8 Decorating Mistakes That Will Make Your Home Look Smaller

Not every family has enough economic condition to possess for themselves a broad house or a luxurious apartment. An over-100-square-meter residence having plenty of space for decoration and filling with various kinds of furniture seem to be an illusion. Recently, many families choose 40-60-square-meter homes or apartments, and they combine with affordable space saving furniture to save as much space as possible.

However, the fact is that small apartment decoration is not an easy job because it requires lots of skills to use up every single centimeter in an optimal way. Here are 8 common decorating mistakes which can make your home even smaller. Once you solve all these fallacies, you will have a comfortable and airy living space that no less than a full-sized apartment.

Rooms of all the Rooms

transparent glass plate - affordable space saving furniture
Use a transparent glass plate to separate the living room and the bedroom

Imagine you’re pushing the door into an apartment, and in front of you, a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom are all put in the same 50-square-meter area. It’s messy and confusing, right! The trick here is that you should divide the space into different blocks, and each one is a distinct functional room. You can separate the living room and bedroom by a transparent glass plate so that you can still see the whole space of your house.

Too Much Stuff

Since your apartment is modest in size, putting an excessive amount of furniture will make your living space much more narrow and cramped. As a result, limiting superfluous items is a must-do task. For a large furniture such as a bed or a sofa, you need to consider their sizes carefully when buying to avoid bulky objects occupying your tiny residence. For things that are not used anymore, the best recommendation is to “send” them to those who need them more. You can post to your personal Facebook account or publish news on free classified advertisement website.

Warm Colors

Choose Bright Wall Color
White walls with blue accents make the room light and delicate

Decorating your small living home with dark tones will sometimes go against your original intention. That is causing your residence look crowded, cramped and even hotter. The excellent colors to make a room look spacious are the bright or neutral ones like white or pastel. To avoid the monotonous effects, you can paint the walls with bold sketches like gray, green, navy, etc.

Waste of Overhead Space

Every single centimeter in your home should not be wasted, and you need to brainstorm to use them for useful functions like storage, decoration or optimization. If your kitchen is tiny, put an additional closet upward to store dishes and utensils. If your workroom is not enough for your requirement, attach a high-ceiling bookshelf, and remove some paintings if necessary. Bathrooms can be added with a little cupboard above the sink to contain frequently used items.

Omission of the Natural Light

Natural light room
The natural light makes the room more spacious

Not only the natural light source is one of the best saviors for small homes, but it also a perfect solution for power economizing. Your house as steeped in the light will look very polished, airy and more spacious. Please note that the locations of the windows and doors to arrange furniture so that they don’t impede the light path. Besides, you should choose light-colored curtains which are professional types to prevent dust. You will be surprised to see your tiny house submerged in the nature day by day.

Lack of Organization

Cutting down unnecessary stuff it not enough, but you should take your time and ensure that different items work well together. My advice is to push some furniture like a bookshelf or an armchair against the wall to save as much space as possible. Besides, consider some corners in your house that can play as hidden storages. For example, utilize the space under the staircase to create different blocks of a closet to store clothes, books, toys, and so on.

Use Bulky Furniture

Shelving Unit Tables and Chairs
Fold-up chairs could serve as bookshelves

Instead of investing in large furniture, you should pick up small pieces. For example, replace a regular bed with a lift-up frame one because this kind of affordable space saving furniture has the pre-made under-bed bins for storage. Besides, versatile furniture is also perfect solutions. For instances, versatile fold-up chairs could serve as bookshelves. Or a sofa can be transformed into a two-floor bed within minutes.

Forget to Call an Interior Designer

If you are confident in your aesthetic eye then great, but there are fundamental design principles and rules that you cannot naturally know. Therefore, when the design is complete, the room often appear not as good as you would expect. To avoid wasting time and money, you should seek the advice of people who have expertise in the field of design, or you can also consult on interior websites.

Do Not Take Advantage of Mirrors

Do Not Take Advantage of Mirrors
A mirror reflects the light and branch out the house’s size

It could be a mistake if you don’t mind the mirrors. In the interior layout, they have seen a “sorcerer” that has the power to expand your room several times wider. They also reflect the color and light to make your room more attractive. You can place a large mirror in the bathroom or kitchen to deceive vision and branch out the size. A mirror located right at the doorway will bring the enjoyment and surprise for your guests.


Nothing is impossible, and you can always find a way to live comfortably in a tiny house. Let’s apply the above tips and tricks right now to decorate and make your residence much larger. Replace the wall color or construct some wall shelves if necessary. Besides, I also recommend you to use affordable space saving furniture because they’re neat and very handy. When in doubt, don’t forget to call a professional guy to handle all your concerns. Good luck!


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