Why I Decided to Live in a Small House with Kids

Children love toys, we all know that. Raising kids in a small space like a studio flat limits the chance for them to have fun with toys, it’s correct. But for my boy, that’s NOT a problem. Why? Because my son still gets dozens of opportunities to enjoy what he loves. In fact, living in a small house with kids has many advantages that you might haven’t realize yet. Let’s find out what they are in this post. In the end, I will reveal you some tips that I’ve successfully applied for my living in a small house.

What are the Benefits that Your Kids Receive during Small Living?

Imagination and Creativity Developments

Since there are only a few mini trucks and robots, my son is compelled to find daily domestic stuff and process it to create his own toys. A plastic bottle, an empty pizza box or a damaged water pipe, every material in my house can be “evolved” to become entertaining objects thanks to his imagination and creativity.

hand-made-car-from-bottle-why i decided to live in a small house with kids

Living in a small house is a good chance to help your kids develop their creativity with hand-made toy. Image Source: www.thinglink.com

More Nature, More Happy

As my house is so cramped, my son tends to spend his time on outdoor activities. And yes! He found many interesting natural things to enjoy. He loves discovering pots of rose in the garden, and he can predict exactly when the trees are in flower. He’s also keen on going out early in the morning and enjoys the sunshine while performing his favorite exercises. Thanks to my generous neighbors, my son also has peers to make more friends and engage with the natural world together.

Responsibility Enhancement

Living in a small house teaches my boy how to be responsible with the furniture and his belongings. Since space is modest in size, to have the paths to move around, the whole family must participate in keeping the house as clean and neat as possible, and kids are not exceptions. They will learn how to hang their shirts and arrange their shoes in place. As they grow up, they equipped themselves to the disciplines of organization and cleanliness.

Save Money

Small living helps us economize lots of money daily and monthly. That’s because my family has less light to turn on each night, less heating to release each winter, and less cooling to use each summer. As a result, the electric consumption is reduced, and you I have more to put aside for my son’s future. Since the house is full of stuff, I don’t have a chance to purchase unnecessary furniture and equipment.

Stronger Connection

For me, the blood relationship between each member in a family must be placed on top. In the modern days of society, parents and children often lack together-time due to working and studying. The eating and watching time each evening are great moments for the family reunion. Living in a small house with kids allows us to utilize this happy time much more efficient than the big living.

The blood relationship between each member in a family

The blood relationship between each member in a family must be placed on top. Image Source: www.quietrev.com

More Baby Monitor

I never have to wonder where my boy is going and doing in other rooms. That’s because I can hear, look, and monitor his as long as he’s in the house. Now you can see that small houses for families have lots of benefits, and if you know to take advantage of them, you have nothing to worry.

Some Tips for Living Happily in a Small House with Kids

Kid Themed Furniture is Unnecessary

Your house is small, but if you try to make it become a cute nursery with many kid-specialized types of furniture, you’ll go to a very wrong step. Instead of buying an art table for kids, why don’t you utilize your dinner table? Instead of purchasing a one-child-sized chair, why don’t you invest in a multi-purpose furniture such as a foldable step stool that can be used to welcome guests? A loft bed is a great idea to take advantage of the vertical space, but if you’re afraid of the height issue, a sleeper sofa is a perfect alternative.

A small bunk bed is a great idea to take advantage of the vertical space

A small bunk bed is a great idea to take advantage of the vertical space. Image Source: www.onyapan.com

Parent and Kid Sharing is the Key

Finding space for family’s member is a little bit tricky if you have two kids, and you want them to share the same room. What’s about making room for baby in a small space? It requires effort, but not difficult. Every member deserves a private space, even children. The best way is to share the room together. For example, if you need to read a book, and your girl needs a spot to do her homework, you can sit at one end of the dinner table, and your girl sits at the other end without disturbing each other. Also, place the dinner table near the window to utilize the natural light.

Open Space for Play is Crucial

Since you cannot eliminate the playing demands of your kids, an open space is the best solution in a small house. Allow your children to enjoy their toys wherever they want. Every corner in your house can be a suitable place for your kid entertainment demands (Of course, it’s must be safe). Also, note that the open space doesn’t mean indoors only. So spend some time to watch your children while they’re playing in the backyard and garden.


Living in a small house with kids is not as difficult as people often think. The most important thing is trying to figure out what the benefits and how to take full advantage of them. Of course, small living has lots of drawbacks, but at the end of the day, the greatest gift is being together and sharing each member’s daily life.

Thank you for reading. Wish the best for you!

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