80 Best Cute Tiny House Ideas That Will Inspire Your Mind

cute tiny house ideas

Before you build a tiny house, you must find a design idea so you can make a floor plan and building plan. But make a beautiful design is not easy cause you don’t have any idea in your mind. Don’t worry! Here are 80 best cute tiny house ideas that I found on the internet. I spent my whole week to find and write this article. Hope these cute tiny house ideas inspire you to make your own design.

Best Tiny House Design Ideas

80 Best Cute Tiny House Ideas

1. The lighthouse shape

This one looks unique because it is just like a lighthouse. That is why I named it that. I saw it once on a vacation and it immediately caught my eyes. The colors were not so special but the idea was great.

Best Tiny House Design Ideas
Source: Everyday Minimalist

2. The Wedge, built by Wheelhaus

If I were on my honeymoon and had to choose among the tiny houses to stay, I would choose this one. It looks sparkling in the middle of the night and completely romantic for couples. Besides, all the conveniences are available inside so it would make a great place for holidays.

Best Tiny House Design Ideas
Source: Wheelhaus

3. Wohnwagon Tiny Home

What do you think about this one?

It looks quite simple but elegant. It’s actually a caravan so it is very appropriate for long road trips or for adventurous guys, who have not desired to settle yet.

Source: House Beautiful

4. Tiny Remote Norway Cabin

“Strange” is the word I need to use to describe this small house. It could be very hard to discover it in the wide rock mountain if you don’t pay attention clearly. I think it’s great when you want to avoid predators if there are any.

Triangle tiny house
Source: blog.rvshare.com

5. Trapezium house

We had a triangle house. Then, why can’t we have a trapezium house? That is why I add this one to the best tiny house design ideas today.

My first impression of this one was that it looked like the attic of my uncle’s home in Alabama. But it was not. It was a hotel for anyone who wants to hide from the world and find peace in his soul.

Trapezium house

6. Foy and Louisa’s floating house

A tiny house on floats! Why not?

I wonder what it would be like to live in this house. It looks just like a fantastic harmonization of elements of nature. If you like swimming or sailing, this one would be perfect.

Floating tiny house design

7. Derek “Deek” Diedricksen’s tiny house designs

Windows are the most salient feature of this house. I think it is not only a house but also a work of art. The doors and windows looked a little disorder but precisely neat and unique. I suppose living in it would be very interesting.

Colorful tiny house windows
Source: Living Large in Our Little House

8. Silo cottage

A cottage with cylinder shape dates back to the old times when houses were still made small and high to keep away from the predators. If this one were higher, I would definitely think of the high tower where princess Rapunzel brush her hair every day.

Silo cottage

9. The Crib at Strathmore

This one looks cozy and air-free. I would find it in the upcoming spring holiday and ask for a night to stay to feel the difference. You can look for a similar one somewhere around Texas, where people love tiny houses.

Tiny shack
Source: CountryLiving.com

10. Tom’s Tree House

The first tree house I would like to introduce in this article is this one. My brother and I used to build one like this when were eight with the help of my father. It is supported by four sturdy poles and a house without leaves. It looks quite outstanding, right?

Tiny Treehouse
Source: mindfood.com

11. Three-story space

One idea for builders: If you cannot widen the space below, you can do it at the top. This house is an example. It is a combination of a garage and a tiny house. You can try it if you have limited rooms on the ground.

Three-story space
Source: Sekkun

12. The Lucky Penny Tiny House

It looks just like a bird house, right? If other tiny houses are not around it, I will definitely think that it is a house for birds. You can apply this design for your tiny home style and I’m sure your kids will love it.

Birdhouse Style
Source: Odyssey

13. Mushroom Dome

When I was trekking in a forest in Malaysia, I accidentally found this house. I did not have a chance to come nearer but it looked like a house of seven dwarfs in fairy tales. The design was reasonable with a window on the roof and stable floor. It is necessary to learn those if you are planning to build a house in a forest.

Mushroom shape

14. Seelenkiste – Spirit Shelter Finding Arcadie

Folding is a common principle of many tiny houses and this one takes advantage of that really well. An open space is created whenever you unfold the pads and close the attic, which is just like in the picture you are seeing. If it has wheels, I think it will be perfect for any sights.

Open-spaced shelter
Source: Courtesy of allergutendinge

15. Flat Pack Tiny House

Look at that! A terrific idea for your spring or autumn holidays! In the morning, you can lie under the sun and have a bath without being afraid of sun burnt. The lean-to will prevent that. In the evening, the lights hanging in front of the door will create a vaporous atmosphere that you definitely love.

tiny house design
Source: Architecture Admirers

16. Tiny Collingwood Shepherd Hut on wheels

Does it look like the carriage that the fairy gives Cinderella to go the ball? Well, there is a difference that this one won’t disappear when the clock strikes 12. It will still be there and make a unique tiny house that anyone would praise when they come across.

tiny house design

17. Oregon Tiny House Storage Space

A modern and beautiful home for anyone. I like this one because the stairs to the attic look so nice. If I had this one, I would climb to it all the time at night to watch the stars and sleep. Also, this tiny house has storage space like you wouldn’t believe. Take a look!

tiny house design
Credit: Patrick Treadway Photography
oregon tiny house storage space
Credit: Patrick Treadway Photography

18. The Fortune Cookie House on Wheels

This one looks cute, right? Especially in your garden. What I really like is the adorable door on the side and the lamp right beside it. I have got to find a decoration like that for my house. Moreover, the roof is made as the wall of the house as well, which is very creative and well-made.

tiny house idea
Photo Credit: Dreadnaught Darling

19. Wooden shack

This house reminds me of the shack in my daughter’s favorite cartoon: Gravity Falls. I think you will have the same feeling if you watch that movie like me. I have not known how the significant splinters can be attached with one another like that. I’m going to have to find out.

tiny house idea
Wooden House Designs By Fun Home Design Ideas

20. Modern Mosaic Tiny House

I like the way they paint this house. White, brown, and red seem to be an excellent formula for all tiny houses. And the internal decoration is really neat and shows a typical design of tiny houses’ furniture.

tiny house idea
Source: Tiny Central

21. Tiny Victorian house

The most prominent of this house is its patterns, which look just like sectors. Purple is also a great color to create a firm and peaceful feeling. And the trees around the house is just brilliant. I don’t know how they can create a green environment in the center of the city like this. I guess it’s another thing to learn.

tiny house idea

22. Sanya Nanshan Treehouse

It’s another tree house with various windows. But this time, they are more standard and well-organized. In my opinion, it’s unique because it is a perfect spot to rest at noon when you are sleepy or read books without being interrupted by anyone.

Glasses tiny treehouse

23. Tiny Mini Cabin – Loch Ness Glamping

It looks like a bird house but stays on the ground. You will still have sufficient rooms to put a bed or a sleeper sofa bed, a small-sized closet, and a television. It’s a little difficult to have a gas stove but you can do the cooking outside and enjoy the nature while eating.

tiny house idea

24. Unique A-frame Cabin with Stone, Brick and Wood

My first impression of this house is that it looks like the candy house of the witch in the story about Hansen and Gretel. The rocks and the roof are what make it like that. I think it’s worth to classified in the best tiny house design ideas.

tiny house idea
Source: fanphobia

25. Tiny Victorian Cottage Brick Tiny Victorian Cottage

This one is simple, which looks like the house that my father built for my grandmother. With only two stories, it still has all of the conveniences for two or even three people to live in. Its balcony is beautiful and if it is placed in a flower field, I believe the scene will be more outstanding.

cute tiny house
Source: www.pufikhomes.com

26. Transforming A-Frame Cabin

Another folding style but this one takes advantage of every empty corner in the house. By minimizing furniture, using woods and sheet metal, its owner has built a small space but still very convenient for his life. I think this one is a typical one for tiny life.

cute tiny house

27. Crossing over the bank

This one should be classified into a list of the best dorm room for summer vacations. What a creative idea to build a house crossing the river like this. Moreover, lying on the hammock underneath the house will definitely bring a unique feeling that hardly anyone can have.

tiny house design idea

28. Hexagonal tiny home

So far, we have relatively various homes shaped in the form of the triangle or even trapezium. Now we have a hexagonal one. Human’s imagination is just so magical. The door is made with glasses, which increase the modern style. Looking from the outside, I feel quite comfortable when imagining myself living in it.

Hexagonal tiny home

29. Treehouse complex

If I move to a larger place in about the next 5 or 6 years, I will definitely build these small homes for my children. They look cute with various colors, right? Adults can till bring some of their essentials to one of these and experience as well.

Treehouse complex

30. Castles

I hereby introduce a tiny house with castle style. You build it on the ground other places it up high like this. One advantage the height is that you can make a bridge like the one in the picture. Try it sometimes when you have a chance. I’m sure it’s going to be very interesting.

Tiny Castles
Source: Suchtv

31. Garden Shed

I called it saunas because of the chimney. Perhaps, in the future, I will build a family sauna complex and design them with many tiny houses like this one. Its asymmetric roof is also an excellent outstanding point.

Tiny saunas

31. Roost Treehouse

Have you ever seen any tiny house like this?

I think these are strange when it is built in the city. But to be a tent for climbers to stay away from predators in the forest, this one is very appropriate. Besides, they even have roofs, which barely appear in cocoons. I think they are used to adjust the temperature in the house due to the tight atmosphere in the house.

tiny treehouse

33. Bird nest

It is a birds nest, but for human. I think it looks quite significant and even two adults can fit. The special thing about this one is its materials. With only straw and some old branches, everything is stitched with one another in a thorough way. I wonder what they use to stick the branches with each other.

Bird's Nest Tiny House
Source: Tiny House Talk

34. A hobbit hole

It feels just like a house for hobbit in the movie: Lord of the rings at the first time looking at this one. But I think if we have some disasters in the future, this type can be a great place to live in. Besides, I never knew green and yellow would fit each other so perfectly like this. I will apply this combination more frequently.

hobbit tiny house

35. A real mushroom

Remember I showed you the silo house or dome house earlier? Well, this one is even more upgraded. It is designed following a real mushroom shape. Its roof is made of woods and burned dirt, which is the reason why it can have a great cover line like that.

mushroom tiny house

36. Garlic shape

Although this one looks like cocoons, it feels like garlic due to two pointed tops at the first and rear end. Putting some bars in it and you can make a chair or a table. Putting a bed seems quite hard so this one can make a great house for tea time.

Garlic shape tiny house

37. Tiny camp

I have seen this house once when I was traveling to a quite remote camping site in Indonesia. Its material is thick and can endure many different weather conditions. There are many types as well and the most common one is three-season- tent. You can have all of the conveniences in it, from entertainment space to sleeping areas.

Tiny camp

38. Big Sur Greenhouse

This one is so unique that I need to list it in the best tiny house design ideas. The most special feature of this house is its roof. Moreover, its body stays under the ground and the fireplace is right beside it. I believe the glasses and the fireplace are the reasons why living in this house in winter would be very warm. No wonder it is located in a mountain.

best tiny house design ideas

39. “The Little Blue Bump” Cabin

This unique tiny house is made from incredible materials. An America engineer built it with all types of materials he could find, including washing machine components, deck chairs, or spongy. In my opinion, it is the most creative and friendly idea to the environment I have ever seen. Although its outlook is not as beautiful as the ones I have introduced, I think this one should be given some awards for the creation of the year.

Tiny house made by Recycled materials
Source: Relax Shacks

40. Eco-Friendly Student Flat

Have you read Doraemon, one of the most famous mangas original from Japan? If you have, I believe you will immediately imagine the future house in 22nd century that the story brought. This house will probably be one of the ideas for the future house when the world population explodes.

tiny house design idea

41. Cool Grain Silo Tiny House

The primary part of this house is made up of a water tank. I wish I knew where to get one of those things. But if you want to make it, you can find a small piece of sheet metal and stick them together. It’s quite good in winter but I suppose it would make the interior temperature rise in summer.

Old water tank tiny house

42. Tumbleweed Fencl Tiny House

The yellow and red leaves remind me of autumn. So does this house. It’s purple is just a perfect fit with the atmosphere of the season. And the dark brown is also so lovely.

Autumn tiny house

43. Egg-shaped tiny house

Can you see the egg shape that I am seeing? This house has a door, window, bed, and small wardrobe. That is enough for a tiny life.

Egg-shaped tiny house

44. Huge roof

What special about this house is its roof, which is so huge. I don’t know where this idea came from or who design it but it’s just so creative.

tiny house design idea

45. Escape Vista Tiny House Vacation in Oregon

You probably see this home somewhere. I remember that it was in some contest about creative ideas for tiny homes. I guess this is enough. If it really comes into real life, designing something to cover the closet would be much better.

Urban style tiny house
Source: Tiny House Talk

46. HALO: A Solar Tiny House

I remember that this house was created by a group of students from Sweden or Denmark. It has large solar panels on its roof, which create a great power for the house and the round shape just makes it better to save that energy.

Solar tiny house

47. Underground tiny place

I don’t think anyone can find this house if there is not a tiled way leading to it. Its place is already a unique point. The house is also designed by an engineer having great taste when the windows are set up very modern on the white wall.

Underground tiny place

48. ‘Glamping’ Tents Shaped

I think this is the only thing we need in the future. A bedroom, a living room, and an eave to sit and watch the snow falls will be just perfect for anyone.

Tiny house of the future

49. Floating Tiny House

This one is precisely one of the rooms of a unique hotel. I don’t remember what its name is but this is just a great house on the surface of the lake. Living in it will bring absolute comfort.

floating tiny house

50. Ridge House by Olson Kundig

This house reminds me of spring in the mountain when the weather is still a little cold and grasses start to grow. The fireplace makes the place look even cozier and lifelike.

tiny house design idea
Source: Houzz

51. Tiny House Boat

This is one of my favorite designs and one of the best tiny house design ideas in my opinion. I feel like this tiny house is the best place for party and vacation. It looks amazing, right?

Beautiful Floating Tiny House

52. Gypsy Caravan On Wheels

A rail vehicle can be a great design for a tiny house. Look at this one. It’s perfect, which look like an ancient design in West coast movies.

tiny house on wheel design

53. Little Pink House

This place looks like a cathedral where the bride can walk along the flower path towards the groom. But because of its size, I think it would make a lovely tiny house for somebody.

tiny house with Peaceful color
Source: Mark E Tisdale

54. A tree in a house

Having a tree in the house has always been a great idea for tiny houses. This one even looks like Tarzan’s in the cartoon from Disney. Moreover, a large number of windows is often an optimal choice when you built a house in the woods like this.

tiny treehouse design

55. 3-in-1 shelter

This house is so unique, right? It has two sided parts which can be unfolded and create a significant space to stay in. And when you don’t use it anymore, just fold it. It’s great if you want to go picnic or long-way trip.

3-in-1 shelter

56. A bar and a house

It’s another type of 3-in-1 shelter but does not provide spaces to live. But it still has sufficient condition to survive. Particularly, a bar right on its side is just a beautiful idea. I’m sure it will create a great picnic for you and your friends.

tiny house with bar

57. Spaceship design

This one looks like a spaceship of aliens that we often see in movies. At first, I did not think anyone could live in a house designed like this. But when looking at internal rooms, I knew I was wrong. Just see for yourself. You will see.

spaceship tiny house
Source: Pinterest

58. Free Spirit Sphere Tree Houses

This one is so neat and cute, which is just like a giant ball. And inside, it’s like a hotel with all of conditions and furniture that you need. I believe this house would make plenty people quit their lives in the city and transformed into a tiny life immediately.

Ball shape tiny house

59. Glasses bedroom

This one is not so bad, especially when you want to hide from the world and be the first one to greet the sun in the world. All of the essentials are behind the glasses room. You can just open it and use it.

glasses tiny house

60. Bubble house

What I wonder when looking at this house is that how can they breathe? I think I will have to find out. But the oxygen must probably come from the ground. They may make some airflow holes on the floor and that’s how people can breathe. Anyway, the bubble design is so modern and creative, isn’t it?

Bubble tiny house

61. Wheels of a tank

This house could be one of those future homes and that is why I put it in the best tiny house design ideas. It’s small but still has enough space for two or three people to live in. And the walls are covered with two layers, which play an important role in keeping the house cool in summer and warm in winter.

best tiny house design ideas

62. Container house

I have seen many containers house but have never seen one like this. I think they omit the container’s gate and install the woods instead. It looks nice, right? I hope they have some methods to keep it warm in winter.

tiny house Container
Source: iranews.net

63. Water Nest

We had a boat house. But now, it’s a house in a boat. It has three different rooms with a large living room combining dining room. I think they use floats to make the house stand still on the water. Seeing the moon or fireworks right in the middle of the lake would be interesting.

A tiny boathouse
Source: aasarchitecture.com

64. Fab Lab House

Designing this house mus take quite a much effort and creativeness. It still affords a place to cook, a bed and convenient space with various windows. It’s probably the one having the highest number of windows I have ever seen.

best tiny house design

65. Tiny Gingerbread House

This one looks quite unique and strange. I don’t know who could think of such window and door shapes but they were brilliant.

Tiny Gingerbread House

66. Tiny house for your kids

Kids may feel more comfortable to live in this house. But adults can still take advantage of it as well. As long as you don’t climb to the slide, you will be fine.

Tiny house for your kids
Source: Girl Domestic

67. Treehouse cabin

A tree house having cylinder shape and built of small pieces of woods is a great idea for living in a forest. Otherwise, if you have a large garden or field and plant some kinds of food crops, this house will be perfect for guarding it.

Treehouse cabin
Source: www.agentiadepresamondena.com

68. Dormer Loft Cottage

This house is special because it looks quite symmetric with two small windows on the roof. This one looks like standard design, which anyone can copy to their tiny houses.

Tiny house on wheel
Source: dubonfromage.com

69. Toy Box Tiny House

I like this one due to its shape and colors. I am always attracted by the houses having many unique aspects like this. And it looks more modern than the last one thanks to the combination of two colors.

beautiful Tiny house on wheel
Source: hgtv.com

70. Steve’s Dome Home

You may think this one is a sauna room or bathroom but it’s not. It’s just a tiny house having Hawaii style. There is also a skylight on it, which helps the house airy and the temperature not too hot.

Hawaii Style Tiny House

71. Narrow the area

I’m sure this one is created by some Japanese engineer because it saves so much space but still convenient for life. Having seen this house, I found out that narrowing down the width and extend the length is one good method to design a tiny home.

modern tiny house design
Source: DigitalM

72. Tiny Prefab Houseboat

I include this one because it is not like anything I have seen. If it is added to a room in a real boat, I believe the passengers will be very excited.

floating house idea

73. R2-D2

Does this one look like the head of R2-D2, the famous robot in Star Wars? That is my most favorite character in the movie and that is the reason for listing it in these best tiny house design ideas. And now they have a house just like it. I wonder if they like Star Wars as well.

best tiny house design ideas
Source: www.netcategory.net

74. Avava’s Prefab Tiny House

We come back to a modern and normal tiny house. I like white and brown. They make the house look so clean and pure. And the furniture looks very delicate as well, which does not make the house look as small as it is.

Modern tiny house design

75. Lexa Dome Tiny Homes

This house does not look like R2-D2 or any other things. It has three windows and a chimney. When they are alone, they are just normal windows. But if you stand a little far behind, they become the most prominent parts. I guess I am a big fan of dome shape and lots of windows.

Dome house
Source: Octaform

76. Contemporary Tiny House

One different thing about this house is that it has a window right on its roof. Next to that, there are some solar panels, which I guess that all of the appliances depend on them to run. The house also looks very airy and the areas around bring a great freshness.

tiny house idea 2017
Photos by Walden Studio

77. Wood Pallet Houses

I introduced a shack to you earlier. But this one is not mysterious at all. What I’m impressed is that it has a small pole to support the roof, which is just like a tent. It’s quite strange, right?

tiny house design idea 2017
Source: Home Idea Trends

78. Richmond House Boats

Look at this house! It looks so salient with that yellow color. The window frame is painted white also make the overall design so pleasure to the eye.

tiny house design 2017
Source: blog.infocasas.com.co

79. Ma Maison Logique’s Capia Tiny House (180 Sq Ft)

This is just another plain and simple tiny house that I want to introduce. It’s made based on the standard design for a tiny home.

tiny house design 2017

80. Richardson Architects Tiny House

The internal space of this one is arranged very reasonably. I think its owner has an eye for furniture. And its large eaves make the house look so cute as well.

Large eaves tiny house


How can I make my tiny house look good?

One of the best ways to make your tiny house look great is by creating a cohesive color palette. Choose colors that complement each other and look aesthetically pleasing together. This can be done by painting walls, choosing furniture with similar colors and fabrics, or adding accent pieces like rugs, pillows, and artwork with colors that flow well together.

In addition to colors, lighting plays an important role in making your tiny house look good. Consider adding specific types of lights to highlight certain areas or create a cozy atmosphere. For example, you could use table lamps on the nightstands for reading or sconces above each window for a dramatic effect. You may also want to consider using natural light whenever possible to create a bright and airy atmosphere.

What is the best tiny house?

The best tiny house is the one that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle. Consider what features are most important to you, such as storage space, unique design elements, or energy efficiency. Think about how you plan on using the space and choose a layout that works for you. Additionally, consider materials that make sense financially and ecologically while still looking good. Ultimately, choose a tiny house that reflects your personality and allows you to live comfortably.


Tiny houses are becoming more and more popular as people are looking for a simpler, more affordable lifestyle. Cute tiny house ideas have taken off in the last few years, as they provide an easy way to live small while still having access to some of the comforts of home. I hope this article has provided you with some inspiration for your own unique tiny house design.

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