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35+ Free DIY Bunk Bed Plans to Save Your Bedroom Space

Your living space is small, but the members of your family are more. Instead of moving to a large home, you only need to maximize your sleeping areas, by building the bunk bed plans.

Yes, you do not have to look for the suitable option for yourself. In the article, we provide an array of DIY bunk beds. You can consult to choose one. Let’s go!!!

35+ Free DIY Bunk Bed Plans to Save Your Bedroom Space

35+ Free DIY Bunk Bed Plans – Save Them Now!

1.   Side Street Bunk Beds

Side Street Bunk Beds

The design includes two twin bunk beds and a ladder. The compact size should be ideal for the married couple having two little kids.

It is noticed that you will not take more time and money to complete the side street bunk beds. Yes, the children will likely like it because of the nice color.

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2.   The Bunk Beds with a Ladder

The Bunk Beds with a Ladder

Do you want to build a bed for your children? The wooden bunk beds are what you are considering, right?

So, with the compact design and the easy-to-build construction, the bunk beds with a ladder promise to bring a comfortable place for kids.

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3.   The 2×4 Bunk Bed – Free & Simple 2×4 bunk Bed Plans

Simple DIY 2x4 Bunk Bed Plans

Your apartment is actually small. Even, it does not have the separated rooms. So, you ought to try this DIY project – the 2×4 bunk bed.

As its name, it is not large, but the size is ideal enough to place a narrow area. Don’t make light of this design! It still has two bunks for your need.

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4.   The DIY Triple Bunk Bed – Bunk Bed Dimensions Plans

DIY Triple Bunk Bed

The dimensions are to depend on your decision. It enables you to use the maximum of the available space. It involves three beds. It is cheaper than buying the prefabricated beds.

Exactly, we are mentioning to the triple bunk bed plans. How? Do you want to try the DIY triple bunk bed?

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5.   Simple Bunk Bed

Simple Bunk Beds

You are a beginner, aren’t you? You are not used to performing any DIY. No problem! You can start with something without too complicated – the simple bunk bed.

Basically, you just need to consider the area that you are living and the space that you will place it.

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6.   The Lumberjack Bedroom Bunk Beds

The Lumberjack Bedroom Bunk Beds

To create an interesting space, you can consider building the lumberjack bedroom bunk beds. With this design, not your children can only sleep but they can also read the books. What an enjoyable it is!

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7. Jay’s Custom Creation Bunk Beds

Jay's Custom Creation Bunk Beds

The design with the whole fasteners hidden the inside, so it is especially safe if you have the little kids.

Jay’s bunk beds with the 2x6s dimensions should not take up more your living space. The entire the cost is under $200. It is not expensive, right?

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8.   The Cabin Bunk System

Cabin Bunk System - Top Bunk

This design seems unsuitable for the little kids. The cabin bunk system is the loft beds for adult. Although there are the guardrails, it does not recommend for the small child.

Your task is to spend a storage space because its size is large. Correspondingly, don’t apply to the narrow area.

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9. DIY Bunk Bed with Rope Ladder

Bunk Bed with Rope Ladder

The combination of the bunk beds with the rope ladder is a not-bad idea. Mikael Monson‘s lovely built-in bunk bed is a boy/girl shared bunk bed. Therefore it has enough privacy for both.

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10. DIY Triple Bunk Bed

DIY triple bunk bed

You do not look for any available bunk bed to buy, do you? Do you need a project that allows you to utilize for a long period of time?

The triple bunk bed from Kids Activities Blog with the sturdy wooden construction will likely use at least several years.

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11. A Twin Low Loft Bunk Bed

Build a Twin Low Loft Bunk Bed

A bunk bed is still in the dream of your children. It is certain that they will like a twin loft bed, you, too.

With this DIY project, apart from a bed, the kids can have a playing space underneath.

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12. Pine Bunk Beds

DIY Pine Bunk Beds

Taking the traditional loft bed ideas, the DIYers have the unique designs like the pine bunk beds.

The design is not different from an L-shaped bunk bed. The upper bed will cover the lower bed.

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13. The DIY Industrial Bunk Bed – Free Bunk Bed With Stairs Building Plans

DIY Industrial Bunk Bed Free Plans

It is sure that your bedroom will look luxurious with this DIY industrial bunk bed.

The design does not require more technical, but it enables you to use the maximum of the space of your bedroom corner. It also comes with stairs so that you can move the top bed easily.

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14. 4 Beds in 1

DIY 4 Beds in 1

Your family is crowd children. The area does not allow you to build each of kids with one bedroom. So, you should consider this design – 4 beds in 1.

As its name, you will get 4 beds only with a DIY project. To separate, you can paint the corresponding color with each of beds.

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15. Floating Bunk Beds

DIY Floating Bunk Bed

Some little boys want to become a sailor in the future, including, your son. So, you can start to design a bedroom with the Pirate theme.

The floating bunk beds will be an interesting idea. Looking at them, the children will feel like floating on the big sea.

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16. Fire Truck Loft Bed

Fire Truck Loft Bed

The hot colors are always attractive the little kids. And with the fire truck loft bed, it makes sure that the boys will also love.

The top bunk is to sleep. The bottom large space is to play. Play a fireman – not bad.

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17. The Loft Beds with Bookshelf Ladders

Loft Beds with Bookshelf Ladders

This design is suitable for adult, especially those who like reading. Instead of equipping a bed and bookshelf a separate way, the loft beds with bookshelf ladders will not take up plenty of areas. It can say that this DIY is space saving.

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18. John Deere Tractor Bunk Bed

John Deere Tractor Bunk Bed

Look John Deere Tractor Bunk Bed like a toy car because it has two false wheels– it is great. The whole is wood painted full colors. Actually, this is an ideal sleeping place.

Let’s feel secure! It is only large enough to take up a corner of the bedroom.

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19. Solid Wood Bunk Beds

DIY Solid Wood Bunk Bed

Based on the traditional style to build a bunk bed, all things are minimized. Accordingly, the solid wood bunk beds are a non-complicated project for the new DIYers. The design is suitable for a narrow space despite coming with a ladder.

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20. Sweet Pea Bunk Bed

Sweet Pea Bunk Bed

Come to think of it, this is a toddler loft bed. The sweet pea bunk bed is designed like a warm small house. Taking blue, pink, and yellow is the major colors, so it is extremely conformable for the lovely little girls.

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21. Modern Lake House Bunk Bed

DIY Bunk bed with trundle

Your house has a lot of stuff, but the area is too small so that you can’t build a cabinet or shelf. Yes, the bunk bed with trundle will not make you disappointed.

This is also one of the simple designs. Though you can put it in a narrow space, its size is large enough.

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22. Kenwood Twin over Twin Bunk

Kenwood Twin over Twin Bunk

Twin over fun bunk bed plans are what you need, aren’t they? Well, don’t ignore the Kenwood twin over twin bunk.

The design is not as complicated as your thought, but they are suitable for both the adult and children.

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23. Minimalist Bunk Bed

DIY Minimalist Bunk Bed

To take full advantage of your living space, you may try performing the DIY bunk bed – the minimalist bunk bed. Probably, this is the simplest design in this list. No stairs! No ladder! But, it can still contain two persons.

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24. Triple Bunk Staggered Beds

Triple Bunk Staggered Beds

The design is based on the classic style. At once, to fit the 8’ ceilings without losing the head room, the DIYers have also applied a staggered design. The triple bunk staggered beds are another design of the triple bunk bed.

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25. The Micro-Bus Bunk Bed

The Micro-Bus Bunk Bed and Playhouse

In comparison with the traditional design, the micro-bus bunk bed has the attractive style, especially, the boys.

If you want to make a gift for your children, you can consult this project. But, don’t recommend for the beginners because the design is detailed.

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26. Camp Loft Bed with Stair

Camp Loft Bed with Stair

How to build a bunk bed to create an individual space for your children? We have a good suggestion for you – the camp loft bed with stair.

With the junior height, this design is to fit the children, who are growing. Building this bunk bed means to create a personalized space for them.

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27. Floating Loft Bed under $150

Floating Loft Bed for Under $150

If you are looking for the DIY of the bunk bed, which helps you to save the most living space. Here! Let’s try to perform the floating loft bed. It only takes up a small corner of the room.

Due to setting it above, you can build a reading or study place for kids.

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28. Toddler Bunk Beds

DIY Built-In Bunk Beds

We can call the toddler bunk beds that are the most beneficial, besides, the simple construction. Including the bed and ladder to move up the top bunk, there is still a relaxing place of the children.

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29. Princess Castle Loft Bed

DIY princess castle loft bed

This is a special design for the little girls. The major color is pink and white. The construction looks like a castle. It includes many options. The castle loft bed turns your children into a small princess in their own castle.

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30. The Treehouse Bunk Bed

treehouse kid bunk bed

An interesting design of the bunk bed that you can perform for your children – the treehouse bunk bed.

It sounds imposing, but it is not complicated and is pretty suitable for a small space. If compared to a general bed, the top bunk is to double.

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31. A Fort Bunk Bed

DIY Fort Bunk bed

Wow! There is the whole fortress. Just kidding! It is not as large and complicated as what you are imagining. Simply, this is the design of the homemade bunk beds.

A fort bunk bed allows parents to create a personalized space as the children’s dream.

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32. The Stair Step Bunk Beds

The Stair Step Bunk Beds

It has a stair, which both can move up the upstairs and allows you to contain the toy or books. On the other hand, the stair is also easier to move than a ladder. These are the beneficial aspects of the stair step bunk bed.

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33. A Modern Bunk Bed

How to Build Modern Bunk Beds

The classic look is not your style. You want to build something look fantastic. So, a modern bunk bed will make you satisfied.

Similarly, this DIY project also includes two beds and ladder. At the same time, the compact size ought to take up less space.

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34. One-Legged Bunk Bed

One-legged Bunk Bed

The price is cheap. The construction is sturdy. The building process is easy. It can say that the one-legged bunk bed is a DIY plan for the beginners, who are looking for a simple project.

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35. A Side-Fold Murphy Bunk Bed

Side-Fold Murphy Bunk Bed

It brings the modern type. Look at the side-fold Murphy bunk bed, it looks nice and simple. But, there is a drawback – no sides. Therefore, it does not recommend for the little kids.

Even, those who are not acquainted with sleeping the high without railing should not try. The design seems suitable for the braver.

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To own the bunk beds, not all people are possible because they are pretty expensive, but they are not actually sturdy. Why do you have to pay more $1000 for a bad thing?

Instead, there are countless DIY loft bed plans that you can select. You can also check for a comfortable mattress. Here! Let’s look at our list. There are 35 DIY bunk bed plans for your needs and preferences. Do you choose a right one for yourself?

P.s: Another option for small space home is sleeper sofa/sofa bed. They can use as a guest bed as well. If you think sofa bed is a great idea and meet requirements, then take a look at these top 10 sleeper sofa bed: https://tinyspacesliving.com/best-sleeper-sofas-buying-guide

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