What is the Most Popular Space-Saving Furniture for RVs?

space saving rv furniture

For RVers, life in motorhomes is perfect to satisfy their love for traveling and enjoy freedom. However, limited space sometimes brings more frustration than freedom. Plenty of amazing spaces saving ideas come out to help them deal with this problem. This article will review the most popular space saving furniture for RVs for your reference.

Despite being an extraordinary home – home on the wheel, an RV should contain essential furniture: table, chair, TV, and last but not least bed. Nevertheless, these for RVs are not ordinary household ones.

Some special requirements must be taken into account when considering putting new furniture in the RVs. It must make sure not only to fulfill the needs of RVers but also to meet limitation of space and weight and ensure safety during transit time.

Three key points to design furniture for RVs are Convertible, Hidden and Vertical. Let’s see the most popular and useful furniture design for RVs from living space to sleeping space.

Living Space Furniture for RVs

Convertible RV furniture is extremely creative and helpful. It is multi-functional furniture that can convert into something else to save space. The obvious advantage of convertible RV furniture is to save space for sleeping.

Besides, it’s economic decision because instead of buying both chair and bed, RVers only needs to buy a convertible chair to sit and sleep. It allows RVers to buy fewer but get enough and even more uses.

Let’s begin with convertible table and chair in a range of colors, styles, and size to suit with each RV.

Convertible Table

convertible table for RV
Source: Mountain Modern Life

The fold out convertible table mounted on RV wall can be used to store small items like pen box, notebook, book, and cup inside RVs and used as a workspace.  When opened, it extends 80 cm from the wall and gives RVers an area of 80×45 cm with adjustable shelves while when closed; this “table” protrudes only 15 cm. One of the pros of the convertible table is that no assembly is required. All RVers need to do is to fasten it to the wall.

Convertible Chair

In an RV, if a chair is merely used for seating function, it’ll cover a considerable area. To solve space problem, the convertible chair is popularly used. Why don’t RVers use it for both seating and sleeping functions as below designs?

Above is an example of chair converting into a twin bed. After reading the book, you feel tired and sleepy, just pull out, and you can take a nap. It’s so comfortable and certainly space saving.

And an example of chair converting into a single bed.

convertible chair Furniture for RVs
Source: Riderlert.com

Hidden TV

Thanks to technology innovation, TV are installed in not only at home but only in vehicles to meet the needs of travelers.

Installing a TV in an RV is much difficult. RVers must consider weight and size to fit their RVs. Especially, living in a home on the wheel, RVers must make sure TVs are well-mounted on bases and connected to power cables. What should RVers do? Hidden slim and flat TV instead of big and bulky one is the best solution for RV TV.

Hidden flat-screen TVs can be mounted on the wall like a picture.

hidden tv for rv
Source: Empire RV

Front Door Overhead

Let’s take into account Front Door Overhead TV because it can bring more storage space in an RV. The front TV is built into a door to allow access to the cabinet for item storage. So as to keep front door from opening during traveling time, heavy duty hinges and a cabinet lock are used. This style of RV TV in a door is normally in small and medium size but the space gained is worthy.

Front Overhead TV Door
Source: Country Craftsman Woodworking 

Outdoor TV

outdoor hidden tv
Source: Truck Trend

For RVers who love to have a BBQ party Outdoor, an outdoor TV is a perfect choice. RV outdoor TV can be installed on a swing arm mounted inside one of the storage bin. When stowed, it will push flush against the side of the storage bay and allow other items to be stored along side it.

When RVers park at the site and enjoy a beautiful day or watch a sports match, they may swing out an RV outdoor TV on it so everyone can watch the game, lying down on camping chairs.

An outdoor RV TV must be designed and engineered to resist insects, dust, rain, humidity, and salt air. Moreover, it should be able to operate under cold weather or extreme heat thanks to the cooling system.

Sleeping Space Furniture Furniture for RVs

People normally spend about 8 hours per day to sleep. For RVers, their sleeping room is too small to put a big comfortable bed. They will choose other RV furniture that can be convertible into bed in need. The most widely used are sofa bed or hide-a-bed sleeper sofa and a bunk bed.

Sofa Bed

A sofa bed can play a role as a sofa and a bed. RV sofa bed often has medium size with a slim frame. It offers sleeping parallels to the back, reducing the space the bed uses when opened. RVers simply remove the seat cushions, unfold the mattress and add bedding.

sofa bed for rv
Source: Roaming Times

Bunk Bed

Arrangement for sleeping space in an RV is always a challenging problem. Small RVs can normally accommodate only two or maximum four people. Bunk models for RVs designed help RVers to solve the most difficult math, especially for a family of more than four people: parents and children.

Bunk bed is usually made for kids.Bunk model RVs can accommodate up to nine people, and even more if RVers are creative to make use of the room.

There are typically four options of bunk beds including the drop down single bunk in the cab over, the normally stacked bunk, the Salon bunk and a stationary single bunk depending model and size of the RV.

Nowadays, RVs bunk beds are designed with many amenities to meet the requirements of RVers. TV and DVD player are often installed for entertaining.

Bunk bed has many advantages. First of all, it can accommodate many people, suitable for an entire family and a team. Secondly, kids love bunk. Therefore, it’s easier for parents to tuck them up in a bunk bed. Thirdly, it is a ready-made-up bed, so RVers do not need to remove the seat cushions, unfold the mattress and add bedding, saving time and energy. Last but not least, RVers can use space under the bed to store items.

Nevertheless, bunk bed is relatively uncomfortable for tall kids and teens because it is little short.

Bunk bed also serves as a convertible wardrobe to hang clothes.

Bunk bed for Rv
Source: General RV


Space arrangement in an RV is always something that RVers are sensitive to.They must be creative to solve space problem by themselves because each person has their needs and budget amount. Choosing suitable furniture for RVs is the first step to having a smart RV.

RVers’d better be well-informed before starting to purchase furniture for their RVs. They should search information about the latest and the most functional furniture at blogs or forums for RVers. However, every RV is different from others so keep in mind that only for reference and should not apply others to yours.

In addition to choosing the space saving furniture, RVers should learn how to use space inside and outside of RVs in the smartest way to make RVs look nifty.


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