Amazing Benefits Why You Should Have a Sleeper Sofa

benefits of sleeper sofa

These days, many homeowners get difficult to make the decision whether they should invest in a sleeper sofa or a daybed. For spacious houses, the selection might be both or a daybed since space and rooms are not the concerns. But if you’re living in a small house with a few rooms just like me, then a sleeper sofa is the optimal choice since it’s a kind of space saving furniture that transforms from a regular couch into a bed.

Sleeper sofas have being become popular all around the world. For its quality, style and comfort are more and more improved, many homeowners decide to purchase this kind of smart invention even though they live in hundred-square-meter houses. Two years ago, I bought a Divano Roma Furniture Sleeper Sofa with the price of $400, and it’s still good until now. During the time, I realize lots of benefits from this furniture, and I’m going to show you right now in this article. Hope you enjoy it!

Two Functions in One Package

While a regular couch just offers a place to sit, a sleeper sofa is an entirely different story. It provides you with two pieces of furniture in just one choice. During the day, it serves as an ordinary sofa for your family to sit, relax, and watch TV. At night, with a little bit of effort from you, it becomes a space saving furniture that transforms from a sitting area into a comfortable bed. Your living room instantly turns into a bedroom within seconds. How cool that is!

space saving furniture that transforms
A Normal Sleeper Sofa

Save Money

As I said above, once you have a sleeper sofa, you also receive a bed. That’s mean you pay money to buy a single furniture, but you get two items at the same time. OK! You might be wondering the budget for a sleeper sofa can be higher than the total cost for a bed and a couch. NO, that’s not right at all. You can check this by searching on the Internet, and you’ll see that an affordable sleeper sofa is money-saving in comparison with other kinds of couches, beds, or even decent mattresses.

Sleeper Sofas are Very Cheap
The Price of Sleeper Sofas Are Very Reasonable and Affordable


Many people think that a sleeper sofa cannot be as comfortable as a specialized bed. A few years ago, this comment was slightly correct, but now, thanks to up-to-date innovations, the issue is sunk deep in the past. When comparing with a 1970’s style couch, a sleeper sofa is much easygoing, and this is from my own experience. When putting a bed on a scale, a sleeper sofa is also eligible. In short, a sleeper sofa is a cozy choice, whether you want to sleep all night or take a short rest at noon.

comfortable sleeper sofa
Picture from Home Furniture and Cleaning Portland

Eliminate the Need of a Guest Room

A house having a guest room is the dream of many homeowners. But if you don’t, it doesn’t matter because a sleeper sofa can play as a guest room. Of course, it cannot as spacious and versatile as a room, but your guests will not mind since they still feel hospitable with this smart furniture. They might even feel more excited because they have a unique experience. Besides, if your home has a guest room, you can totally turn it into a different function, for examples, a library, a workroom or a party room.

sleeper sofa
Sleeper Sofas are Perfect for Guests Hosting

Interesting Experiences

A sleeper sofa is fun for many reasons. Why don’t you watch your favorite blockbusters while lying on a soft bed? Setting up your couch in front of the big screen and enjoying gorgeous scenes together with your spouse. How romantic that is! Moving a sofa is much easier than a bed, so if you want to be close to the nature, you can bring your sitting to the garden and enjoy happy time with your kids while making the most of the gentle breezes.

Interesting Experiences When Having a Sleeper Sofa
Picture from Daily Mail

Save Space

It will be a big mistake if I forget to mention this advantage because it’s one of the most primary reasons why people prefer this kind of space saving furniture that transforms from a couch into a bed. In fact, this feature is the savior of many homeowners who live in small apartments and don’t have enough space to place an extra bed for their guests. I am one of them, so I understand that than anyone.

a small sleeper sofa
Sleeper Sofas Can Fit All Small Space Homes


Sleeper sofas come with various brands, types, shapes, materials, and sizes. The best sleeper sofas come from well-known and prestigious companies such as CoutureSleep, Furniture Mania, DHP, Serta or DuraBlend. The fabric is the most popular material since it’s not only soothing but also durable.

There are many ways to construct a sleeper sofa, for examples, drawing from the below, opening the seat cushions to take out the bed frame, or pushing down the backrest cushions to form a horizontal line with the seat ones. Whether you buy a full-sized (2-3 adults) or a modest-sized (an adult) sleeper sofa, it always appears beautifully and meets all your needs.

Couch turn into bed
DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon


Without a doubt, a sleeper sofa is an incredible piece of furniture that your house is missing. Not only this space saving furniture that transforms from a couch into a bed gives you a hospitable sleeping place for your dear guests, but it also offers you and your family lots of profits. In comparison with a traditional couch, a sleeper sofa prevails over. Whether you’re living in a spacious house or a modest-sized apartment where space is your big trouble, a sleeper sofa is one of the best things you can possess.

P/s: If  you are considering to buy a sleeper sofa after this post. Here is a guide on how to choose a high-quality sleeper sofa.

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