Top 3 Live and Sleep Mattress Review 2020

Top 3 Live and Sleep Mattress Review

Live and Sleep is a company that just only sells the product online. Its main product is memory foam mattress which is of high quality. Actually, I’ve had some matters while using memory foam mattress. These are that when sleeping, it brings to me the really hot feeling and it makes me sink deeper into the mattress. That’s very annoying. So, if there’s any kind of memory foam mattress which can solve these matters, I will actually enjoy it.

Fortunately, since I used the product of Live and Sleep, my sleep has become better. The mattress keeps me stay cool during the night, and I don’t face the problem of getting stuck in my mattress anymore. On the whole, I am extremely satisfied with this mattress. And in this article, I will share with you my review for Live and Sleep mattress after enjoying the product.

Top 3 Live And Sleep Mattress Review

Product Quality Price Our Rating
Live And Sleep Resort Sleep Classic Mattress with Premium Form Pillow A $
Live And Sleep Resort Elite Mattress with Premium Form Pillow A $$
Live And Sleep Resort Ultra Mattress with Luxury Form Pillow A+ $$$

Live and Sleep – Resort Sleep Classic Mattress with Premium Form Pillow

Live and Sleep - Resort Sleep Classic Mattress with Premium Form Pillow

Live and Sleep Mattress Review

The product manufactured by Live and Sleep: Resort Sleep Ultra is scientifically designed to help the users have a wonderful sleep.

The foam of the mattress is solid, deep, dense but very comfortable. Thanks to the 12-inch mattress, you will definitely have a wonderful feeling like children’s pamper.

One unique point of this mattress is its medium steadiness with a perfect softness which works effectively on every kind of body. Additionally, the cushion and foam provided with memory gel help to give a comfortable, nice and firm posture.

Another plus for the resort sleep Ultra Mattress is that it is equipped with a hard bottom base and a floppy top; therefore, it serves the two purposes of ease as well as posture.

The foam with memory gel between the two acts considered as a comfortable barrier that enables this mattress to be able to release excess heat and breathe easily. A 12-inch height is really ideal for providing enough space of the box springs.

Live and Sleep Cooling Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Thanks to its feature of easy-to release zipper, everything is much more convenient for you when wanting to wash the mattress cover or put the cover back on.

There is a fact that a lot of covers of mattresses cannot wash, which obviously makes the main aim of the cover non-effective.

Nevertheless, this truly shows that Live and Sleep mattress has completely put many customer’s expectations on the development of their product as well as on their own design.

In addition, this mattress is also designed with a free pillow made from memory foam, which gives wonderful support on the users’ shoulders and neck.

Another important feature is that this product is incredibly light compared to many other mattresses.

In reality, a queen size mattress only weighs about 76 pounds. With all of the aforementioned wonderful features as well as a reasonable price, resort sleep ultra mattress definitely gains very good reviews and high ratings.

Pros of the product

  • Various support: give extremely wonderful support to the users’ joints and back
  • The mattress is incredibly lightweight; thus, it is easy for one person to lift up
  • 20-year guaranty
  • The knit cover designed specially made from special textile helps to maintain hygiene
  • Equipped with HD bottom and eco-friendly cushion
  • Supports to posture as well as eases movement bounce between partners
Cons of the product

  • As the mattress isn’t equipped with box springs, the users have to buy them separately
  • The mattress has a tendency to sink at the edges due to the cushion foam on the top layer
  • Like many other mattresses, the gel memory foam which is used in the midst mattress doesn’t provide enough cooling effect

Cooling Memory Foam Mattress, Certipur Certified

Live and Sleep Resort Elite Mattress with Premium Form Pillow

Live and Sleep Resort Elite Mattress with Premium Form Pillow

Live and Sleep Resort Elite Mattress with Premium Form Pillow

The Live and Sleep Resort Mattress is scientifically designed to help you have the feeling of being on vacation during the night. This product is designed with a medium steadiness, which is considered to be ideal for those who often sleep on their stomach.

In fact, as for many other overly firm mattresses, the stomach sleeper might sink so far into a luxurious mattress. However, they find it hard to find a comfortable posture to have a good sleep on that mattress.

This kind of mattress also provides the users with astonishing pressure-relieving advantages with HD foam as well as memory foam. Special HD foams help to eliminate pressure points as well as less turning and tossing.

As a result, sore hips and feet, shoulders and back pain is easily disappeared. The mattress is considered a perfect hotel bed, after using it, most sleepers will definitely love it as it gives them the best sleeping experience.

A great feature of this product lies in the elegant knit cover. In fact, the mattress cover is floppy and silky, which makes it easier to touch and conform with every move.

Live and Sleep Resort Elite Queen Size, 10-Inch Firm Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Premium Form Pillow, Certi-PUR Certified plus 20-Year Warranty

Additionally, the tailored knit fabric encourages the airflow to move for every cooler sleep easily.

The mattress is suitable on the hard floor, mental platform, foundation, bedroom furniture frames, adjustable bed, or box springs.

It is certain that the foam that is used in the Live and Sleep mattress is independently examined for quality as well as safety. All of the program, testing, and analysis is for bendable polyurethane foam that has been separately tested in the laboratory.

This wonderful mattress is equipped with a unique advanced airflow foam-atop which is known as a gel memory foam. This enables you to have a cooler night’s sleep on the most comfortable posture.

An 8.5-inch foam on the top of these layers permits the amazing mattress to give the ultimate support that you need.

Pros of the product

  • Wonderful customers service
  • Eco-friendly product: uses smart recycled packaging
  • Allows to return in 30 days
  • 20-year guaranty
  • Various sizes
  • Gives the best sleep for all members of the family
  • Thanks to the convenience of unrolling, unboxing, placing as well as going to bed, it helps you save unnecessary time to have more relaxing and peaceful moments
Cons of the product

  • Might lose shape after using several times
  • Might be too firm for those who sleep on their stomach

Pure Memory Foam Mattress, Gel Infused Visco Memory Foam, High Density Support Base , Certi-PUR Certified

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Mattress with Luxury Form Pillow

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Mattress with Luxury Form Pillow

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Mattress with Luxury Form Pillow

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra is a perfect choice if you want to have the best sleep. Also, this product is designed to support your body effectively and conveniently.

With being made from responsive materials, the mattress is very suitable for most sleepers. No matter how heavy you are or no matter what your sleeping position is, with the mattress, certainly, you will want to sleep more times.

Live and Sleep mattress not only is made from the high-quality material but also has many stomata inside it. This feature helps to eliminate the heat outside this mattress.

Moreover, thanks to the gel-infused foam layer which plays a vital role in taking in heat, your sleep will become smooth and not be interrupted by the heat.

Nowadays, as you can see, most of the reasonably priced mattresses exaggerate their features to attract more customers, especially the great cushioning technology or the best stress – reducing system and so on. However, the Live and Sleep Resort  Ultra King does not. It just only enhances and develops what it actually owns.

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra, Medium Firm Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Luxury Form Pillow, Certipur-US Certified plus 20-Year Warranty

Live and Sleep mattress is equipped with a 2.5’’ Premium Air Flow Visco Foam soft cushion, 8.5’’ additional thick high-density support base and 1’’ of gel-infused memory foam. The total structure of the amazing mattress is 12’’.

When you lie on the mattress,  certainly you will feel as comfortable as staying in the best hotel with the  7- star standard. Moreover, its memory foam made of the gel is breathable and good.

Therefore,  this mattress can meet your demand in the best way and bring you a peaceful, smooth and free sleep all night.

Another feature which attracts you to buy this mattress is its appearance.

Its cover is very soft and convenient. You absolutely have no difficulty in cleaning and washing Live and Sleep mattress because of its easy cleaning and removability.

With its HD foam, it can cut down the amount of stress on your body and make sure that turning and tosing are less. In addition, its sizes are diverse, such as king size, California king, full size, queen,  short or RV queen, twin and twin XL.

The mattress has the cover which is not only made from luxurious cloth but also removable so that you can clean it so easily.  Thanks to the flexible design of the cover,  you can remove and put the cover on Live and Sleep mattress in an easy way. Besides,   you will own a soft memory pillow without paying money for that.

Pros of the product

  • Your health is better. Especially, you will feel comfortable in your feet, shoulders, hips, and back thanks to the HD foam.
  • The foundation has the medium density, not too soft and not too hard.
  • You don’t need to pay money for shipment.
  • When owing the Live and Sleep mattress, you will no longer suffer from your backache or other pains in your body which are caused by sleeping on a firm
  • The memory foam is breathable.
Cons of the product

  • At this mattress’s edges, there may be sinking
  • If you buy this mattress, you should also purchase box springs as this mattress isn’t almost appropriate for any boxes.

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Design

Who should be interested in Live and Sleep mattress?

Are you facing the problems of hot sleep or getting stuck in your mattress? Do you want to get out of these situations? Luckily, with the help of Live and Sleep, you will no longer worry about them. Its memory foam mattress can surely give you a cool sleep as well as fully address the matter of getting stuck in your mattress. Let consider our guide to choosing a suitable memory foam mattress for you.

Are you looking for the mattress with a medium firm? Of course, there is the one with the design that can give you that feeling. However, in fact, it appears to be a little bit firmer than the real average. For me, it’s rather right, but not the same to all sleepers. If you are seeking a mattress which is not too soft or too firm, this one might not be completely suitable for you.

The ones seeking for true value – Live and Sleep choose the model of online business. That can help this company reduce a considerable money on middleman as well as marketing. So, it will make sure that the price of the mattress is really affordable. Let consider the mattress collection (Tempur-Pedic) and its review to have a clearer understanding of it.

Couples – one plus of this mattress is that it doesn’t transfer at all; therefore, it’s a quite perfect one for couples. With this mattress, there’s no need for them to worry about their sleep disturbed if their partner has any move on the bed.

The ones enjoying sleep on their Stomach or Back – with the ability of quick change to the polyfoam base layer from the memory foam, the mattress can become firmer. As a result, it’s actually good for the stomach or back of the sleepers. Moreover, it also helps to keep your back in a line well in both positions you lie.

You are looking for the one which is easily removable – in the current market, only a few companies offer you an easily removable cover. However, Live and Sleep can address this concern for you. It’s another interesting benefit that makes you want to choose this mattress.

What are the great features of Live and Sleep mattress?

What are the great features of Live and Sleep mattress?

Construction (layers)

The things I feel when I see it, at first sight, is that its design is really simple and doesn’t have any frill for both of its layers underneath and cover.

Cover – its cover is well stretch as well as really breathable and light. Especially, it’s relatively resilient and can easily turn back to the initial shape when you make any moves on your mattress.


According to the creators of this luxury mattress from company Live and Sleep, it will have the feel of a medium balance. In fact, it is at a level of 6 to 6.5 on the scale of firmness (where the highest one is 10). This product actually gives you a memory foam feel which is well balanced. In addition are contour and sufficient hug. When you first lie on the mattress, you will feel a push against your back. But soon it will be softer to contour your whole body.

On the whole, this mattress offers you a wonderful combination of great shaping and body contour with somewhat firm support. Therefore, giving the sleepers a great and comfortable sleep.

Edge support

Conventionally, foam mattress will more compress along the edges compared to some innerspring mattresses. Consequently, it’s actually crucial to check how the sides of Classic one can support me.

After using this mattress, I feel that its side areas do a good job of supporting me, even when I hang off it, there’s no sign that I will roll off. Therefore, I can maximize the benefits of the surface of this mattress when sharing it. Of course, it’s not worth worrying about that I might fall out of my bed.

Don’t sleep hot

Actually, there’s no complain about the heat retention of this Luxury Live and sleep mattress. It mostly overheated in spite of the fact that we’ve tried to heat it up and down many times.

With the help of one inch of cooling gel integrated inside, you will be surely prevented by the heat.

Sinkage and Motion transfer

According to my tests on its ability of sinking, the Live and Sleep mattress produces slight sinkage. In term of motion transfer, it can control motion isolation relatively great. With the great combination of Gel-infused and memory foam, the mattress can dissipate a great amount of energy without getting the feeling of “quicksand” like other kinds of memory foam.


One feature of this Luxury Live and Sleep mattress is that it doesn’t have any smell when you first use. It’s really great because most of the mattresses in the market have a chemical smell when being got out of the box and it can last for two hours. That’s quite annoying.

Actually, this mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US for not having any kind of particular odor. It means that there’s no toxic smells or off-gassing.

Materials and durability

This mattress from Live and Sleep has a USA-standard manufacture. It is using the materials of high quality and eco-friendly. Following to our surveys, it brings a high satisfaction to the users as well as is becoming more common in use.

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Return policy and warranty

The Live and Sleep mattress is under 20-year guarantee, which is the same as Layla – ranked as the top one in this industry. It can reflect the great confidence of this company about their product.

The company thinks that this mattress is the one you are looking for and when you’ve purchased on, it means that you somewhat like it.

Actually, it’s not common that you buy anything you don’t like. Also, you needn’t worry whether you like it or not because the company offers to you 100-day-sleep trial. So, while using, if there’s anything you aren’t satisfied, you can turn the product back and get a full refund in around 100 days which is counted from the delivery day.


The product of Live and Sleep is certified by CertiPUR-US. Therefore, it doesn’t have any chemicals, depletes, heavy metals or harmful materials. Making sure to give you a safe when using this mattress. Especially, it doesn’t have any odor even when inbox or unbox. Moreover, its manufacturing process reduces a low level of VOC emissions into the air.

The product of Live and Sleep is certified by CertiPUR-US


One unique thing about this mattress is that it’s really easy to remove the cover. You can do this without any difficulty by using a green trim which is put along the edge of the mattress. It is between the side panel and the top of the product. The zipper looks pretty nice as well as extremely easy to use when unzipping. Overall, it’s extremely convenient for you to wash and take care.

Added advantage

Live and Sleep is a supporter of the National Alliance to End Homelessness. They donate the money which is derived from each purchase. So, it ensures that you are also a part of contributing to this cause. That’s really a great thing.

Customer support

If you have any questions or concerns about the company, please don’t hesitate to contact us through phone, email or on our website. Besides, the informative FAQ section of Live and sleep will always be available to listen and answer all your question. This can helps you quickly instead of directly asking the company.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Live and Sleep mattress brings me the comfort all night, the best sleep. I really love its wonderful qualities.

If your requirements for a memory foam mattress are minimum motion, an average – hard feeling and a good warranty which you can ask anytime for support, Live and Sleep mattress is a perfect choice for you.

If you find the information above attractive and useful, don’t hesitate to share this Live and Sleep mattress review with your family, your friends, and your colleagues right now!

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Top 3 Live and Sleep Mattress Review

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