25+ Amazing DIY Porch Swing Plans to Try Right Now

25+ Amazing DIY Porch Swing Plans to Try Right Now - It's FREE

The porch swing plans not only provide a rest position but also contribute to adorn your home. It is noticed that you can use it for many generations.

But, building a porch swing is not too difficult whether you are a novice. Basically, you need to consider the surrounding area and choose a right position to set up a swing. Then, you look for a suitable idea for your needs.

Good news! You do not have to find in difficulties. In this article, we will provide an array of creative porch swing plans so that you can comfortably selection. Look at here, what do you choose?

25+ Amazing DIY Porch Swing Plans to Try Right Now - It's FREE

25+ Free DIY Porch Swing Plans for Beginners

Hint: There is a Pergola Swing build with a fire pit and a movie screen on this list. Trust me, you don’t wanna miss it.

Find it below!

#1. Shanty2Chic Porch Swing

Shanty2Chic Porch Swing

This is one of the simple porch swings that you can perform at home whatever you are a professional woodworker or a beginner.

The Shanty2Chic Porch Swing has the simple design without taking up plenty of areas, but you can place anywhere you like. Building in front of the house or next to the porch is okay.

But frankly speaking, this design brings an individual style and seems classic a bit. How do you recognize?

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#2. DIY Yard Swing Plans from The Sorry Girls

Yard Swing Plans from The Sorry Girls

Your railway yard looks too simple and normal, so you want to add something in order to reject the simple look. So, why don’t try the yard swing plans?

Yes, it can bring the warm feeling during the cold months.

It is a not-bad idea if you build it under the trees. You can see your children, who are playing or the stars on the sky at night. It is so great, right?

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#3. Porch Swing Seat

diy porch wooden swings

The porch swing seat likely adjusts. Look at its name, you do not think that you can only use it like a comfortable seat. It is wrong. Its size is large enough to serve as the porch swing bed.

This is also a non-complicated DIY that can perform at home. It is important that you can place it in anywhere you’d like to.

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#4. A 2X4 Porch Swing

How To Build A 2×4 Porch Swing

Those who want to own a seat like a swing are difficult to ignore a great idea like a 2×4 porch swing.

The cost is reasonable. The build time is short. Apart from, the setting-up position is versatile.

Therefore, it is not amazing when many DIYers love and choose it to perform.

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#5. Porch Swing with Center Console Plans


You must do a porch swing and come with the center console plans. It sounds complicated. However, you will only take one day to complete this DIY porch swing.

If you want a sturdy swing, the porch swing with center console plans is one of the right options for you. The center console that is not excessive contributes to strengthening the sturdiness.

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#6. The Love Bird Porch Swing

DIY Porch Swing

For the beginners, the love bird porch swing is a suitable project for them because it is simple.

If your house has a couple of little kids, this porch swing is ideal. It is pretty large. But, it does not take much time to complete. In the afternoon, sit here and sip a cup of tea or coffee. What a great it is!!!

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#7. The Porch Swing with a Frame

Do-It-Yourself Porch Swing with A Frame

In the cool afternoon, there has a comfortable place to rest in the small garden which is great. Is it right? Well, with a nice design, the porch swing with a frame will promise to bring what you need.

Apart from the swing, this DIY project still has the support frame. With this porch swing frame, it creates a certain sturdiness if you want to ensure the safety of your children.

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#8. The Porch Swing Stand Plans

DIY Porch Swing with Stand

It can say that this project is to spend for your front porch. The porch swing stand plans will not require plenty of cost and volume of work.

Owing to the stand, you do not need to struggle to hang it on the ceiling. If you like seeing the view in your garden, you can move it in an easy way. In comparison with the fixed models, it is more versatile.

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#9. Garden Swing Plan from Sunset Magazine

DIY garden swing

Here! Here! It has a sturdy construction. It does not need a frame. You only need to prepare the hemp rope. There is a paint layer coated the inside of the wood like to protect.

All in all, this garden swing plan is ideal for those who do not have much time to perform a big project because you will just take one day to complete it.

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#10. The Simple-Designing Porch Swing Plan

Build a Porch Swing

Sometimes, you should also try experiencing some crazy ideas. The simple-designing porch swing plan will be one of them.

This swing has the compact design and looks like a bench. You can sit or lie to read books or overlook your garden. Because it is hung with the firm hemp rope, a porch seems an ideal location to set up it.

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#11. The Rustic Porch Swing Plan

Build a Porch Swing

You are looking for a wooden porch swing project, along with the desired length, right? Yes, the rustic porch swing plan will meet your need. Nonetheless, this is a non-easy project to build.

Accordingly, if you do not have more experience, you ought to consider the guidelines carefully. Because the design includes the swing and frame, you will need to spend much time to perform.

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#12. The Classic Porch Swing Plan

how to build a porch swing

You love the classic style and have intended to build a swing as desired, don’t you? So, you should consider this DIY – the classic porch swing plan.

After equipping the necessary tools, you will get a swing with a golden glow. There is considered as a coating layer to protect it from the weather. The design is very suitable for setting in front of your porch.

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#13. The Crib Mattress Porch Swing

Crib Mattress Porch Swing

This is one of the few designs of the porch swing, which enables you to build in the living room. With the rustic design, the crib mattress porch swing makes your living room look unique.

Now, you have a new place to read books, instead of sitting on the sofa. Adding a couple of cushions makes it look better whether there is only an old crib mattress.

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#14. The DIY Backyard Swing

DIY Backyard Swing

Before you consider how to build a porch swing, you need to determine the exact position that you will set up it. You will have to say no to a small room or a narrow location.

The DIY backyard swing has a large frame, so it takes up plenty of areas. Consequently, this model is suitable for a big yard.

This is an advantage and a disadvantage of this porch swing. If you do not have a large space, it is impossible.

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#15. The Outdoor Arbor Swing Plans

Outdoor Arbor Swing Plans

This is a porch swing for your garden in the true sense of the word. The outdoor arbor swing plans are designed as an outdoor swing bed. You can both sit to read the magazines and rest in the afternoon.

In addition to the nice swing, there still has a sturdy frame. All the lumbers are coated a protection layer to avoid it to get damaged due to the weather. The chain is also firm to hang.

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#16. The DIY Swing Bed

DIY Pallet Swing Bed

Instead of resting in your own bedroom, you want to have a fresher space to take a nap after lunch. If you have this demand, the DIY swing bed will be proper.

It is built in front of a porch or in the garden, depending on the place where you want to rest.

This project has a large size because you can lie, but the build time is no more. To complete, the most will only take your working one day.

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 #17. The Circular Pergola Porch Swing Plans

Build a Pergola Swing with a Fire Pit

It can say that the circular pergola with swings is a large project. It is to spend for a large family with many members and little kids. Of course, you must also have a corresponded large space.

This is the DIY swing set plans. Look at, it seems imposing, but this is only simple that you gather many swings together. So, surely, you will be able to take several days to complete.

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#18. Hanging Porch Swing

Hanging porch swing

Your front porch is not large. The swing set plans are not suitable. No problem! You still have another option better – the hanging porch swing.

Even, you can still build it whether it is porch-less. It means that setting this swing to relax will not take a lot of areas and be extremely suitable for a small space.

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#19. The Portland Summer Porch Swing

Porch SwingnBed DIY

You love the beach and want to enjoy that at home, right? Well, this one is entirely possible with the Portland summer porch swing.

The style is modern. The color is refined. The construction is not too large. All promise to create a nice look for your home.

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#20. The Intermediate Porch Swing

Free Porch Swing Plans

Another design of the porch swing is the intermediate porch swing. Thanks to the higher back, you will get the support better.

We want to explain a bit about its name. People call intermediate because it needs someone, who are rich in the experience to help you complete though the plans are carefully provided. Keep this one in mind if you want to do it.

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#21. Colonial Cape Cod Porch Swing

Colonial Cape Cod Porch Swing

It will only take one day to build the Colonial Cape Cod porch swing. It starts in the morning and can complete it in the evening. But, what you get is more.

The well-bred color comes with the colorful cushions. This option is suitable for both the modern and classic houses.

All in all, the beauty of your house will be increased. This one is of course.

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#22. Pallet Swing

Build a Pallet Porch Swing

Let’s add a colorful swing to adorn your home with the pallet swing.

The external paint layer brings your style. The backrest is higher, so it provides more support. The sturdy chain should be safe when swinging.

Hanging in your garden or in front of your porch to increase the beauty. It is ideal, right?

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#23. The $100 Porch Swing

DIY Porch Swing

People often say that black is aristocratic and fancy. You also love this color, right?

Good news! You can also try to build the $100 porch swing from Yellow Brick Home.

As its name, you will not have to pay for this project too much. But in return, you may get more – a nice swing for your need.

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#24. Porch Swing Fire Pit

Porch-Swing Fire Pit

Exactly, this is the wooden swing set plans. It allows one more people, who can use.

Based on the fire-pit idea, the DIYers has created this project – the porch swing fire pit. Depending on the area you get, you can build a fit porch swing.

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#25. The Porch Swing from Old Doors

Porch Swing from Old Doors

It sounds interesting! With old doors, you can create a porch swing to sit reading books and rest.

We do not have to pay too much. We just need to spend a little time and effort, but the result is great – the porch swing from old doors.

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How? Did you find a right porch swing for yourself?

If the area allows, the porch swing with stand is ideal. On the contrary, you can also have an array of options for the compact space if you do not have a large garden or porch.

Essentially, you only need to consider your style, demand, and preference to give an exact decision. Happy working enjoy!!!

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