Cheap and Easy Halloween Decorations in 2020


Now it’s mid-October, and the Halloween is forthcoming. Start making spooky objects, creepy headless ghost, and some blood to blow trick-or-treater’s mind. If you’re searching for Halloween haunted house ideas to create your own darkness, you come to a right place where I’m going to share with you creative and cheap Halloween home decor that would create a little shiver through your bones. Especially, they’re simple, and most of them are even space-saving, which is perfect for small house or apartment. OK! Let’s get started with our easy Halloween decorations!

Indoor Halloween Decorations

Head in a Jar

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If you’re finding super scary Halloween ideas to panic your friends or any member of your family, then this prank is truly for you. Make a specimen jar containing your own face, kid, or spouse. The ingredients include an image of your face, a glass jar, and a coloring solution. It’s easy, but you’ll need basic Photoshop skills to create your head from three sides. Once you’ve done, put the jar in your fridge and scare people.

Pillow Face

Here is a similar idea with Head in a Jar. It called Pillow Face – a super creepy pillow. You will need some fabrics, Ink Jet Cotton Fabric Sheets, fiberfill and a sewing machine to make this.

Also if you want to find a gift for your friend in this Halloween, here is my suggestion:

Monster on the Ceiling

There are dozens of impressive ghost or monster fake models for easy Halloween decorations, and this creepy monster is the one I like the most. It’s quite easy to make as well. What you’ll need is to associate a person-shape frame of wire, a creepy mask, an old gown, and an old artificial hair. Once you’ve done, suspend it from the ceiling of your house or apartment and enjoy people reactions.

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Fake Bloody Handprint

fake-bloody-handprint-easy halloween decorations
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The most important thing is that it literally scares your kids, trick-or-treaters, and neighbors. Just paint it up all over the mirror in your house. This handprint cling is surely unique and spooky, and like other easy Halloween decorations, it’ll not take you much of effort and time to produce. It also doesn’t take any space of your house. Great!


Flying Cut-Out Bats

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Flocks of bats flying through the night seem to be a typical characteristic in each Halloween season. So why don’t we discuss these simple but marvelous interior scary Halloween ideas? All you have to do is draw a pattern, cut out the paper, and attach your achievement to the wall. Your kids will especially love these handmade designs, and you will have a lot of fun!

Staircase Bloody Skull

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The image of skulls could be one of the most classic symbols of hell, death, and Halloween. To make a staircase spooky paper skull, you can follow the YouTube video below. It’s not difficult at all. Another quicker way, go to the decoration stores and pick up the one you like. After that, prepare an old white cloth, any family has it, right! Paint a little bit red color to create fake blood. And done!

Outside Halloween Decorations

House Decorations

Door Decorations

These are some great ideas I highly recommend for a Halloween haunted house door. The door idea is very creative and it will be scarier if you remove the eyes. The finger-on-the-doorbell is what I love the most in this year’s Halloween decor ideas. It looks so real and creepy.

halloween door decoration
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Outside Halloween Decorations
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Ominous Halloween Lighting

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For a perfect Halloween night, a spectacular light show cannot be missed. What you need for this project are an electric connection and some spot lights. Combine these sources together to make the motions and place them low on the ground so that you can illuminate the front entrance and windows. For more creepy atmosphere, hang string lights along the banister.

The video below will show you some tips and tricks on how to light your haunt for Halloween.

Some stuff he uses in the video:

  • Sylvania Dot-it
  • Desk Lamp
  • Clip Light
  • Stick N Click Strip Lights
  • LED Light Bulbs 16 Color Changing with Wireless Remote
  • Flood Light Holder and Outdoor PAR38

Window Silhouettes

If you want your house or apartment be extraordinarily prominent and impressive with easy Halloween decorations, you should take a look at window silhouettes. You can buy them at bookshops or create cut-outs on black cardboard by yourself. There are also dozens of templates for you to follow. Just attach them to the mirror windows and doors with a couple of tapes, turn the red or yellow lights on and make your guests amazed.

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Window Holograms/Projection Effect

This is a cheap idea for people who already have a projector. All you need are a projection screen and a scary video to make an awesome window for Halloween. There are lots of free and affordable videos you can find to make a scary Halloween decoration.

If you don’t have a projection screen. Check this: 5 Minute Cheap and Easy Rear Projection Screen

If you are looking for more realistic experience, then you must try Window Holograms. With this decor idea, I bet your home will be the most awesome house in town. For more detail, watch the video below.

Yard Decorations

Chicken Wire Ghost

Instead of purchasing premade décor, it’ll be a lot of fun if you can create your own handy craft from inexpensive materials. Within fifteen minutes, you can manually make a creepy ghost by using chicken wire or any fencing. Then place it in your backyard or hide it behind a brush to jump people. You’ll have more exciting experience with one of the best scary decorations for outdoors!

A detailed guide to making a chicken wire ghost is here.

Image Source:

Climbing Skeletons

Your friends will laugh and fear at the same time when they see something like this funny Halloween idea. A skeleton trying to stand on a pumpkin, one stepping on the banister, another holding from the roof, it’s so creative, right! Since these effigies are highly flexible to adjust, you can change their postures and positions as the way you like.

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Headless Monster on the Ground

Go to the shop and buy something like this, then partially bury it in the ground and make your graveyard creepy as much as possible. There are a lot of ways to create scary decorations. Take advantage of old dolls of your children is also an excellent idea. Draw or paint or cut the dolls to transform them into zombies, then scatter them all around the yard or attach them to the fence and give your guests goose bump. Simple but have a highly horrifying effect.

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Stop worrying about how your house should look like at the Halloween night because I offer you the best Halloween decoration ideas from indoors to outdoors. Not only they’re relatively inexpensive, space-saving, creepy, unique but they’re also quite easy Halloween decorations to make by yourself or with your kids. Some of them are even available in the market. Thanks for reading our topic, and if you have any question or contribution, please comment your thought below.


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