Daybed vs Sofa Bed: What is the Best Choice?

Daybed vs sofa bed

Do you know that most of your time is spent on the bed than any other furniture items in your house? The reason is a good sleep has an incalculable value to our happy mood in the next morning, the efficiency in working, and of course, our health. Therefore, getting yourself a high-quality bed is the most important factor when it comes to a new house.

However, choosing a bed is not only about helping people fall into a restful sleep anymore. In fact, all of us will establish some selection criteria that it needs to fulfill. To satisfy the changing demands, manufacturers have produced a lot of bed types, for example, folding, panel, sleigh, day, pencil poster, canopy, divan, sofa, or double-decker.

In today article, we will fully discuss a hot topic which a lot of homeowners care about: Daybed vs Sofa bed – What is the best choice?

Daybed vs Sofa Bed: What is the Best Choice?

What is a daybed?

If you had experience in the interior or bedroom furniture, you would hear a little about something called daybed. What impresses people, at first sight, is the appearance because a daybed is not very different from a couch.

What is a daybed?

A typical daybed has 2 sections in total that are 2 arms, and the back. Thanks to this special design with the support of twin sized mattresses, you can use it for comfortable sitting during the day as well as peaceful sleep.

The vast majority of daybeds on the market are made from metal or wood. Also, you might see that some of them do not have backs or arms. Therefore, you need to make use of pillows to lean on when sitting.

Why should you buy a daybed?

So what makes this simple item become a popular choice? Let’s find out special advantages which have driven many homeowners crazy!

Why should you buy a daybed?

#1. It is not just a bed

When it comes to daybeds, everyone would agree that this piece of furniture can carry out multi-functions as a place for you to sit, recline, lounge, and, of course, sleep on them. Hence, you can make a daybed in the shape of a chaise lounge, or a couch apart from the bed.

On the plus side, the couch-like appearance might be used in your living room to greet your guests. This is beneficial to small apartments or for those who have a limited budget for furniture.

#2. It has a handy storage compartment

Everyone wants their room to look neat but still have enough space to store both big and small items. This is a tough challenge, especially for limited space. So how do other people cope with this situation? Have you ever thought about making use of bed to solve the problem?

In fact, to suit the consumer tastes, a built-in storage area is installed beneath the frame. Thus, the arrangement will not bring on a headache as you have sufficient space to keep cushions, pillows, or blankets. Some take advantage of this interesting feature to turn it into a clothes cabinet while bookworms love to combine their bed and bookshelf into one.

#3. It provides users with a great comfort

Nobody likes the idea of getting back and shoulder pain after waking up. Plenty of consumers choose air or inflatable mattresses due to the portability. On the minus side, they do not offer users some comfort for a good sleep as, for instance, the air mattress is more likely to leak cutting off the support during the night.

On the contrary, daybed mattresses are real twin sized mattresses which are thicker and more well-cushioned than any other types bringing you maximum comfort in sleeping or sitting.

#4. It allows you to customize easily

To help a daybed adapt to the style of your house, you just need to change the linen to achieve your desired result. If you want to arouse a cozy feeling, choose a warm and dark color. Otherwise, floral patterns and light colors would be perfect for a feminine look. This is also a useful approach to flexibly adjust the daybed to a couch in your living room during the day and a bed at night.

#5. It creates a formal atmosphere

To be honest, a daybed can help people, particularly children, focus more on their studying session than a typical twin bed. Thanks to the special design, a daybed tends to make users welcome to attend a reading or study session. Hence, many parents select a daybed for their kid’s bedroom.

In the next part, we will have a closer look through the sofa bed to speed up your decision-making process.

What is a sofa bed?

What is a sofa bed?

A sofa bed or sleeper sofa is specially designed to function as a bed by removing the cushions to pull the hidden mattress out or lowering the attached upholstered back horizontally. Normally, the mattress is smartly installed underneath the seat so that it looks like a traditional sofa. Thus, people also call it a fold-out couch.

The mattress of sofa beds comes with a wide range of materials including inner-spring mattress, memory foam, hybrid mattress, and air mattress. Each of them has distinctive features, and definitely, charges different prices depending on the quality.

To be more specific, the inner-spring mattress is the cheapest and common material but not durable. Meanwhile, the memory foam is quite pricey, however, good for cushioning aching muscles or sore joints. The hybrid mattress is a combination of innerspring and memory foam model due to the foam overlay with springs inside. The last one – air mattress allows users to adjust the firmness.

Why should you choose a sofa bed?

There are convincing reasons why nowadays, consumers have shown strong preferences for sleeper sofas.

Why should you choose a sofa bed?

#1. It is multi-functional

Similar to a daybed, a sleeper sofa can fulfill several purposes. During the day, it functions as a traditional couch in your living room to welcome guests. In the evening, you can turn it into a large bed with some simple actions. In addition, some sofa beds are cleverly designed to work as a playing area for children.

Interestingly, your living room could be transformed into a mini cinema at the weekend by pulling out the mattress, lying down on it and enjoy your favorite movies. Likewise, if a relative or your friend can stay overnight thanks to the sofa bed.

#2. It offers a wide range of designs

If you have a chance to research sleeper sofas, you will be overwhelmed by the number of styles and designs available on the market. This is to assist customers in choosing a product that perfectly matches the style of their interior pieces of furniture.

Moreover, they come with a huge number of dimensions so that you can keep your options open until you find the one which fits your house.

#3. It saves a large space

Space saving is the desired outcome which every homeowner wants to achieve when they select any items for their houses even if it is a luxury or a small area. There is no need to purchase a big bed and a stand-alone sofa which take too much space so that moving around in your room will be a bit difficult, and the beauty of home fades away.

#4. It can avoid financial difficulties

Imagine that you have to buy a high-quality bed and sofa, of course, separately, how much you must spend? That amount of money is 100% much higher than the figure for an excellent sleeper sofa which you can change easily in order to serve different purposes. Also, sofa beds have a wide range of prices. Therefore, your choice is unlimited.

#5. It is renowned for the high level of durability

Couches, in general, and sofa beds, in particular, are often sturdily made that could be used for many years to fulfill dual functions. The only thing you might replace regularly is the mattress because of some of them, for instance, innerspring mattress, are not very durable.

Daybed vs Sofa bed: What is the best choice?

It is obvious that both daybeds and sleeper sofas are excellent for lounging and sleeping becoming a great selection for mix-used areas such as the living room. Nevertheless, their basic features make major differences that you should focus on to reach the final decision when it comes to daybed vs. sofa beds.

In this part, we will draw a detailed comparison between them based on 5 criteria – space efficiency, style, comfort, the frequency of use and price.

Space efficiency

In fact, daybeds and sofa beds are 2-in-1 products which are manufactured to help homeowners make use of space in their house. While there is nothing to do with a daybed, you have to expand your sleeper sofa to have a standard bed to lie on. Are you sure that you can move around easily after folding out the sofa?

Hence, a daybed would be more practical because the shape and size are preserved even when you do not need it to be a bed. Thus, a daybed comes highly recommended for a small space.


As mentioned above, the mattresses of daybeds are real twin sized ones which are very well-cushioned resulting in great comfort. However, rolling onto a daybed can be a bit limited due to the small size.

Meanwhile, sleeper sofas come with several options regarding mattresses. The memory foam is the strongest sleeping supporter, but it is quite hot and expensive. In addition, the air mattress tends to leak the air leading to the lack of back support. Otherwise, the mattresses having inner springs are not very durable.


Although manufacturers have created and launched products with hundreds of styles, regarding aesthetic, sofa beds are more advantageous. The daybeds are so simple that is difficult to be placed in a luxury space. Meanwhile, a sofa bed might make a small room look heavy and awkward.

Easy to use

Another factor which helps you come to the final decision in case of daybed versus sofa bed is the user-friendliness. It is very clear that an extra effort will be required when you want to transform a sofa into bed because of arranging mechanism.

Also, the daybed is more lightweight even if it has a built-in storage cabinet. Thus, you will find it easier to move this item around. On the contrary, the sleeper sofa needs fixing at one place due to the heaviness.


Honestly, if you do not have a large budget, a daybed will be a smart choice as it is usually not as pricey as a sleeper sofa. Therefore, do not spend all the money on just bed since you will have to buy a lot of other pieces of furniture to decorate your house.

The good news is that you will see a wide range of prices, from low to high if you search for a sleeper sofa. Also, it is always a good start with a medium one.


That is all basic information when you compare a sleeper sofa with a daybed. We hope that you enjoyed this daybed vs sofa bed article. In general, go for a sleeper sofa in case you have an area that is wide enough for you to transform it into a full sized bed. A daybed would be more appropriate for a simple and limited room.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Last, do not forget to like and share the post with your friends.


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