15 Strategies for Small Space Living You Should Know

Nothing to worry if your current residence is cramped. Just with a little innovation and creativity, you will feel more satisfied. Follow our 15 strategies for small space living, and all of your concerns will be solved. The list below covers a variety of solutions, from space saving furnishing ideas to color selection rules. Hope you can apply them to your narrow living space.

1. Mitigate the Contrast

In the interior design, the contrast among the colors always brings a certain decorative effect, referring to all large and small houses. For a tiny apartment, you should pick up a few pairs of contrasting colors to bring the chiseled feeling for space. Avoid choosing hot colors like red or orange since the over-strong contrast can cause the opposite effect and make your living space becomes oppressive.

space saving furnishing ideas
Black And White Living Room Designs from wedonyc

2. Wall-Mounted Electronics

If your hobby is reading books in bed at night, but there is no space for a small table next to your bed, in which you can place a desk lamp, then a wall-mounted lamp is an optimal selection. Choose the one having a flexible neck so that you can adjust the length and direction for the best light source. Other wall-mounted electronics should be on the list is a television, or a coffeemaker to free up the kitchen space.

Wall Lamps For Bedroom from Viroodh

3. Floors

Your narrow house can become airier if you know how to choose the floor material. Laminated wood or natural wood are perfect choices because they stretch your eye range, and your home will lock more spacious. Note that you should not put carpets in your small living rooms since they create a feeling of warmth, but also narrow your gaze to space.

Laminated wood floor
Laminated Wood Floor from Designingcity

4. Use large Windows

This is an extremely effective solution to help you improve the spacious feeling for your small apartment. The appearance of large-frame windows will allow the most of natural light, dispel the oppressed feeling. If you are worried large doorway will break your privacy, very simple – you just need to add curtains to complete.

Natural light make room more spacious - Use large Windows
Rug, Large Window, Views, Hanging Home in Naxxar, Malta by Chris Briffa Architects

5. Door Backs

Most people don’t realize that hooks and racks behind a door back are excellent storages to free up space. In addition to closet doors which can be used to hang shoe racks, there are many clever choices that you should consider. For examples, bathroom doors for towels and toilet papers, bedroom doors for mirrors, kitchen doors for spice, wrapping paper or even pans.

A Door Back Mirror
Back-Of-the-Door Mirror from Love Nest Design

6. Suitable Interior Dimensions

One thing that you need to keep in mind before buying any furniture is that you should be careful measure the size of the room precisely and meticulously. Avoid purchasing a big sofa for a small living room or a bulked dining table for a modest-sized kitchen. Besides, your room will become more cramped if the furniture is cumbersomely distributed.

Suitable small space interior design
Suitable Small Space Interior Design from Prajnatech

7. Multi-Functional Furniture

Space saving furnishing ideas are practical solutions to save space and money without prejudice to family activities. On the market today, it’s not difficult to find a perfect furniture that can transform into an entirely different one within seconds. For examples, a sleeper sofa including a bed and a couch, a staircase with many drawers to store belongings and clothes, and so on.

Multi-Functional Furniture
Sleeper Sofa Ideas

8. Take Advantage of Height

One-room apartments often lack private areas. Therefore, if the height allows, you should utilize the space by putting some pieces up, such as a sleeping place or a mini-warehouse, cabinets, etc. If the staircase has a small loft, make it become a beautiful area. Another way is using bunk beds. They are great in case of welcoming guests.

Bunk bed turn into a sofa - Take Advantage of Height
Bunk Bed Sofa

9. Slanting Angles

If you know how to utilize extreme slanting angles in your house, you can create lovely and useful work corners. You can design a two-floor shelf for this area to accommodate laptops and materials. You can also make a small decorative space display your favorite souvenirs. Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest space saving furnishing ideas.

Slanting Angled Shelves - Slanting Angles
Corner Shelf to Embellish Your Room by Down that Little Lane

10. Use Beds as Storage

One of the most wasted space and are often not adequately use is the under bed area. Currently, there is a variety of types of beds make good use of this space. From the beds with drawers to beds with the fold-up frame. Just go to the market and pick up the one you like to store many things such as clothes, shoes, and even books.

Lift-Up Beds - pace saving furnishing ideas - Use Beds as Storage
Picture by Go Modern

11. Try Opening the Windows

Windows allow you to connect the narrow space in your bedroom with the open space outside, which makes your eyes always wide open and unrestricted visibility. However, avoid placing the bed head right next to the windows to present your sleep from the rain. Windows also improve the natural light which will make your house more airy and nature-friendly.

Try to open window - Try Opening the Windows
Modern Bay Window from Window Treatments Design Ideas

12. Remove Unnecessary Belongings and Items

You must boldly remove unessential items to make the rooms broader. The points you should avoid is using the roof of wardrobe for storage objective. This makes the chamber more imperative and prevents the air circulation. Take a look and throw away the items that you don’t use anymore.

Remove Unnecessary Items - Remove Unnecessary Belongings and Items
Photographs Source Stadhsem

13. Clothing Storage

Take a look to ensure that every single hook in your closet is utilized. If there is still space, try setting up some extra rods and shelves. You should also consider the space in your desk drawers because books and papers can be stored inside. For clothes, if the wall-mounted clothes racks are not enough, my advice is a freestanding clothes rack.

Clothing Storage
Wall-mounted Clothes Racks

14. Avoid Over-Large Murals

Although art pictures play an important role on the overall looking of your house, they may be the main reason that makes the space more pressing and cramped. Therefore, if you’re living in a small residence, you should know how to coordinate the large and moderate-sized paintings. Never pick up over-large murals.

Avoid Over-Large Murals
Avoid Over-Large Murals

15. Keeping your House Always Clean, No Clutter

Finally, don’t forget to keep your house clear and organized. Regardless of how small or large your living space is, tidy rooms and furniture always make you happy. Your room will also look more spacious if you keep it clean. You do not need to be in an empty house, but try to leave the stuff making your room becomes cumbersome and replace them with your own creation.

Clean Home And No Clutter
Keep Your Home Clean

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  1. Amazing tips for living in small space. Love it.

    I know how much difficult to live in small space but after checked out these strategies.

    I am sure it will not difficult as earlier to live in small space. These 15 strategies will make it very comfortable.

    Thanks for sharing these fantastic strategies.

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