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15+ Excellent Ways for RV Christmas Decorations

It will be great when enjoying Christmas Eve in an ideal space like an RV, right? Yes, the first thing is to decorate your RV. But, how to decorate? Where to begin?

Christmas cannot lack Santa or Christmas trees. Let’s feel secure! You may bring the whole things related to this holiday for your RV. Right now, I will share the RV Christmas decorations with you. Don’t ignore! Let’s see!

15+ the Most Excellent Ways for RV Christmas Decorations

Seeing the RV Christmas Decorations – 15 Surprising Ways for You

#1 – Window Decals

#1 – Window Decals

Photo Credit: etsystatic.com

Saying to Christmas Decorations, one of the simplest ways is window decals. You just need to choose the favorite decals and then stick them on the windows.

If you like Santa Claus or elves to create Christmas Eve, you can choose them to decorate. In my opinion, I especially like snowflakes. Looking at them like falling, it is actually interesting.

Not it only takes less your space, but your spirit also looks better when seeing them. It is funny and light, isn’t it? It is important that you do not have to pay too much for this.

After using, you likely wash these decals and reuse them in the following year. How you store the pieces of papers, store them similarly.

#2 – Candles Lights

#2 – Candles Lights

Are you a fan of candles? Well, throughout winter, the candles are indispensable. You do not need to worry about the risks of candles. Don’t leave a burning candle that does not have any attention. It just requires that. With placing the candles in the RV, it is also no problem.

Going to the shops, there are many kinds of candle that you can consider selecting. The most common one is tea lights or scented candles. RV Christmas decorating with scent candles, it recommends to pick up Christmas smells such as cloves, pine, or cinnamon, for example.

An interesting suggestion for you is to place the candles in the jars and then hand them around RV. This idea is reckless enough for those who want something more unique.

#3 – Mini Tree Trimming

#2 – Candles Lights

The space of your RV is large enough to place a tree, isn’t it? Exactly, the RV is relatively small in order to be able to contain a tree. But, the tree trimmings are possible.

You can easily find a tree trimming in the selling-Christmas-tree stores. There are the trees having the available decoration. Of course, you can also decorate yourself. Buy a Christmas tree and some of the preferred things to decorate. Frequently, the decoration things are sold with the Christmas tree. In case it forces you to buy, they are not also expensive.

If preferred the color of snow, you can choose a white one. Yes, I often prioritize to select this color because it makes your space look lighter. Add some details. What great!!!

#4 – Ornaments

#4 – Ornaments

It will not be a perfect Christmas if it is short of ornaments. Whatever there is a house or RV, this is still necessary.

It is very simple. After choosing the suitable ornaments for Christmas, hook them on your tree trimmings or windows. With the ornaments for Christmas Eve, you ought to prioritize to select things that look nice and cute. It is important that they are not easy to break and difficult to store.

The ornaments made of metal, wooden and by hand are ideal for your RV. Determine the places you want to hook. Buy some to increase the Christmas atmosphere.

Yes, you can cost a bit, but it is still cheap. After using, you may store them so as to reuse in the next year.

#5 – LED Strip Lighting

#5 – LED Strip Lighting

Photo Credit: tinyhouseswoon.com

How to make your RV look lighter at Christmas? There is a useful way – LED strip lighting. It makes sure that your RV will look more remarkable on Christmas Eve.

Frequently, the majority of people have intended to install the LED under their RV. You are easy to connect them, by wiring. Beyond that, you can also plug them in, by setting up an outside outlet in case you only use them for this holiday.

Don’t just utilize one color because of looking very monotonous. The LED strip light can change their colors, so let pick up the different colors unless you let put them on a light show.

Accurately, your investment does not lose. You can use throughout. On the other hand, store them for the following years. It is okay!

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#6 – String Lights

#6 – String Lights

Most people like the classic light, so they decide to choose to use the string lights at Christmas. Not different from camper Christmas ornament, these string lights bring a beautiful look for your RV.

There are many various colors so that you can select. The most common one is white. With the expensive options, you still have a remote in order to control easily.

In fact, a large number of people prefer to utilize the LED lights, including me because of their vibrant light.

To avoid damaging the walls of your RV, use the command hooks and then install the string lights on there. Everything is performed in a quick and easy way. After the holiday, you also remove them quickly.

#7 – Star Shower

#7 – Star Shower

Photo Credit: pinimg.com

Instead of hanging the lights on the RV, you want to another camper Christmas decoration. At once, it provides a modern look. So, why don’t use the laser light? Surely, your RV will look better.

You need to have a ground steak and the electricity source. In the ground, put the prepared steak and your RV is to aim. Complete! Is it simple?

View from different angles, this is likely a fun alternative for Christmas Eve. In some recent years, hanging lights like that are easy. There is one more version, so you can comfortably choose. At night, you will have to say “Wow”. What amazing! It is a fact.

#8 – Decorate Trees

#8 – Decorate Trees

Don’t apply the string lights on your RV, instead, utilize them for the surrounding area where is near to the site yours, in particular, tree. It is noticed that it does not require cutting one down.

This decoration is smarter than setting up a Christmas tree. Of course, it does not take any your space. Your task is to check the chosen RV Park so as to ensure it will not mind.

This was an interesting decoration that I applied for last Christmas Eve. A palm tree is a not-bad idea. It recommends keeping this on the site yours to prevent the case that your neighbors do not like that.

#9 – Make a Christmas Tree On Your Window

#9 – Make a Christmas Tree On Your Window

Photo Credit: walmartimages.com

At Christmas, if you accidentally walk at night, you can see a Christmas tree on the window of one RV. This idea is enjoyable and easy to make. Overall, you only take no more $20 for this decoration.

Depending on the size of your window, you can pay more so as to make a larger Christmas tree. Choose your favorite color for the lights. It is not certain green or red. In my opinion, I like white because they look lighter.

Simply, you just need to stick the lights like the Christmas-tree shape. Not it is only attractive lookers, but your RV also becomes nicer. So good!!!

#10 – Christmas Palm Tree

#10 – Christmas Palm Tree

Photo Credit: wfcdn.com

Don’t need to welcome Christmas to Florida! You can bring that Christmas atmosphere to your RV, by equipping the palm trees, in case you are not available one so as to decorate.

You easily find a palm tree in the stores selling the Christmas things unless you likely buy online. It seems expensive because you will have to pay $100 for this. Nevertheless, it is worth. Look at your RV with 2 or 3 palm trees, you feel like walking in a mini jungle, don’t you?

You just need to invest once, but you can use them all year round, instead, at Christmas. Accordingly, this investment is actually inexpensive.

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#11 – Inflatables

#11 – Inflatables

Photo Credit: hzcdn.com

Another decoration at Christmas allows you to utilize from year to year – Christmas inflatables. How? Look them cute and lovely, is it right? If you have little kids, it is certain that they will like this decoration.

There are many shapes that are funny and cute, so you can comfortably select one. Don’t take up more your RV’s space. After inflating it, place in the determined position.

At the end of Christmas, let’s deflate it and store to use for the next years. It can say that this is also a smart shopping. You just invest once and can use in the following times.

#12 – Hang Stocks

#12 – Hang Stocks

As known, the majority of the RVs have not equipped a fireplace. Nonetheless, at Christmas, it needs to have a fireplace in order that Santa can find you. So, Santa will not be able to find you if it is short of the radiator. Don’t worry! You can hang the stocks. This one is more creative.

Choose to purchase the colorful stocks. If possible, their colors look harmonious with the color of your RV. The position to hang is to depend on your preference. Frequently, most people choose the window to hang them. It makes sure that Santa will see.

#13 – Holiday Wreath

#13 – Holiday Wreath

It will be a fault if your RV does not have a Christmas wreath. The first thing that walkers see is the holiday wreath, so it needs to look spectacular. A larger number of people choose to place it in front of their RV. Simply, they want to show their personal style.

Based on the individual preference, you can select a traditional or modern wreath. From there, you can design it like what you’d like to. No problem if you make the wreath from the natural things. Inevitably, you can only use it at this Christmas. On the contrary, making from the artificial things will be able to use for the next times.

#14 – Kitchen Decoration

#14 – Kitchen Decoration

Photo Credit: ckinstall.co.uk

During the holiday, people often concentrate on the food. So, don’t ignore your kitchen. Start a funny Christmas with a kitchen space bringing full of holiday atmosphere.

It is easy! You just need to add some of the objects that bring the Christmas color. For example, the kitchen tools are red. Hang some cards. Or even, decorate your fridge look like a snowman.

In a small kitchen, drink a hot cup of tea and enjoy Christmas Eve. What great! You can overcome the cold days during winter.

#15 – Snow Flurries

#15 – Snow Flurries

Photo Credit: beon.ru

There are many things you can make through your window. Christmas Eve looks more actual if there have snow flurries. Yes, a winter wonderland is here. Do! Perform it right away!

I must say to you that this decoration is super simple. Spray snow on your window. Complete! The task is too easy to do, but the result is great. Don’t worry about cleaning. It is as simple as performing. How? What are you concerning without trying?


Don’t take more of your budget! It is easy to try performing one, right? Actually, the Christmas decorations become simpler than ever before. Of course, don’t limit. You can choose one more in order to decorate your RV.

Apart from the decorations used at Christmas, there still have some that can apply for throughout the year. These ones are suitable for those who have full-time RV living.

All in all, you do not need to pay too much. If you are not a deftness one, you can buy things available. Obviously, in case someone is more skillful, they will easily get the desired decorations. Consider which one is suitable for your preference and do right now! Happy getting Christmas enjoy!!!

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