Top 10 Brilliant Small Bathroom Ideas You Should Know

If you have a tiny bathroom and is trying to make everything fit neatly and cleanly, you’re going to a very tough puzzle. The hardship here is how you can find enough space for storage at the same time with how to ensure enough space for bathing, washing, and other kinds of hygiene. However, “hard” doesn’t mean “impossible”. Despite these challenges, we gathered for you the list of top 10 brilliant small bathroom ideas which you need to apply to expand the most private area in your house.

Open-Shelving on the Wall

When it comes to maximizing the storage, solutions taking advantage of the wall become integral. For small bathroom designs, it’s necessary to create more open shelving as well as wall-mounted cabinets over the toilet and tub to store towels, toilet papers, cosmetic, and so on. The key here is how to embrace the vertical space as much as possible, so if you have any idea which can utilize this kind of space, apply it to your bathroom.

Ikea floating shelves. Via: Amber Oliver

Wall-Mounted Toilets

It’s, without a doubt, one of the best small bathroom ideas for your house. Since the water tank is concealed behind the wall, the whole structure occupies the space at a minimal level to save both floor and legroom. Besides, due to a height from the floor, your cleaning process become easier and quicker. Also, you have nothing to worry about its stability and durability while you’re sitting on it because the manufacturer guarantees it as strong as regular toilets.

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Magnetic Toothbrush Hanger

Another wall-mounted application among small bathroom ideas! Instead of having your and other family member’s toothbrushes scattered on the sink, which can cause massive chaos, we use a magnetic holder to attach things. You can buy it on Amazon or make it at home as a DIY project. All you need are a piece of wood or plastic and a relatively strong magnetic strip. Then attract a leaf of metal to your toothbrush body, and stick them together.

Magnetic Toothbrush Hanger
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Above-the-Door Shelf

If the upper edge of your bathroom door forms with the ceiling a small distance, you should utilize this spare area to install a shelf. Fix both ends with a couple of inclined stands to stabilize the whole structure. Now, you can store towels and bulky items – smart move for the closets and cabinets. It’s simply one of the unique small bathrooms remodel ideas for you to free up space and keep things handy.

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Hang Towel on the Back of the Door

Among our small bathroom ideas, this one is probably the most simple but useful DIY project. If you can find any place to suspend the towels of you and other members, stacking a few bars behind the door is a perfect solution. Since the door is high, you should set the bar horizontal to create a multi-stage storage, in which you can hang about 3 or 4 towels, but still, make sure they’re all clean and don’t get in touch with the others.

small bathroom ideas
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Under-Bathtub Storage

Looking no more than a boxy shell, this under-bathtub storage is absolutely fantastic. Thanks to a couple of panels equipped with small chrome baskets at two sides of the tub, you can store almost all sizes of bottles, including cleaning agents, lotions, shampoo, etc. There are recessed handles at each side for you to pull down to open the box. Without a doubt, this idea gives you an out-of-sight look to hide toiletries and other bathroom items.

small bathtub ideas
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Under-Sink Storage

There’s an area in your bathroom that you often think superfluous, but it fact, it can be transformed into a useful storage. I’m talking about the space under the sink. This piece of furniture includes spacious shelves for storage and double doors so that you can keep your items close to hands but still private, neat, and clear. You have nothing to assemble because the unit is designed with a curve at the back, which allows you to place it right below your sink without any hassle.

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Skinny Cabinet with Drawer Next to the Toilet

Simple idea but highly effective! Even though the cabinet is very narrow, it’s still able to fit a variety of stuff from toilet papers to floor washing water and toilet detergent. Since it’s built vertically with multiple stages in forms of drawers, you even get more space to store things neatly and quickly. Of course, if you don’t want to lie on the way, you can move it toward a wall corner.

small bathroom ideas
A Little Extra Storage Out Of A Small Bathroom –

Laundry Basket

Stop throwing your dirty laundry all over the room, which will make your residence ever more narrow and cramped. Instead, use a laundry basket which is built in a cabinet to store all your dirty stuff. Make sure it’s large enough to put at least one-week amount of laundry. Do this simple hack, and I’m sure you will have another great bullet point in the list of small bathroom ideas.

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Pocket Doors

Replacing the in-swinging entry door by a pocket door (or sliding door) could make you surprise due to its efficiency. While a swinging door occupies the space while it’s opened or closed, the pocket door doesn’t take any space, but still, guarantees the highest privacy. It’s flexible and simple to install, bringing you a modern and clever entrance to separate your bathroom from other rooms.

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