Top 10 Brilliant Ideas for Small Living Rooms

Small Living Rooms Ideas

The living room is seen as the most crucial part of a house since this is where homeowners welcome their guests, and members of a family also spend a lot of time living in this area. In reality, not all the houses are blessed with a spacious living room to unleash owners decorate as desired. However, with our ideas for small living rooms together with your ingenuity, creativity, and aesthetic refinement, you can totally turn your cramped living room into a “heaven” of living and hosting.

Choose Light-Colored Furniture and Simple Lines

Bright and light colors make your rooms more cohesive and older. Besides, furniture with high legs also helps to create more space. While bright tones make our eyes feel less cramped, high distance gives you insight into the floor, and as a result, space will appear more. For example, a tea table made of glass and metal allows the vision to go far and wide, while dark wood dinner table has the opposite effect. Note to avoid prolix line designed furniture because of preventing vision.

light-colored-furniture-ideas for small living rooms
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Choose a Gentle Dominant Color

In term of decorating a small space living room, neutral colors blended with light shades of blue and green in a small area makes the huge effect on the whole room structure. Cool colors tend to move away from your eyes, so they bring you to a larger feeling of space. Apply the same rule for carpets, pillows, and curtains. Moreover, yellow accents make the space warmer. Parquet with pale tones of wood gives the feeling of clean and smooth. In contrast, darker-colored one would have the opposite impact.

Laying the Light

Light is the most important decor for any room and even works more among ideas for small living rooms. Try keeping windows open or pulling curtains away so that the natural light can spill into the rooms. In the evening, you need to have lights in unique positions to separate from each area of your house. Lamps on the paints and pictures help to add brightness and highlighting to the artwork. In short, try to have at least four levels of light in a room, including natural light, ceiling lights, floor or wall lamp, and a table lamp.

Wide Windows

With today’s modern living rooms, homeowners often prefer to bear the window size large so that they’re able to obtain the extensive natural light to the maximum extent. Also, make space became more spacious. Large windows are how you bring nature into your rooms. With a beautiful view of the corner, do not be afraid to try to do the window in the same position. You will not regret being able to open the windows to enjoy the scenery outside the window and turns them into lovely decorative paints in the living room.

Small Living Rooms with Wide Windows. 
Small Living Rooms with Wide Windows. Image Source:

Pick up Furniture with Compact Size

The simple rule standing out among ideas for small living rooms is that small rooms come with small furniture. Even expensive furniture, when placed in an inappropriate space, will be lost its aesthetic values. Instead of using a bulky sofa, why don’t you choose a small and foldable coffee table to commensurate with your pretty tight living room? Look for little things or combine different types of seats as long as they bring comfort to your family.

Small living room ideas
Small Sofa Set and a Small Table.

Cleverly Arrange Furniture

Furniture fitted, now you need to know how to organize them, but there is no particular formula for this task. Depending on the size, shape of the living room and characteristics of the furniture, you arrange them so that they create the most attractive and succinct looking. Take full advantage of the corners of your house, if they’re thoroughly used, they’ll bring more useful space for storage and exhibition.

Design to Focus the Attention of the Eyes Upward

Is your living room ample in vertical or horizontal? If it has a high ceiling, you can make the most of the space by decorating focus the attention of the eye upward. A high-to-ceiling curtain is a new style to achieve this. Another idea is to fill the vertical space in the room as a work of art on a small menagerie of moderate size. Those ideas for small living rooms make you feel the room expanded thanks to glamorous images over space at the eye level.

Design to Focus the Attention of the Eyes Upward

Use Wall Shelves

Among the best small living room design ideas, utilizing storage space is a perfect way to keep your always tidy and neat. With living rooms, wall shelves are usually assembled at the wall opposite the sofa in conjunction with a TV stand, drawer or even bookshelf to create the stylish. Not only wall shelves help your living room more transient, but they also provide you with ample storage solutions, which are often a huge deficiency of small houses and apartments.

Invisible Wall Bookshelf. Image source: Book Riot
Invisible Wall Bookshelf. Image source: Book Riot


You can add a mezzanine upper your living room ceiling to create a separate place to rest and relax, and can be applied to rooms having a high ceiling. A mezzanine has lots of functions, from expanding the area to creating a unique beauty for the house, which you can take to make your home more spacious. For example, some families use it as a place of public for the whole family, while others use it as a bedroom or reading room.

Living rooms with Mezzanine
Living rooms with Mezzanine. Image Source:

Regular Housekeeping

Seem obvious and not like a kind of ideas for small living rooms, but many homeowners forget to clean your house daily. A polished and shiny floor brings you to the feeling of free and ample. This task is not difficult, but it requires you to work hard and remain good habits. If you can do it yourself, you can hire a domestic helper to complete this job for you.

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