Classic Brands Mattress Reviews

Classic Brands Mattress Reviews


Arguably, the most important piece of furniture you will have in your life is your mattress. High quality sleep makes for a higher quality life. If you’re considering making an investment in a new mattress, then you should take a look at this Classic Brands mattress reviews.

In this article, we’re going to go over the importance of a good quality mattress, what is so great about Classic Brands, as well as review 5 of their most popular mattresses.

Consider Classic Brands

Classic Brands has been a mattress provider ever since the early 70s. Believe it or not, they actually came to be popularly known by becoming a main producer of waterbeds.

It wasn’t until 2002 that they expanded into memory foam and latex mattresses. Classic Brands also offers accessories such as pillows, bed frames, etc. In order to help you sleep more comfortably.

If you are looking for a high quality mattress that won’t cost you thousands of dollars, then Classic Brands is a great brand. To help you on your mattress hunt, we will go over the Classic Brands cool gel mattress review.

Top 5 Classic Brands Mattress Reviews

Top 5 Classic Brands Mattress Reviews

Classic Brands Gramercy Euro-Top 14-Inch Mattress

Classic Brands Gramercy Euro-Top 14-Inch Mattress

Classic Brands Gramercy Mattress reviewsThis mattress is one of the best deals on our list when comparing quality to price. Users of the this mattress get to enjoy both worlds of memory foam and innerspring.

Classic Brands advertises this mattress to have a cushion-firm feel. That should provide ample comfort, while allowing your back and body to be properly supported.

14 inches of mattress is intricately layered with the following:

  • Layer number is is the famous cool gel infused memory foam by Classic Brands.
  • After that is 0.25 inch of comfort foam.
  • Another layer of comfort foam that is 0.5 inch thick follows.
  • The fourth layer is an additional 1 inch of cool gel memory foam for a cooler sleeping surface.
  • 2 inches of comfort foam make the fifth layer.
  • Another 0.75 inch thick layer of comfort foam is before the final layer.
  • The base consists of an 8 inch support layer of coils that are individually wrapped in fabric.

Pros of this mattress

  • You get to enjoy the best of both types of mattresses:  innerspring hybrid and memory foam
  • Cool gel memory foam provides breathability and adjusts to your body’s position, weight, and temperature.
  • The supportive layer of individually wrapped coils helps reduce the transfer of movement through the bed, allowing your partner to sleep better.
  • Gel foam helps regulate body temperature and doesn’t put stress on the body.
  • Individually wrapped coils have the ability to move precisely to provide pressure relief.
Cons of this mattress

  • The mattress firmer than they anticipated it to be. You might want to purchase a soft top separately.
  • A funny odor may bother you at first, but should go away within the first week.

Classic Brands Gramercy Euro-Top 14-Inch Mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress with 2 Pillows

Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress with 2 Pillows

Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress ReviewReap the benefits of a memory foam mattress with this mattress. When you purchase it, you also get 2 pillows made from shredded memory foam.

Classic Brands wants to provide users with a medium-plush surface to relax on at the end of the day. A total of 14 inches of mattress is broken down into 4 different layers that work together:

  • The top layer features 2 inches of the Classic Brands’ popular cool gel memory foam.
  • 2 inches of memory foam works as the second layer.
  • The 3rd layer consists of 2 inches of comfort foam support to assist in aligning your body.
  • The base layer is 8 inches thick and helps maintain strength between all of the layers.

Pros of this mattress

  • Cool gel memory foam is more porous, giving the user a mattress that is better ventilated and more comfortable.
  • Better ventilation helps body temperatures stay regulated through the night.
  • Being naturally antimicrobial and allergy resistant, memory foam doesn’t provide a home for mold, bacteria, or dust mites.
  • You get 2 free plush pillows made form shredded memory foam to use with your new mattress.
  • If you plan on using an adjustable base, this mattress is compatible for it.
Cons of this mattress

  • The mattress coming in firmer than advertised, meaning it could be difficult to break the mattress in.
  • The odor may lasting very long

Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress with 2 Pillows

Classic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top 12-Inch Mattress

Classic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top 12-Inch Mattress

Classic Brands Mercer Mattress ReviewsLet’s dive into the Classic Brands Cool Gel 12 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress review.

Enjoy the comfort of wrapped, steel coil innerspring combined with a layer of gel memory foam with this  mattress.

Here are the layers you will be sleeping on when choosing this bed:

  • The first layer consists of 0.5 inch of the infamous gel infused memory foam.
  • A second layer, 0.25 inch thick made from comfort foam.
  • An additional 0.25 inch of comfort foam.
  • The fourth layer is 0.5 inch of comfort foam.
  • A 5th layer consists of 0.75 inch comfort foam to go on top of the support layer.
  • The final layer consists of coils that are wrapped individually, and is 8 inches high.

Pros of this mattress

  • Gel memory foam adjusts to the body slowly, giving your body support that is free of stress, and allows the spine to align properly.
  • The cool gel memory foam creates a cooler sleeping environment because of it’s breathability.
  • An ability to ventilate air throughout the material, cool gel foam helps regulate body temperatures so you can sleep more comfortably.
  • Naturally antimicrobial and resistant to allergens.
  • Combining both innerspring and memory foam, gives the user the best of both worlds.
  • Every innerspring coil is individually wrapped in fabric to help minimize friction.
  • The wrapped coils reduce the transfer of motion, and enhances each coils separate mobility.
Cons of this mattress

  • For those who prefer to sleep on their side, this may not be the right mattress. This is because of the medium-firm rating.
  • Sizing has been reported to be a couple inches off at times which may be a hassle to some.
  • Customers have had complaints of an odd odor upon arrival, which can be irritating to certain people. This should be gone within a day or two of opening the package.

Classic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top 12-Inch Mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated 10.5-Inch Mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated 10.5-Inch Mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Mattress ReviewIt stands 10.5 inches tall on 4 layers of memory foam.

This mattress has a super simple and effective design that surpasses the quality of traditional memory foam mattresses.

Here is a breakdown of the layers you will be sleeping on with this bed:

  • The first layer is 2 inches of cool gel memory foam that is breathable, body heat regulating, and pressure relieving.
  • Following the first layer are two layers of 1 inch poly gel-supportive foam. These two layers help support the top gel foam layer.
  • The base of the bed consists of a 6.5 inch thick support base to help maintain strength for the three upper layers.

Pros of this mattress

  • Cool gel particles help create a soft sleeping surface, while still providing effective support for your back.
  • The cool gel’s breathability helps regulate body temperature to prevent the user from over-heating.
  • Antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites, bacteria and mold.
  • You are able to use this mattress on an adjustable base if you would like.
Cons of this mattress

  • The bed is shorter than standard mattresses, meaning you may need to change the arrangements you had planned.
  • If you prefer a softer mattress, this might not be the right choice for you.

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated 10.5-Inch Mattress

Classic Brands 8-Inch Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Mattress

Classic Brands 8-Inch Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Mattress

This mattress certified environmental friendliness will satisfy the most difficult people and bring a more restful night’s sleep.

Along with the memory foam mattresses’s latest technology, the layers of this product give an excellent support to spinal alignment for a nice sleep.

In particular, the first layer made from gel-infused memory foam with 2 inches in thickness.

This partly allows the air to circulate and draws heat away from the users’ body while the second one with 6 inches of high-density memory foam.

Which means it helps reduces pressure and provides comfort whenever lying down.

Pros of this mattress

  • It is regarded as a perfect choice, which is suitable for the sleeper of all ages and purposes.
  • Thanks to the hypoallergenic material, the user can completely be assured about any allergy issue.
  • One of the plus points of this product is its reasonable price that is always lower than the competitive ones on the market.
  • Lastly, the warranty policy lasting up to 10 years is a key factor to guarantee quality as well as create a solid belief for consumers.
Cons of this mattress

  • Some of the users complain about the firmness of the mattress. However, this factor is subjective because it depends on each person’s preferences.
  • The second drawback of this type of Gel Memory Foam Mattress is the amount of time for expanding of the product after being unpacked. It is a problem for those who are impatient to wait from 1 to 2 days for use.

Why You Need a Quality Mattress

Getting a quality mattress seems like a no brainer. Especially if you’re someone who lives by the 8 hours of sleep per night rule, that means approximately 1/3rd of your life is going to be spent sleeping on that mattress.

When you take into account that most mattress life-spans average at around 8-11 years, that’s about 3 years of your life spent sleeping on it!

Quality mattress provide good sleep -

Buying a new mattress means you’ll be dedicating your sleep to it for the next 10 years to come. It’s absolutely essential for you to make the right decision.

Sure, a new mattress is by no means a cheap investment. But what’s more important is that you are getting value from it.

A cheaper mattress is nice in the way that you get a place to sleep for cheaper.

The consequences of choosing the cheaper mattress is saving money in the short term, while at the same time dealing with more stress, pain, and discomfort long term.

Choosing to invest in a higher quality mattress pays off in better health, less stress, less pain, improved immune function, better work efficiency, and so much more.


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The Undeniable Benefits of Getting Proper Sleep

There’s a reason why we need to get sleep. With that being said, it’s also important to get quality sleep on a good mattress.

Think about it this way; if you spent your nights sleeping on the floor, you’ll most likely be unhappier than if you had a Classic Brands Cool Gel mattress.

Let’s go over the benefits you get from consistently getting a good night’s rest:

Better Attitude

You’ve probably heard of the saying, “woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” This is applicable to a poor night’s rest.

Most times, the way your day starts off depends on the quality of sleep you got the night before. Sleep on a nice mattress to start your days right.

Regulated Hormones

Poor sleep has a negative effect on a person’s libido. Get proper sleep and you can experience an improvement in your hormone levels, which can also improve the sex live of both men and women.

Easier Learning

Trying to learn anything while running on poor sleep is going to make it hard to learn new things. Better sleep will help you retain what you learned that day as well as improve your short-term memory.

Safer Driving

Driving accidents are a common way people get injured. It may seem weird, but it’s true that better quality sleep is going to make you a safer driver. You’ll have better concentration and will be able to make good decisions while on the road.

Better Decisions

We just mentioned how better sleep will help you make better decisions on the road. This actually applies to everything else you need to make a decision on. Things, like eating healthier and making better decisions for the long term rather than short term, are more likely to be made with a well rested mind and body.

Migraine and Headache Prevention

Keep waking up in the morning with a migraine or a headache? Perhaps you need a new, or better, bed to sleep on. Good rest should make you feel good when you wake up, not bad.

Improved Work Productivity

Poor productivity and concentration cost economies millions (sometimes billions) of dollars. Because you’ll be making better decisions and will have a better attitude with higher quality sleep, you’ll be doing your job or company a favor.

Improved Overall Health

Getting high quality sleep every night will improve your overall health by preventing certain cancers, reducing the chance of heart problems, and even preventing diabetes. With better health, you will also feel better mentally.

Better Reactions

With a better ability to make decisions, you’ll be able to react to situations more appropriately with good rest. This will help you stay out of unnecessary problems in life.

Signs that Your Mattress Needs to be Replaced

How can you tell if you need a new mattress?

Maybe you think you’ve been getting pretty decent sleep, but you could really need a replacement. Maybe you’ve lost track of when you got your current mattress.

If it’s been well over a decade, then it’s definitely time. If you can’t quite tell, then here is a list of signs that you should look for.

Signs that Your Mattress Needs to be Replaced -

Sagging and Impressions

It can happen to all kinds of mattresses, whether they are springs that break down, or memory foam that compress and soften. Sagging is easily seen on the sides of the mattress where the outer-layer seems to be loose.

An impression on your mattress where you or your partner sleep is a big sign you need a new mattress ASAP.

You’ll know if your mattress has an impression if it doesn’t return to it’s normal after you get up. A mattress with a permanent impression will not be able to provide you with proper support, giving you a poor quality of sleep.

Lumps in the Mattress

Lumps in your mattress mean there is uneven and inconsistent density. These lumps will cause pressure points that can become painful. It doesn’t matter the quality of the mattress, these lumps are possible in both low-quality and high-quality mattresses.

Your Mattress Feels Harder or Softer than Before

Over time, the firmness or softness of a mattress can increase/decrease. This can be caused by temperature, as well as usage over time. A hotter room will usually cause memory foam to soften, while cooler rooms will cause it to harden.

Tossing and Turning

Whether your mattress is old or happens to be only a few years old, tossing and turning is a prime sign that you need a new mattress. Moving around all night means you can’t get into a comfortable position, making deeper sleep unachievable.


Older mattresses will typically have a build up of allergens such as mold, dust mites, and mildew. This means your mattress may trigger allergic reactions.

Take note of if you seem to sneeze whenever you are on or near your bed. If you find yourself congested only during mornings, then this can also be a sign of an allergic reaction to your mattress.


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Things to Look for When Buying a New Mattress

Now that we are well aware of the signs you need a new mattress, it’s important for you to know what to look for when buying one. Obvious things to consider are how supportive the mattress is, as well as how comfortable it feels to you. Let’s take a deeper look into what you should look for.


Choose a mattress support your body -

Support has to be the most important factor to consider. The mattress you choose needs to be able to support your weight (as well as anyone else who is going to use it) in a way that helps keep your spine aligned.

Because the human body itself has curves and arches, the ideal mattress will dip around the curves to keep your back straight.

Whether you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper, the mattress you choose should be able to adjust and shape itself to your body.

A common sign that you aren’t getting sufficient support is that you toss and turn a lot at night. This prevents you from getting into deeper sleep, meaning you might wake up feeling tired at times.

A supportive mattress doesn’t have to be extremely firm, but it also shouldn’t be so soft that it can’t hold your body up properly.

Here are some tips to help you determine whether a mattress is too hard or soft:

A mattress is too hard when…

  • You feel pain after a few hours of laying in bed
  • You feel pain when you first get out of bed
  • Pain occurs in your lower back and neck when sleeping on your back or stomach
  • Pain occurs in our shoulder, hip, and lower back when laying on your side

A mattress is too soft when…

  • There is a dent in your mattress after getting up in the morning
  • You tend to sink into the bed, going into the “banana” position
  • You Feel exhausted during your days
  • Pain and/or soreness occurs upon waking up


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Another important factor to consider when buying a new mattress is how comfortable it is for you. A mattress that is too firm will apply pressure to your body, pinching nerves and cutting off circulation.

One big way to determine if a mattress is comfortable is if you are able to lay in one position without moving for several minutes.

Choose a comfortable mattress -

Consider how much motion is transferred if you are looking to share your mattress with a loved one. Motion transfer is how much movement is felt when you or your partner decide to get in or out of bed, as well as switches positions.

The temperature of your mattress is also factor in your comfort as well. While anyone would want to be warm while they’re sleeping at night, it’s possible to get too hot and even sweat.

Support around the edges and corners is important as well. If you happen to get close to the edge while you sleep, or you often sit on the edge of your bed, you don’t want to sink too much.

Good edge support will conform to your body instead of dipping down.

Replace the Box Spring Too (if you use one…)

When buying a new mattress, it’s important to also purchase a box spring as well. This is because a box spring will become compressed over time from the weight and pressure.

By not replacing the box spring, you won’t be getting the best support possible. If you don’t use a box spring, or want to ditch it all together, then a platform bed should work fine.

Box Spring Replacement from Classic Brands

Classic Brands Instant Foundation 8-Inch Box Spring Replacement

Classic Brands Instant Foundation 8-Inch Box Spring ReplacementWhenever you purchase a new mattress, it is very likely that you’re going to want a box spring to go with it.

Choose this box spring to go with your Classic Brands mattress. For less than $200, you can get a durable, supportive base for your bed.

Pros of the product

  • Because of the sturdy foundation, you can support heavier mattresses for longer with sagging prevention.
  • The foundation is noise free, making no sounds when you move around in bed at night.
  • Assembly is said to be easy and can be done in less than 20 minutes
  • Made from solid black spruce hardwood
Cons of the product

  • Several cases of wrong sizing has been reported, so you may need a plan B.
  • You may want a higher quality box spring if your mattress is quite large.
  • The quality of the cover is not the best, but it gets the job done.

Classic Brands Box Spring Replacement


Overall, it’s pretty clear that Classic Brands does a great job at providing great value at an affordable price.

If you’re looking for a mattress under $1,000, then one of the mattresses we’ve mentioned is worth a try. Get the best bang for your buck with the Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam 10.5 Inch Mattress.

This mattress, along with all the others, comes with a 10-year warranty as well. One thing to be wary of is that the dimensions may be inconsistent.

As for what mattress is going to be best for you, it’s all about trying out different choices. Feel comforted that you can try these mattresses out before making your final decision.

If you find that you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund by contacting the Classic Brands customer support.


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