How to Inflate a Tire with a Portable Air Compressor?

Car Air Compressor

An air compressor, especially the portable version is a handy tool to have around. It can be used for various reasons like filling gasoline cylinders, spray painting and for inflating tires. Moreover, they are portable, easily stored and carried where required.

With an air compressor at home, there’s no need of heading to the garage to fill your car tires. You can do it comfortably at home and when you are on the road, and there is no available air support around. As there is a risk of over-inflating your tire when you do it yourself, these tools help prevent it:

  • A regulator ensures the compressor doesn’t fill the tires too quickly or overfill the desired PSI. It also controls the pressure from suddenly shooting to dangerous levels.
  • A pressure gauge helps as it lets you note the air pressure as you fill your tire to ensure its pressure is enough, too much or too little.
  • A tire chuck with a built-in air connector helps connect the compressor’s air hose to the valve for easy flow of compressed air.

Inflate a Tire Easily With a Portable Air Compressor

Filling your tire is easy; just connect the compressor to its power source which may be a 12V, 120V or 240V source or spark plug hose. Then connect the compressor’s hose to the regulator and to the tire valve via the chuck. Set the regulator to the desired tire pressure to prevent the pressure exceeding the tire’s requirements.

Now start filling the tire while continually monitoring the pressure gauge. In case the tire pressure exceeds its recommended PSI level, just bleed the air out.

Yes, inflating your tire is so easy with a portable air compressor. However, it’s possible only if you use the right air compressor. If you are planning to buy one for yourself, here are some tips to teach you how to choose the right air compressor:


How to Inflate a Tire with a Portable Air Compressor

As you are buying a postage air compressor, it should fit into not only your garage but also your car while traveling. So look for something compact which can be easily carried along with you on long trips.


Power supply

While air compressors can be used with different power adapters like 120volt or 240volt power if you will be using it more while on the move, choose an air compressor manufactured with DC voltage so that it can be connected to the car battery to inflate tires while traveling.


Portable Air Compressor

If you want to buy an air hose and other accessories, look for an air compressor that is compatible with standard tools and accessories. Some companies manufacture their customized products and accessories meant only for their brands too.

Reliable motor and pump

As the performance of an air compressor depends on its motor and pump, choose a product with the best quality motor and pump.

Minimal maintenance

If you will not be using air compressors very much, it’s better to look for a maintenance free product, like one with an oil free pump and motor.

Pressure gauge

Pressure gauge

It’s the air compressor’s pressure gauge which helps you determine how much pressure reaches the tire. While some air compressors may not come with a gauge, and you will have to buy one separately, there are various models installed with different types of pressure gauges, including digital and Android ones. It’s better to buy one with a digital pressure gauge with the automatic operation as it minimizes the load on the pump.


While you will obviously look for the cheapest product available, you also need to choose an air compressor which you can use both on a routine and emergency basis. It should basically fit your budget and something you can afford.


It is always better to buy an air compressor with a warranty as you can make claims if you have any problems with the air compressor which the company is liable for. Besides, warranty proves that the compressor was built using the best material.

Now that you know how to use an air compressor of tires, and how to select one, it’s time you bought one, especially if you have been thinking about it for a long time.

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