10 Creative Ideas To Use Your Sliding Barn Door

10 Ideas To Use Your Sliding Barn Door

The barn door is such a wonderful addition to the style of your house. Not only it is functionality good, but it is also very stylish and fun. In fact, it is not so difficult to make a barn door on your own. Thus, a lot of people want to learn how to build sliding barn doors to help the interior design become more aesthetic.

If you are curious about this growing trend, in today article, we will show you 10 ideas to use your sliding barn door with some factors that you should take into consideration before making your final decision. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Ways to Use Your Sliding Barn Door

10 Ideas To Use Your Sliding Barn Door

#1. Make Your Kids’ Room More Colorful

If you think that children do not like the rustic charm of a sliding barn door because can be used for your reading room or bedroom only, well, we have to say you are wrong! Although they do not have a sense of style yet, why don’t you try to decorate the barn door differently so that your kids find it interesting?

As we all know, children tend to love something colorful, right? Hence, you can consider customizing the barn door based on the style of their bedroom and playing room. However, ensure that the door slides smoothly that does not cause damage to your babies and the floor.

#2. Create an Interesting Point to Your Closet

Normally, people concentrate their attention to the decoration of bedroom, living room, changing room, dining room, and kitchen room instead of the closet. Hence, a closet in our memory is just a small and simple room with a boring look that has responsibility for storing things. However, do you want to meet the perfectionist standard?

With simple hardware which will not take your more than $20, it is possible to help your closet have a vintage style by building a DIY sliding barn door instead of an ugly door that does not match the decor of your house. This idea could be used for your garage door and stuff.

#3. A Beautiful Terrace Divider

If you are a nature lover, a terrace will be your priority when you build or buy a house because you can spend hours each day to relax and get back to nature. As we see, most people will choose a French door to separate the house and the terrace. They think that a glass door like that still allows them to witness the beautiful scenes outside.

That is their reason. Nevertheless, in case you want your terrace to be more accessible that gives a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature without stepping outside your house, use sliding barn doors as a divider.

#3. A Beautiful Terrace Divider
Photo Credit: KWP Productions

#4. Decorate your Bedroom With a Sliding Barn Door

When we hear the words ‘sliding barn door’, ‘bedroom’ is always the first thing that comes to our mind. Apart from making our bedroom more open, a sliding barn door also suits your style of living as it can adapt to a wide range of interior decor, for instance, contemporary, modern, traditional, rustic, or vintage.

Do you have any plans for your bedroom decoration? If not, read the following ideas to help you find the best option which can meet your demands.

  • For those who want to use a sliding barn door to make their bedroom more functional and aesthetic, but still consistent, they can have the door painted so that the door will blend in with the surroundings
  • Otherwise, if you like to make the door standout in the way that your room does not lose its strong sense of cohesiveness within interior items, you can produce some small changes to help it adapt to something, for example, your nightstand, your window frames, or your bench inside your bedroom
  • Another way to make your new door harmonize with your bedroom, decorate it with some colors or things which can bear some close points of similarity between the floor or ceiling beams and your sliding barn door
  • In case you are a big fan of the minimalist style, make use of a traditional wooden material as it will add more warmth to your room. Meanwhile, the rest items in your bedroom should be bright, simple and neutral
  • Some have a very eclectic taste that can turn their room into a mixture of many things which come from different styles like the combination of the modern and the antique. Therefore, your choice will not be limited, but you had better see to it that your sleeping space is not too colorful
  • In fact installing a sliding barn door is a space-effective solution to a small room. Aside from keeping your space separate from others, you can use your artistic creativity in turning the door into the artwork which will become the focal point of your sleeping area

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#5. Take it As a Part of your Bookcase

A normal bookshelf always looks boring and a little heavy which does not give you the fresh inspiration for reading books or simply working. Moreover, some types of shelves are not equipped with any doors, so you need to prevent your books from dust and other factors regularly.

To get new and interesting experience when it comes to selecting books, take advantage of a sliding barn door to get your books hidden as well as protect them from the damage of environmental damage.

#6. Hide your Television to Save The Floor Space

Despite the fact that Internet is a rich source of information that we can exploit to update what is happening around the world. In reality, TV still plays an important role brings audience both domestic and foreign news. However, a lot of families find it difficult to have a television in their room as it takes a large space. So what should they do?

In case you have the same problem, you can make use of the wall to create a niche which is large enough to store your TV and build a sliding barn door as a decoration (Figure 2). This way is highly effective that people to save more space in the living room or bedroom. Thus, your living area is very functional and stylish as well.


Hide TV interior barn doors
Photo Credit: Pinterest via Stephanie Pearson

#7. Turn it Into a Big Divider that Helps your House Look More Spacious

As we mentioned above, you can build a sliding barn door as a terrace divider, right? However, have you ever thought about use barn doors to replace the walls in your house? It might sound crazy a bit but imagine that those ‘walls’ can keep different areas separate and move as well so that all rooms are open to each other!

At that moment, you will feel that your house is surprisingly spacious. Otherwise, this might be a very good way which will help you to relax when you are under stress or suffering from the stultifying effect and cannot come up with any ideas.

National Sliding Barn Door
Photo credit: Home Decors via banmeetsingh.com

#8. Add an Elegance and Coziness to your Dining Room

When it comes to sliding barn door, people often use pallet wood as the main material because it can add not only warmth but also an elegance to your dining room. Therefore, if you have a traditional dining table and chairs with elegant kitchen gadgets, sliding barn door could be used to achieve a great perfection.

For those who do not know how to combine things to establish this style, here is an interesting suggestion for you: use a rustic wooden table, chairs and other items to help your room commune with nature.

#9. It is Perfect for Cupboard

Do you know the problem of a cupboard that offers you a normal door? Well, you might get a nasty bump on your head if you forget to close the door. It is annoying, right? Thus, you can consider replacing it with a sliding barn door. All you need to do is just slightly moving the door towards the opposite direction to get your stuff.

#10. Create a Small Room for Outdoor Items

Let’s think about you just step inside your house with a wet raincoat, so where you will hang it? Of course, you cannot bring it to your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. People often have coat hook on the wall that you can easily see in the entryway hall. People use them to hang keys, waterproof, hats, and other items.

Nevertheless, some think that the appearance of those hooks does not match the style of their house. That is the reason why they build a sliding barn door to hide hooks as well as decorate your living space.

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Side Effects of The Use of Sliding Barn Doors

When it comes to barn doors, certain things will attract your attention. And you have to take them into serious consideration; otherwise, barn door will turn into a nightmare.The privacy issue is just one of many concerns. Let’s take a look at top problems of a sliding barn door.

Photo Credit: www.stylishpatina.com

#1. The Structural Stability

Among top priority, concerns are the structural stability. It means that you have to decide to remove or add more to your door’s current structure.

If you do not have any plans for the house, it is nearly impossible to know what to do with the structural stability next. Looking does not result in an accurate result, and the possibility is that your house might be damaged.

Besides, the crucial thing you have to be aware of before taking actions is whether you need a permit to build a barn door or not. It sounds hard to believe, but in fact, many cities demand that if the cost of improving house exceeds $500, a permit is essential.

Meanwhile, some others demand the confirmation of structural engineers, especially if you want some large or heavy barn doors. So, even though some of you might think it is irrelevant to do so, you should check first to avoid troubles later.

#2. Privacy

A barn door is a fun idea to make your house unique. However, remember that there are lots of differences between it and a normal door. A lot of people have tried some barn doors for their house. Some of them are great, but some prove to be useless. For example, the barn door is used for the bathroom.

Barn doors help you cover the opening, but it never seals the door completely. Not in the same way as a normal door! Therefore, you can imagine what happens next with you inside your bathroom and people outside.

On the other hand, privacy is a big issue when we talk about barn doors. With the restroom, you need to be certain that the contact between door and door frame is as close as possible.

#3. Holes that You Cannot Fill in

When you want some great alternatives for traditional doors, the barn door is a great option. But along with its style and outstanding features, you do make some sacrifices for it as well. Building barn doors will leave some holes on your walls, and you need to invest a certain amount of money and time on them.

While you can easily change the designs, getting barn door is a long-term issue. Therefore, you need to think about it in the long term before truly installing it.


Those are 10 interesting ideas that you can implement to make use of a sliding barn door. Also, please make sure that you are well aware of the issues that you cannot avoid if you decide to build this type of door. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. Last, do not forget to like and share article today with your friends.




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