5 Amazing Kids Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms!

Kid bedroom

Need something to make your children’s small room bigger?

You have come to the right place. I know that you may worry about your kids’ comparing their home with their friends and feel unconfident because it is small. However, you will think differently after reading this article.

In the following content, I will share with you the most creative kids bedroom ideas for small rooms. Get ready because they are about to blow your mind.

Kids bedroom ideas for small rooms

1. Clever storage

The first and most useful idea to save space for your kids’ small bedroom is to have nice and smart storage. The more space you can take advantage to keep the stuff, the better.

kid room clever storage
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This design is simple and makes use of the place that no one expects, the door. You can buy some adorable bags at the store or make them yourself and hang on the door like this. There is no need to worry about toys scattering all over the floor anymore.


On the contrary, baskets placed under a couch are an excellent idea if you want to hang pictures on the wall instead of bags of toys. This is a 2-in-1 design where you can combine two types of furniture at the same time. And obviously, it is extremely space-saving.

bucket storage

Another idea to prevent your kids’ smallbedroom from being filled with toys is to hang bags or buckets on the wall like this. Several little small ones even like putting their clothes into those instead of using wardrobes. That is a quite useful idea that you may want to think about.

2. Bunk bed

Bunk beds are considered one of the most creative designs of all time for small bedrooms. They vary in different shapes and sizes that you can easily find one for your kids. I have two kids bedroom ideas for small rooms in this situation for you


This one is a normal bunk bed, which is arranged straightly and combined with a book shelf. It is appropriate for all kinds of room shape. However, it will look the most beautiful in rectangle-shaped or polygon-shaped spaces.


If you want to break some orders about your kids’ bedroom, this design is a relatively fantastic idea. The beds are arranged perpendicularly, and your children will find it very easy to talk to each other. A lot of parents have yearned to have this type of bunk bed for their kids within the past few years. It is best for square-shaped rooms.

3. Fun wall painting

In case you don’t know, the way you paint the wall contributes about 80% to open or close the space. Here are three common styles that you can apply to make your kids’ room look more spacious.


kids bedroom ideas for small rooms

A person who wears a stripe-pattern-shirt often looks much thinner than usual. It is similar to a room. When you paint some stripes on your kids’ wall or ceiling, people will concentrate on the length of the space instead of width. If you arrange the furniture along to those stripes, the room can look even bigger.


 zig zag kid bedroom

Zig-zag patterns can make space look larger than it really is as well. They can distract people’s eyes and make the walls look taller. Therefore, the room will look much wider and unique. If you don’t like plainly zig-zag, you can try triangles or trapezium patterns. They are other variants of zig-zag.

Two separate colors

 Two separate colors

If you don’t want to pull your hair out thinking about which shapes to apply, painting only two colors on different walls is the best option. They will divide the room into two parts. And if you can choose suitable proportions for each color, one of the parts will look wider than the other, and that is how your kids’ room may look larger than its real size.

You can also paint one corner of the room with a different color from the rest. In that way, people’s eyes will concentrate on one point only, and the other part of the room will look like being opened up. If you can put some furniture in that corner, it will be fantastic.

4. Make use of top space

top space loft bed

In a small room, taking advantage of as much space as possible is one of the most excellent options to make the area larger. The room in the picture above is one perfect example. It makes the significant space on the wall useful with a creative room.

It can be a playroom or a private space for your children to read books. In fact, it can be used for any purpose that your kids like. And on the bottom area, they will not have to keep so many stuff or much furniture. Only a bed and a wardrobe will be sufficient.

5. Small-sized and folded furniture

When you have a small room and still want to have much space, using the same size furniture with it and folded furniture is one of the most optimal ideas. Imagine when all the beds in the following picture are folded.

Small-sized and folded furniture

Your children will have more space to do whatever they want. If you can select sturdy but light-weight beds, your kids will find it easy to fold them and needless to ask for your help.

 double orange bunk beds

Another example of both folded and small-sized furniture lies in this room. Everything, such as the table, shelves, chair, and even closet, is inconsiderable comparing to the whole surrounded space. The beds when being unfolded do not occupy so much as well.

In conclusion

I hope that you have found a suitable idea to design your kids’ space. And I also hope that, within a couple of next weeks, your children will be surprised at the bedroom you give them.

If you like my article, don’t hesitate to share it. I believe that there are multiple parents are wondering what kids bedroom ideas for small rooms are just like you used to. Furthermore, if you have any questions or opinions, feel free to share them with me.

I would love to reply to them. Regardless, thank you for reading my article. I will probably see you in the next writing about the best entertaining room for your kids. Remember to follow.

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