The Best Hacks for Utilizing Limited Space

Living in a crowded house always makes us feel angry and upset because there is too little space for working and relaxing. Sometimes, we even don’t know where to put a TV in the house that has no gaps anymore. But living in such tiny home doesn’t mean you have to endure it, let’s try some changes, and you’ll see a giant difference.

With some clever hacks below, you’re able to charge every empty corner in your living and working space. Every hook can make sense if you know how to utilize them by creating space saving apartment furniture by yourself.

Under-Stairs Space

The scared and useless space under the stairs is a “dead” corner which receives many complaints from house owners. It’s not small, but it’s difficult to display or use for a proper function. However, today is an entirely different story because I’m going to tell you the best ways to arrange and transform the under-stairs space in your home into lovely and useful places to store, rest, and more.

Under Stairs Bed

Under Stair Bed
This under-stairs daybed in a house on Idaho’s Pend Oreille River was designed by architect Jon R. Sayler. Photography by Sandpoint Photo

You will go from surprise to enjoyment with this excellent idea. Why not set up a soft bed right above drawers under a staircase. This 3-in-1 design offers not only a comfortable and private place to relax but also a spacious storage. To make the atmosphere more romantic, you can open a vault window to overlook the garden. What a great idea!

Wine Storage under Stairs

Wire Storage under Stairs

Do you have a passion for wine? Do you want to design a liquor cabinet in your house to satisfy with your hobby? If so, I have a remarkable suggestion for you. With this design, not only you can take advantages of the under-stairs space, but you also own an ideal place to show your passion. The appearance of this space saving apartment furniture at a place where you previously never thought makes your living space more luxurious and modern.

Clothes Storage under Stairs

Clothes Storage under Stairs

If you need a massive storage, then this design is just for you. How beneficial would it be to change an underutilized area into one of the most convenient spaces by locating several drawers under the staircase? No matter how your staircase small, you can put lots of stuff inside this kind of minor repository. Clothes, books, toys, shoes, luggage, backpack, and so on. Each divider is for a particular type of items. Very organized, right!

Entertainment under Stairs

Entertainment under Stairs

Do you recognize this wasted stairwell that has nothing to stand out in most homes through this design? You don’t need to brainstorm whether you should place the television at here or there after consultation with a reference design. It not only saves space but also provides exciting experiences in every detail.

Under-Bed Space

Lift-Up Bed

Lift-Up Bed
Picture by Go Modern

In a small living residence such as a studio flat, multifunction furniture is a real savior. Instead of wasting the dark and dirty under-bed space, why you don’t make it more significant with a unique design called storage bed. Most of these beds use a lift-up frame to cover the bottom. Inside, there are dozens of drawers and closets to store clothes and footgear. Without a doubt, this idea is perfect for both large and small houses.

Drawer Bed

Drawer Bed - space saving apartment furniture

Another great idea to utilize the “dead” area below a bed. A drawer bed with massive storage bins. Not only bring a good-looking advantage, but this design is also a little bit more clever than the above one because it’s easier to use. Just draw and take/put stuff. It works well for both clothes and minor-sized items including books, CDs/DVDs, slippers or shoes. Another brilliant space saving apartment furniture for everyone!

Under-Sink Space

Hidden Dog Bowl Drawer

Hidden Dog Bowl Drawer

If you live with pets like dogs or cats, you might at least once worry about where and how to feed them. Ok! I have a solution for you, which uses up the useless area under the sink. You can call this design as a hidden dog bowl drawer. Just like the name suggests, two holes containing food for two dogs, and they’re all pierced in the same drawer. It’s also easy to clean because it’s right under the water sink. The only drawback might be that you cannot wash the dishes and feed your pets at the same time.

Storage Bins under Sink

Storage Bins under Sink

There are many places in your house that you often consider as redundant areas, but in fact, they’re potential storage. And under-sink space is one of them. It’s not so difficult to create several bins under the sink. You will have to work to think how to arrange and attach storage bins to avoid the water pipe, but still use up almost all the space. Not only sinks in the kitchen, but you can also do the same thing for sinks in the bathroom.

The Wall

Wall above Furniture

Wall above Furniture

There is an uncultivated space that spreads all over your house that can be transformed into brilliant storages. I’m talking about the wall. Why don’t we take the vertical surface above the piece of furniture to utilize in a smart way by installing racks hung close to the ceiling? You can use them to display books, pictures or other items that you use daily. All these shelves don’t take much space at all, but they provide extra areas for storing things, and of course, it fits with all the rooms in the house.

Wall Corner

Wall Corner

If you look around your house, you could be shocked to see all the corners that are not used even though they have a wealth of space. Installation of the racks in the corner not only helps you take advantage of such space but sometimes it also becomes the focal point for your home decoration. Stupid angles like these sometimes not be used to do anything, so let’s try to utilize them to make your home become a massive closet without the need of too many spaces saving apartment furniture.

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