Tips for Hosting Guests in a Small Space Home

We don’t need to have a spacious house or a luxurious apartment to welcome our dear guests. Sometimes the best thing is done with the most simple way. For me, I don’t feel any challenge of hosting guests even the overnight ones in my tiny apartment. I buy in advance an air mattress, a sleeper sofa, and I always prepare everything that I think my visitors will need to use.

Today, I’m over here with a purpose. That is sharing with you some tips for success when it comes to welcome guests. No matter how small your residence is, and no matter how many space saving living room furniture in your house, these tricks will bring the happiness to your guests from the day they come to the day to leave your home.

Sleep Overnight

If you want to invite your guests for an overnight sleep, or they have to stay the night because there’s no place for them to go, you need a place to put them. You can give up your bedroom for them, but this idea is not feasible. Since your guests are polite, the high possibility is that they will deny your good intention. So the another solution is the only choice, and it will lead to many preparations.

Firstly, where will they sleep? An air mattress is an excellent selection. It’s portable and very comfortable. Especially, it’s extremely space-saving because you can store it inside a linen closet when not in use. A sleeper sofa is also a worthy-to-consider solution. During the daytime, it plays as a regular sofa, but at the night, you can turn it into a soft bed holding 2-3 adults within minutes. You can read our sleeper sofa buying guide to choose the right one for you.

Secondly, don’t forget to give your guests the coziest atmosphere. Pillows and blankets are, of course, indispensable items for a sweet sleep. You also need to include a bedside lamp. It’s small space saving living room furniture and will not take much space.

sleeper sofa


Let’s think about what comforts you need to host a guest. I list some suggestions for you.

Firstly, it’s about personal hygiene. Once your visitors decide to stay with you at night, they will need to take a shower, urinate, and evacuate the bowels. Remember never forget to offer maximum privacy for them. There are many factors that you have to make sure their availability, from the simplest things like a bathroom door lock or a spare roll of toilet paper to additional supplies like a shampoo bottle, a hand-wash soap, and more.

Secondly, it’s about dirty laundry. Your guests will not want to cram their nasty clothes into their luggage even if it has a separate divider to store filthy stuff. Thus, I suggest you prepare several dark-color nylon bags so that they can put everything you want into them. Not only clear but also very convenient.

bathroom supplies

Luggage Storage

Be sure your guest’s luggage has a clear place to slow. They come to you, and they usually carry stuff together. Since your apartment is small, it still has enough space to spot your several suitcases. For example, a small table, a corner on the floor, or a shelf on the bookcase. But make sure these places are tidy and private.

If the bottom of your coat closet is available, don’t hesitate to put stuff into it. This furniture is designed for hanging up clothes (shirts, pants, overcoats, etc.), so why don’t use it for its purpose if there is still space.

Guest Luggage Storage

Smart Seating

Even if you purchased space saving living room furniture for your house, it might be still not enough with a studio apartment. You need to think about the way you arrange your household commodities and get things out the way. Besides, people need to sit smartly to handle the problem of a small space. You can take advantages of the balcony or rooftop to gather your visitors together. That is not only a clever solver but also helps to build a cozy relationship with your guests since they feel you always spend time with them.

A Rooftop Gathering


This is a must-do thing even if you live in a large house. The more clear your home, the better impression from your visitors. Whether they are your best friends or your parents, never underestimate this task. So what will you need to remove? A stack of mail, nylon bags on the floor, some pairs of shoes at the door, and much more.

Clean Your Home


You need to make your guests fell free like they’re in their home, but it doesn’t mean you take the privacy away from them. Especially, for extroverts who love to be alone instead of being around with other people. I have a suggestion for you in this situation. That is using a ready-made curtain to separate the sleeping area. If you don’t have it, then a folding screen is a perfect alternative. It’s even more convenient because you can place it right on the floor without the need of a couple of suspension hooks.

privacy please

Small Household Event

Select the best time for holding a small party in your house. Consider which foods should be served, and where to serve. My advice is to prepare a tray and fill it with full of drinks, snacks, appetizers, and desserts. Since your apartment is modest in size, this item is perfect to supplement a table in case of the table cannot host a significant number of guests. Remember that a friendly gathering is snugger than a formal event. Try to mix yourself with all people and enjoy the life.

Food Tray For Guests

Be Hospitable

Finally, don’t forget the most important thing. That is your attitude to your guests. Of course, the more smiles on your face, the happier your visitors will feel. In the morning, wake up early and prepare a nutritious breakfast with pastries, milk or coffee. Allow them free to use your television, computer, or tablet. Let’s their kids play toys together with your children. In short, treat them like your close relatives.

Smile More With Your Guests - space saving living room furniture

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