • Internal control error – steady on
Girard 2GWHAM On-Demand Tankless Water Heater
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4. By What Means Can You Control and Adjust the Hot Water Temperature?

The Girard tankless water heater has two switches – power and mode.

The power switch – You are easy to access it when opening the door of your water heater. The power switch allows you to leave it “ON” throughout the using-RV time. Except you use the hot water unless it does not consume the power.

The mode switch – Unlike the power switch, it is not easy to access the mode switch because of being placed inside the RV. Thanks to this switch, you do not meet any difficulty to control the BTUs as well as the level of the flame. Particularly, have two settings – auto and low.

When setting the auto mode, your water heater will switch from high to low and vice versa. Of course, it also depends on the temperature of the incoming water. Recommend utilizing your unit in the auto mode.

In addition to that, have to say to the automatic sensor. It will activate two stage of the gas valve (from 34,000 BTUs to 27,000 BTUs. All are based on the temp of the incoming water. Keep in mind, you just apply the low setting in case you do not likely stabilize the temp or the water is so hot.

5. What to Consider While You Are Utilizing the Girard Tankless Water Heater?

The Girard model is one of the best tankless water heater on the market today – related my article to clarify. The product is considered as an advanced result of the RV water heater throughout 50 years. The fact is more beneficial than the previous versions.

Nevertheless, their operation has a bit of the difference.

Initially, require you to turn on the Girard water heater. Make sure that it is in the ON state. Now, you will set the mode switch to either high or auto. Are you ready? Begin using your unit.

Carefully, open the faucet in a normal flow. Take a certain time in order that the hot water can reach the desired temperature. To raise the temp, you need to reduce the flow of the water. Hence, to decrease the temperature, let’s put up the flow of the water. Don’t need the cold water.

6. How to Maintain?

Girard RV Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting

No more! I just need you to remember these things when using the Girard tankless water heater:

  • Check the sealing integrity between the water heater door and the side wall. The purpose is to define the solidness of the unit.
  • Ensure that the louvers have entirely opened. Concurrently, verify that all obstructions have got removed, by cleaning leaves, mud, insects, twigs, and so on.
  • Force you to consider the exhaust collector and flue outlet tube carefully. Don’t enable any obstructions remaining. You can use a vacuum to get rid of the debris.
  • Make sure that the inflammable does not appear in the location of the gas control or burner. If had, you must remove all.
  • Remember to check inside the housing. There are not any leakage or crack, aren’t there? It is noticed to inspect the electrical connections.
  • Disassemble a screen connected to the inlet water line so as to determine that the screen does not consist of any debris.
  • The insulation does not have any crack, right? The connecting wires are firm, aren’t they? Are the control board and the spark ignition cable safe? Well, let’s check all these things.
  • Lift the level of the relief valve to activate it once a year. Ensure that your unit has recently been off and the incoming water is cold.
  • By turning on your water heater power and opening the faucet, you can check the burner flame. The normal flame has to have the bluish look, which shows the right combustion. Look at the inferior edge of the burner. You can easily observe this via the sight hole.

In a Nutshell

Whatever you open the faucet of the hot water, there will also activate the flow switch. It simultaneously offers a thermostatic that gives a requirement for the ignition – the circuit board. Based on there, the circuit board will be able to complete the tasks:

  • Reset and check the microprocessor
  • Verify that it does not have the flame
  • Ensure that the switch is opening
  • The blower is turning on
  • Once you detect the combustion air flow, you need to open the gas valve and supply the first sparking one in order to begin the ignition process

Keep them in your mind! I believe that you will be able to handle any hassle best as possible.

The last word, the Girard tankless water heater troubleshooting is not hard as long as you know what they are and how to deal with them. For the time being, you have known. Personally, I think that the whole information above relatively clear. Just need to read carefully and memorize them. You will not have to worry about the problems occurring when using the water heater from Girard. Good luck!!!

Girard Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting

2 thoughts on “Girard Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting – Easy!”

  1. Ginger McCarty

    So we have a Gerard…initially it was great. Now we find that when set at 124, the bathroom sink (furthest from the heater) gets to 124, the shower will only get to 102 (separate hot & cold handles) & the kitchen sink only gets to 113. How can fix/improve this?? Otherwise it appears to operate just fine…we’re stumped & tired of lukewarm showers…

  2. Russ M

    We just had the newest version installed a month ago. This one seems to be a little nicer with the digital display. The thing is, this one does the same thing the last one did. When we turn on the hot water it heats up just fine, then it drops down to frigid temps and slowly goes back up to skin melting temps. What is the deal with this? I really miss having just a regular tank, yes maybe you could only take 2-3 showers before getting cold, but this just sucks. It’s either really hot or frigid cold. Does anyone have this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

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