Top 11 Unique and Brilliant Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

No matter how tiny your residence is, there are always many ways to make it ample. Life in a modest-sized house doesn’t mean you have no place for storage. The most important thing is how you deal with this kind of trouble and how you overcome it by researching and then taking action. From bedroom to bathroom, there are plenty of hidden storages available in your house from the day it’s was built, but you just don’t realize. Our tips today will show you just that. Take a look at it, and you will find the best storage solutions for small spaces.

1. Washer Side Storage

A washing machine always comes with dozens of bottles such as soapy water, washing powder, and detergent as well as cleaning utensils such as brushes and sponges. Washer side cabinets and shelves provide you with one of the best tools to save the space of your bathroom and quickest way to help you access to desired items. If you want, you can add another open rack to put the dirty laundry. You can even mount a drying shelf with hinges. When you need to take things, swing it out, and when you don’t, lock it.

Washer Side Storage - Storage Solutions For Small Spaces
Washer Side Storage Ideas from

2. Reorganize a Junk Drawer

We all know how great drawers store items and hide them to release a neat and ample looking of your rooms. However, people normally don’t realize how to organize their drawers so that it can maximize its capacity. In fact, many just randomly put stuff and make junk everything. My simple strategy is taking everything out, at the same time throwing every item oversize in a drawer (I mean storing it in other places), then make partitions and dividers to separate and relocate things after that.


3. Under-Sofa Storage

Sofa or couch is such a bulky piece of furniture occupying much space in a house. However, don’t you know this furniture can be used as one of the best hidden storage solutions for small spaces to conceal small and medium items like books, cups, bowls, and even a suitcase. The trick here is using a sofa or couch or any kind of seat with under storage which can be drawn or open from outside. Similarly, under-bed, under-cabinet, and under-bathtub storage are also brilliant solutions working with the same principle.

Under Sofa Storage. Source:
Under Sofa Storage. Source:

4. DIY Phone and Charger Holder

This is the neatest and most convenient therapy to keep phone and battery charger in one spot. You can buy a phone holder in a shop, or you can do it yourself with a cut-outed plastic bottle, for a more beautiful fashion, you can use a piece of fabric to cover the bottle. Take any pattern and color as you like, and you will have another décor for your residence. For a detailed DIY guide, you can visit here.

Phone Charger and Holder. Source:
Phone Charger and Holder. Source:

5. Sofa Organizer

As you’re sitting on your couch and enjoying your favorite TV shows or blockbusters, you don’t way to stand up to get the remote control or snacks. In this case, a sofa organizer is a simple but incredible idea. You can buy it from the Internet, and you can also create it yourself; it’s easy to make. Pockets can be used to put the remote control or mobile phone. A wooden tray can be used to place a cup of coffee and a bottle of beverage. A sofa organizer simply helps you to eliminate all the mess and provides you more option for storage.

Sofa Organizer
Sofa Organizer. Source:

6. Foldable Shelving

Shelves are always on the list of the best storage solutions for small spaces since they have the power to transform an abundant kind of space, the wall, into great places to preserve and display books, souvenirs, lamps, flower, and more. Foldable shelving is such a unique and creative innovation of regular wall-mounted shelves which can be expanded when necessary and closed up when not in use. This furniture comes in different sizes from a single shelf to multiple shelves, so you have lots of choices as well as ways of arrangements and combinations.

Foldable shelving idea. Source
Foldable shelving idea. Source

7. Give Your Doors More Than One Job

There is a hidden storage available in all the houses and apartments that people don’t realize or often forget. It’s the surface at the back of the doors (entryway, cabinet, closet, and cupboard). You should take advantage of these space, and they will surprise you. For examples, entry doors to store magazine and newspaper, cabinet doors to store cleaning supplies, closet doors to store boots and ties, and so on.

Door hidden storage. Source:
Door hidden storage. Source:

8. Basket Stacks

Thanks to the plastic surface of the horizontal bar of the basket, you can arrange spices or ingredients to reserve. From garlic, onions to tomatoes, potatoes, all will be arranged neatly in each basket. Select a small corner or the middle slot between the fridge and cabinet to make sure you can take raw materials and other things as convenient as possible.

Basket Stacks. Source:
Basket Stacks. Source:

9. Elevated Floor Storage

Under-bed or under-cabinet storage is quite popular, but under-floor storage is unique and fresh. The most important thing is that it’s very ingenious and worth to be on the list of the best storage solutions for small spaces. Look at the picture, at first glance, it looks like an empty room where you can place a bed or couch. However, when you take things out of the way, you will see dozens of storage compartments hidden on the ground. Use it to store little-used things like old clothes, shoes, and even your secret fund.

Elevated floor storage - Storage Solutions For Small Spaces
Elevated floor storage. Source:

10. Home Office Nook

If you’re living in a tiny studio and the above storage solutions for small spaces are sometimes not enough, you need to take a look at this working idea. It’s perfect for houses having a nook between two pieces of closets or walls. Divide the space into different floors, in which one for the workstation where you can write papers and place a laptop and the others for shelves which offer you more space to store and display things. Since the office is built into the wall, it will not occupy much void and remains the open path for walking.

Home office nook. Source:
Home office nook. Source:

11. Upgrade Your Pantry

Kitchen pantry can be one of the greatest hotspots for mess and disorder. However, upgrade your pantry by adding carousels will make it easier when organize canned foods and provided a lot of extra space for storage. The top and the bottom carousel hold taller appliances. And other carousels are a great place to organize canned foods. I got this idea from Decorchick, they got the instruction if you want to DIY.

Kitchen Pantry Ideas from Decorchick
Kitchen Pantry Ideas from Decorchick

These are the most effective ways I can find on the internet today. Tell me what do you think at the comment below. Maybe your ideas will be a great topic to talk about in my next post!

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  1. That is the tidiest junk drawer I’ve ever seen in my life! What a great idea. Time to start saving up little boxes. Thanks!

    1. Ed. Winston

      Thanks Jeanne! I’m glad you liked it.

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