10 Beautiful Examples Of Small Modern House Designs

10 Examples Of Small Modern House Designs To Inspire You

Small houses always have a certain temptation to people who live alone, couples who have just got married, and anyone who loves creativity. Whoever you are, I believe you will love the 10 most amazing small modern house designs in the following content.

And even if you don’t like tiny houses, they will give you excellent ideas for your new apartment or interior designs. Check them out!

10 Examples Of Small Modern House Designs To Inspire You

10 Amazing Small Modern House Designs

1. Summerhouse

A shape house
Via: dev.planete-deco.fr

Summer is coming and that is why I would like to introduce this design to you. The house is made from 90 percent of woods. Therefore, the temperature inside it is always cool and you will have all the comfort you need when living in it.

Moreover, although the house looks small, there are more rooms than you can imagine with little furniture in them. Sunlight also shines through every corner of the rooms and you can place appliances that you want anywhere.

It’s a completely wonderful shelter to hide during summer.

2. Tiny living

Miter Box by Shelter Wise
Miter Box by Shelter Wise. Via: tinyliving.com

What amazed me when I first looked at this house is, obviously, its size. It’s one of the true small modern house designs that I want to show you today, which carries a “tiny” lifestyle and incredible space-saving. It was hard to picture anyone living in it.

tiny house miter
Via: tinyliving.com

Nevertheless, what astonished me, even more, was the interior of the house. In my opinion, it can be compared to any modern houses with super high price in the market. The creator takes advantage of stainless steel to build the kitchen as well as bathroom and make the house look much more modern than its outlook.

Living in the house will still be the most excellent experience of all time.

3. Horinouchi House

Horinouchi house
Horinouchi house. Via: www.dezeen.com

It’s not so difficult to realize the special feature of this house. It was designed by Kota Mizuishi, a Japanese architect, under the name Riverside House because it is located right beside a river. My first impression and also many others’ is that it is so “thin.”

It feels like the house can collapse anytime if a hard wind blows through. However, Japanese always knows how to make the world admire their construction and this is not an exception. The house is very sturdy and the interior design is extremely reasonable.

Horinouchi house inside
Via: www.dezeen.com

All of the furniture is placed along the walls, leaving significant space in the middle. The light bulbs, tables, chairs, and even balcony are designed for young people who love creativity. If you live by yourself and love Japan, you will love living here.

4. K-House – Remodel House

K House - Remodel House
K House – Remodel House

I found this house on Archdaily Magazine, one of the most top architectural magazines in America. At first, it was not so impressive due to ordinary outlook. Nevertheless, when I found out that it was re-designed from a mean house, I was immediately attracted.

K House - Remodel House 2

The interior space was built in a modern way with some homemade furniture. Surrounding with whetstone and bamboo, which are the cheapest materials I have ever seen, the design looks user-friendly and even more graceful.

What I also like is the number of windows and a whole corner for entertainment on the top of the house. With this house, you will have a chance to experience conveniences even if you have a low budget.

5. Silo House

Silo House
Silo House. Via: Nifty Homestead

Now, we come to one of the most excellent transformations in this article today. Of all the small modern house designs, I like this one because of its adorable round shape. It was designed by Christoph Kaiser as a gift for his wife.

Silo House 2
Via: Nifty Homestead

Despite only about 32 meters square, the cone-shaped rooftop, staircase, and a skylight of the house seem to make it look larger. The small kitchen and folded wooden furniture are also what attract 100 percent the attention of other people.

If you are looking for some place to start a new home with your lifetime partner, this house will not disappoint you.

6. Tiny Home in Hawaii

Heirloom Hawaii
Heirloom Hawaii. Via: Tiny Heirloom
Heirloom Hawaii inside
Via: Tiny Heirloom

Having little tables on the porch, the house strongly resembles a romantic restaurant that you often see in Hawaii. I think what makes it special is the traditional details outside combining with modern design inside.

From the gridline banister, the lamb, to the doors, you may be encouraged to think of Italian traditional style. Also, the chandelier, the ladder, and the bar can make you think that you are sitting in some pub in the 1900s.

However, the couch and the windows are modern designs, which promotes not only the beauty of the entire house but also the other furniture. Particularly, the creator left no dead angle in the house. So, it looks very cozy and less lonely than other homes.

7. Kasita House

kasita house
Kasita house. Via: Kasita
Kasita House inside
Via: Kasita

In case you are wondering how to design your apartment, this house will give you some interesting ideas. The best thing that most people like is the private space, where you can sit and relax after a long day at work.

It looks tidy with delicate design. Outside, there is also a garden covering the window. It can cover the intense sunlight in future and keep your house at a comfortable temperature all seasons. The main color of the house, white, also increases the modern design of the house.

8.  The Sakura Tiny House

The Sakura
The Sakura. Via: Minimalistehouses.com


The sakura tiny house inside
Via: Minimalistehouses.com

Uniqueness is the first word appearing in my head when seeing this house. I’m sure truck drivers will love this design as nothing can be compared with going home and lying on your sofa bed. And it is even more comfortable when that home is only a few steps away from your workplace.

The interior arrangements also show the delicate eyes of the designer. All the corners are taken advantage in an intelligent way, which ensures the house to have enough light and necessities. Folded furniture and gaps are also very favorable here.

Therefore, in an only 30 meters square space, you can still see everything, including a fridge, gas stove, air conditioner, and even an entresol.

9. Austin Tiny House


Austin Tiny House
Via: www.wideopencountry.com

This colorful house reminds me of young girls with Bohemian style. The pattern doors and tree pots make the house look even cuter.

Although the interior area is not wide, using up all the space and leaving no dead corner does not make it smaller. In fact, you will have all the comfort when staying in each room. The kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and the outdoor deck are sufficiently large for you to work on your activities.

There is enough space to do anything, whether it is doing the laundry, cooking, or dancing along the music.

10. A simple house

High House - Dan Gayfer Design
High House – Dan Gayfer Design. Via: www.archdaily.com
High House - Dan Gayfer Design
Via: www.archdaily.com

It is the final design that I would like to bring to you today. And it is also the simplest home among all the small modern house designs in my article. I love it because of that.

The wide front yard allows you to completely relax on beautiful rainy days. You can feel free to build a garden along the entrance or leave an empty space for your kid to play around. The furniture inside the house is plain and there is only a few; nevertheless, it is still modern and makes space look larger.

Four windows on the attic also create a unique look for the house and help the bedroom catch sunlight. If you have kids and want to move to the countryside, this design will be a perfect option.


Have you found your favorite house after taking a look at my collection of small modern house designs?

In my opinion, these are the most excellent designs at the moment and can hardly go old-fashioned in the future. If you like any of them, don’t hesitate to share it. The world tends to aim at tiny lives nowadays and space-saving ideas like those will definitely attract other people.

Finally, if you have any questions about the designs, please send them to me. I will reply to them as soon as I can. Thank you for reading until the end and see you in my next writing.

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