Best RV Mattresses 2020 Reviewed

The average person spends as much as one-third of their life asleep. For something that people spend so much of their lives doing, it’s surprising that greater focus isn’t placed on making sleep as truly restful and restorative as it possibly can be.   

Those who travel or live in RVs know all-too-well that the manufacturer-supplied mattresses are almost always far from top-of-the-line on comfort and quality.  It can be a challenging and frustrating search to find a mattress that not only fits, but one that is also comfortable and durable.  Tiny home owners may experience similar issues due to the strict space constraints their homes have. 

Finding the Right RV Mattress

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to RV mattress replacement.  What is best for one person will not be a solution for all. Mattress options will fall into one of three categories, spring, air, and foam, each with its own list of pros and cons.  And finding a size that fits well in your RV’s allocated space can be a real issue as well.  There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for a new mattress.

Physical Factors to Consider

Size-When shopping for a new RV mattress, owners will quickly learn that a queen is not necessarily a queen.  Sizes have not been standardized in the industry.  While some mattresses do match the length and width measurements of their household counterparts, most do not.

Profile-The profile, or thickness, of the mattress may need to be restricted to a certain height.  A thicker mattress might be more comfortable, but depending on the location where it is used and if it needs to fold or be moved to access storage, a lower profile may be optimal.

Shape-RV mattresses may be uniquely shaped.  In order to accommodate foot traffic around the bed, the mattress may have rounded corners rather than traditional square corners. 

Weight-Manufacturer supplied mattresses are normally light to reduce vehicle weight. If already nearing maximum towing capacity, the weight of the mattress needs to be considered. 

Durability-RV mattresses are subjected to a much wider range of environmental conditions.  Temperature and humidity can affect the longevity of the mattress. 

Other Factors to Consider

After narrowing down the mattress options to those that will physically fit into the space, there are additional and more personal, considerations to be made. 

Comfort-Mattress comfort is a very individualized preference.  Variations in mattress firmness should be a factor during selection.

Warranty-A new mattress should be built to last, even in tough conditions and with frequent use.  An investment in a quality mattress should be backed by a good warranty.

Price-There is a solution for every budget.  A new mattress doesn’t have to break the bank.  Those who live in, or frequently use, their RV should consider spending a bit more for a higher quality and more durable mattress.


So how much should be spent on a new mattress? Considering how vital a comfortable night’s sleep can be, it’s worthwhile to spend as much as is needed to purchase a solution that will be both practical, comfortable, and meet your needs.

Bargain seekers should plan on spending at least $150-$250, while those desiring the ultimate in comfort, durability, and quality, should plan for $400 or more. 

Determining Size

As there is variation in mattress names and sizes, accurate measurements are needed.  A common mistake is to measure the mattress itself; however, there may be changes in size and shape due to use and environmental factors.  Instead, a best practice is to measure the length and width of the platform where the mattress will be placed.  Some of the most common sizes are listed in the table below.

King Queen Full Twin Bunk
RV King
72″ x 75″
Short Queen
60″ x 75″
RV Full
53″ x 75″
RV Twin
38″ x 75″
RV Bunk
28″ x 75″
RV King
72″ x 80″
Short Queen
60″ x 74″
Three Quarter
48″ x 75″
RV Twin
39″ x 80″
RV Bunk
30″ x 75″
Cal King
72″ x 84″
RV Queen
60″ x 80″
    RV Bunk
30″ x 80″
Eastern King
76″ x 80″
Olympic Queen
66″ x 80″
    RV Bunk
34″ x 75″
        RV Bunk
35″ x 79″
        RV Bunk
42″ x 80″

Types of RV Mattresses

Spring-Spring mattresses use inner metal coils to support the body and provide comfort. The springs in thinner RV mattresses are short and have less room to compress to provide the needed support. Once fully compressed, the sleeper won’t be adequately supported and feel the platform below.  Springs are also known to wear out with repeated use. 

Foam-A foam mattress compresses where the body needs it and provides an excellent level of support.  There are varying levels of foam density and thicknesses to provide varying levels of firmness.  Foam mattresses are also quite durable and able to maintain effective sleep support even after years of constant use. 

For those with oddly shaped mattress, foam mattress with removable coverings can often be cut to a precise fit.  There are many excellent DIY videos on YouTube that demonstrate how this may be done.

The downside is that foam mattresses, especially memory foam, can be quite heavy.  Besides being difficult to move around when needed, a 100+ pound mattress can be a significant addition to the weight your RV is towing.  Inadequate airflow for foam mattresses may also be a concern as mold and mildew growth can occur.  Some users may also find foam mattresses to be hot. 

Air-An air mattress is going to be the lightest weight option and has the advantage of adjusting to any desired firmness.  Air mattresses may be deflated, rolled up, and stored, potentially extending their useful life. 

Air mattresses are also prone to the most problems.  There are risks of over-inflation, puncture, and pump failure.  Airbeds may also require periodic re-inflation as air is lost, or when air temperature fluctuations cause changes to mattress pressure.  Some users dislike the waterbed-like feel when sharing the mattress with a partner. 

2019 Best RV Mattress Picks

Best for Comfort at a Reasonable Price

Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam 8″ Mattress

When researching RV mattresses, those manufactured by Zinus pop up with raves reviews over and over again. This 8” profile mattress is comprised of 3 foam layers: 4” of high-density foam provide durability, 2” of comfort foam to relieve pressure points, and 2” of memory foam for body conforming softness.  This particular Ziuns mattress also makes use of BioFoam, a natural plant oil to replace some of the petroleum-based foam that memory foam mattresses are usually made from.

Size: Short Queen 64″ x 70″ and other sizes
Profile: 8″
Shape: Squared corners (modifiable)
Weight: 41 lbs
Durability: Excellent
Comfort: Firm
Warranty: 10 years
Price: Around $200

Best for Cooling on a Budget

Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam

Zinus’ gel-infused green tea model offers a bit lower profile consisting of 4 inches of high-density foam, 1 inch of comfort foam, and another inch of gel-infused memory foam on top.  The green tea aspect to this mattress sounds a little strange yet has a definite purpose. Green tea extract and castor oil are used in the foam help fight off odor and bacteria.  The gel-infusion helps dissipate body heat that might otherwise collect and cause sleepers to feel a bit hot. 

Size Short Queen 60”x74” and other sizes
Profile 6 inches (8” also available)
Shape Squared corners (modifiable)
Weight 48 pounds
Durability Excellent
Comfort Firm
Warranty 10-year warranty
Price Around $150

Best for Cooling with Long Life and High Comfort

DynastyMattress CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The highest-priced memory foam on the list, DynastyMattress’s CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam mattress is backed by the manufacturer’s astonishingly long 30-year warranty.  Its four layers of comfort consist of 3.5 inches of high-density foam, 2 two-inch layers of cool airflow foam, and 2.5 inches of high-density cooling open cell gel memory foam.  This one has all of the memory foam bells and whistles!

Size Queen 60”x75” and other sizes
Profile 10 inches
Shape Squared corners (modifiable)
Weight 55 pounds
Durability Excellent
Comfort Medium Firm
Warranty 30 year warranty
Price Around $360

Best RV Mattress for Cooler, Softer Sleep

Serenia Sleep 8″ Memory Foam Mattress

Another nod for memory foam comes with the Serenia Sleep 8” Memory Foam Mattress.  With only an 8” profile, this mattress still manages to deliver a medium firm feel with its 2 inches of open-cell memory foam over a 6-inch high-density polyurethane base.  The open-cell memory foam layer assists with the dissipation of body heat, making for a cooler and more comfortable night. 

Size Short Queen 60”x75” and other sizes
Profile 8 Inches
Shape Squared corners (modifiable)
Weight 55 pounds
Durability Excellent
Comfort Medium Firm
Warranty 10-year warranty
Price Around $300

Best for Frequent Travelers and Full-Time RV Living

Live and Sleep Resort Classic Memory Foam Mattress

A 10-inch profile mattress aboard an RV sounds extravagant and feels that way too.  Slightly softer than other memory foam mattresses due to its 2.5 inches of memory foam over 7.5 inches of high-density foam, the Live and Sleep Resort Classic is moderately priced.  Incorporating body-cooling technology, this mattress will still nicely conform to your body and eliminate pressure points without building up any uncomfortable heat. 

Size Short Queen 60”x75” and other sizes
Profile 10 inches
Shape Squared corners (modifiable)
Weight 61 pounds
Durability Excellent
Comfort Medium Firm
Warranty 20-year warranty
Price Around $320

Best for Occasional Travelers

Best Price Mattress 6″ Memory Foam Mattress

Size Short Queen 60”x74” and other sizes
Profile 6 inches (8”, 10”, and 12” also available)
Shape Squared corners (modifiable)
Weight 35 pounds
Durability Excellent
Comfort Firm
Warranty 10-year warranty
Price Around $165

Best Balance of Softness and Support

LUCID 10″ Gel Memory Foam

The LUCID Gel Memory Foam mattress is a solid, mid-priced option.  The 2.5-inch gel-infused top layer of plush memory foam over 7.5 inches of high-density foam delivers super soft comfort but without the worry of trapped body heat.  The combination of cool gel and pinhole ventilation effectively pulls heat away from the body and increases airflow, eliminating commons complaints associated with memory foam. 

Size Short Queen 60”x75” and other sizes
Profile 10 inches
Shape Squared corners (modifiable)
Weight 72 pounds
Durability Excellent
Comfort Medium Firm
Warranty 10-year warranty
Price Around $240

Best for Easy Installation

Denver Supreme Euro Top Mattress With Radius Corners

The Denver Supreme Euro Top mattress is the only mattress with rounded corners to make the list.  A more expensive option, this traditional looking foam mattress is made from 9 inches of high-density foam and 2 inches of euro top quilting. The high 11-inch profile gives this mattress a luxurious look and feel but may be too high to fit properly in some spaces.

Size Short Queen 60”x75” and other sizes
Profile 11 inches
Shape Rounded Corners
Weight 47 pounds
Durability Excellent
Comfort Medium
Warranty 10-year warranty
Price Around $600

RV Life: Why is Good Sleep So Important?

There are a number of health issues that can result from a lack of quality sleep. While these are true for all of us, the lack of quality sleep can be especially troublesome for RV enthusiasts. 

General drowsiness-poor quality sleep can have you feeling tired and sluggish throughout the day.  Not a problem if you’re all set up and relaxing around camp, but nodding off behind the wheel of your RV is a situation you never want to find yourself in.

Back Pain-An unsupportive mattress can lead to tossing and turning and chronic back pain as your body attempts to compensate for the discomfort.  Sleep will be less than restful and the resulting back pain prevents people from participating in activities they enjoy.

Obesity-Fatigue from lack of sleep snowballs.  When feeling tired, you are more apt to put off getting out to explore or exercise. 

Heart conditionsRecent studies show shortened sleep durations lead to higher risks of heart disease and strokes.  As campers are frequently long distances from medical assistance, it’s best to reduce risks as much as possible.

Memory issues-Sleep deprivation causes a host of well-known memory issues.  Becoming confused or lost during a walk in the wilderness can quickly become an emergency. 

RV life encourages a sense of adventure, health, and improves quality of life.  But these benefits can be compromised with poor quality sleep.  The most effective step in obtaining quality sleep begins with mattress selection.

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