7 Furniture Options for Tiny Houses That You Will Need!

Furniture options for tiny houses

Life in a small space shouldn’t be the reason for you to be grumpy each morning as you try to figure out what goes where. Even when you are dealing with the inside, sun awnings in Phoenix, as well as other places, have with time proven to be of great help.

Apart from the awning, choose appropriate furniture and your tiny house will feel commodious and relaxing. It might seem overwhelming initially but after scouring for a while it will be clear that there are several furniture options for small houses.

7 Furniture Options for Small Houses

1. Couch arm table

If your space is too small for you to get a coffee table along with the couch, consider a custom couch. The arms can double up as a strong surface for drinks or food.

Wooden Sofa Sleeve with Cup Holder
Source: A Beautiful Mess

2. Transforming coffee table

Who needs an extra table when they have a transforming coffee table? With this piece of furniture, you can have a tall kitchen top for meal prep and a low coffee table for when you are just lounging. The flaps can extend out to create more table space when you have some friends over and luckily, these tables come with enough room under to store containers.

Transforming Table: For Coffee Or Dining

3. Sofa bed/bunk bed

This is a must-have item in a tiny house. It is a functional couch, large enough to accommodate you and a couple of friends on movie night. If they decide to sleep in, just fold it out to create beds for your pals without taking up extra floor space.

Another popular option is a bunk bed which will save a lot of space of the room.

bunk bed

4. Space saving furniture set

These are often custom designs where furniture can be assembled and disbanded to create suit your needs. What looks like a bed may become a couch to sit two to seven people or an office desk complete with chairs. The decision to go for space saving furniture in a small house is ideal but the designs must compliment the entire space.

All-in-One Modular Fold Out Living Room Furniture Set
Via: Dornob

5. Island kitchen

In a small space, the kitchen doesn’t have to be visible and take up much floor space. A hidden kitchen concept would be great to embrace especially if you don’t actually cook much.

Custom kitchens all part of a single island, to be pulled out when you need to whip up a meal. Depending on your tastes, the island can hide the whole kitchen with a retractable countertop, sink, and storage cabinets with decent storage room for culinary tools.

A Butcher Block Kitchen Island
Via: Freshome

6. Dining table

A collapsing, fold down or hiding dining table makes perfect sense in a tiny house. Folding chairs can be hung on walls and a table can be easily expanded or collapsed as needed. Some tables provide nested space for the chairs to save more floor room.

goliath hidden dining table
Via: Go downsize

7. Sofa/shelving

Usually, we hear of sofas that turn into beds but not some that provide shelving space. If you live and work in a small house, consider this piece of furniture whose structural frame serves as an open shelving system.

With this, you get both a reading corner and cozy sitting area. Rather than invest in office furniture for a room that s already too small, choose a design that allows the office desk to fold up onto the wall or simply transform a closet into an office.

DIY Sofa with Shelves
Source: HomeMadeModern

The most important tip for people living in tiny houses isn’t to buy small furniture but to invest in pieces that can serve multiple purposes. There are several options that can be modified to use in your cramped space without compromising the overall look.

Careful furniture choices can transform the smallest room into a spacious abode, perfect for all its residents. Be open to new concepts when shopping for tiny house furniture and you will be able to buy something that serves your needs and enhances your space.


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