The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Dividing Space

Living in a small space, like a studio, takes your time to think about how to divide the whole area into different sections for different functions, including living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even guest room. In such tiny residence, every square inch is costly, and the common rule is trying to occupy as less space as possible. This mission makes us even more “headachy.” If you’re struggling with this trouble, then my guide is just for you. I’m going to cover up to 10 tips in how to divide spaces in a studio apartment. They can be bookshelves, curtains, plants, carpets, or space saving bed ideas. Read it to know all!

1. Make a Plan of What You’re Going to Do

Do you know the first thing that should come to your mind when thinking about room dividing? In my opinion, you need to draft a map of your house. How many rooms will it have? Which ones? How many square meters for each? Etc. Try to answer these questions, then start planning. This old strategy is correct in almost all the cases of life. After that, think in advance the furniture, and especially, make sure their sizes fit all the space.

Make a plan before divide
Make a Plan Before Divide Spaces

2. Bookshelves for Both Divider and Storage

The majority of apartments have an adjoining area for the living room and the kitchen. When it comes to separate these space, using bookshelves is a preferred solution. Take a look around, choose the right position and place a bookshelf perpendicular to the wall. Your shelf doesn’t have to be as tall as it must stretch to the ceiling, but in the case of a small apartment, taking advantage of the height factor is necessary. As a result, my advice is a double-floor bookshelf. It’s high enough, and it’s also a perfect storage idea, on which, you can fill with books, toys, souvenirs, and more.

A Bookshelves for Divide Spaces and Books Storage. Why Not?

3. Curtains for Bedroom

Curtains are great tools to divide space for the bedroom or living room. If you ask for advice from designers, I’m sure they will mention this way as one of the top choices. For advantages, a curtain is flexible since you can narrow or extend it within two seconds with one hand. It also provides you with a plenty of privacy. Who can know what you’re doing in your bedroom if there is a curtain in front of their eyes? For drawbacks, a curtain can cause the feeling of a blockade, so my advice is to pick up the fabric one having a bright color like white or light blue.

Curtain Room Dividers Ideas
Curtain Room Dividers Ideas

4. Folding Screen

If you don’t like the airtight weakness of a curtain, a folding screen could be a wise alternative. It’s a kind of free-standing furniture, and extremely helpful in the case of guest welcoming. As well as offering a sufficient privacy, a folding screen has three distinct advantages. Firstly, it’s very lightweight and highly portable, and you can move around at ease without the need of finding a couple of hooks to suspend like a curtain. Secondly, it gives you many options of decoration due to designing patterns and stunning pictures drawn on the surface. Finally, it’s easy to store; you simply fold it and preserve it in your closet with just a little space.

Putting Folding Screen Around a Space Saving Bed
Putting Folding Screen Around a Sleeper Sofa Bed to Add a Little Privacy to Your Sleeping Space. Photo by Anthony Lawrence Belfair

5. A Projector Screen for both Dividing and Watching

If your bed is near your couch, then you should think about this suggestion. If you’re are a big fan of movies, then you need to apply this solution. Look at the picture above, what you see is a thin and white projection screen stretched to the ceiling. Not only it provides an airy divider to separate the living room and bedroom, but it also gives you an excellent option to improve your movie watching experience. Unique and very interesting, right!

A Projector Screen for Both Dividing and Watching Purpose
A Projector Screen for Both Dividing and Watching Purpose

6. Plants

Without a doubt, this is the most beautiful and environment-friendly idea on this list. Domestic plants come with a variety of types, among them, greenery and potted plants are the most common. Taking care them isn’t difficult, in fact, some water spray is enough to keep their health. In my house, I have some two post of orchid and three of canes. They not only make my home more beautiful but also release oxygen into a purer air.

Using Plants to Divide Spaces is a Popular Decor Idea. Picture byMy Living Room Ideas
Using Plants to Divide Spaces is a Popular Decor Idea. Picture by My Living Room Ideas

7. Rugs and Carpets

Visual distinctions can be as effective as using curtains. By choosing colorful carpets or rugs, you can easily divide the whole are into different sections. Of course, they cannot be distinctive as curtains, but they have an outstanding advantage. That is they don’t block any light and occupy just a little space since they’re all on the floor. Besides, if you have a pet, this idea can create cozy sites scattered all over your house for him/her to sleep during the cold winter. Two benefits in on option. Great!

Choose Rugs or Carpets With Right Colors to Divices Spaces
Choose Rugs or Carpets With Right Colors to Divide Spaces

8. Pendant Lamps

Light from the electric lamps makes your house appear larger and more animated. If you want to associate the light with a divider, pendant lamps are great choices. They’re cheap and space-saving since they hang from the ceiling. A row of them not only makes your house more beautiful but also gives you a subtle border that separates your kitchen and your lounge.

Excellent Pendant Lamps for Kitchen
Excellent Pendant Lamps for Divide Kitchen Space

9. Floating Closets

If you don’t want to invest in an expensive wall linen closet or your tiny apartment doesn’t allow you to place it, then a floating closet is a brilliant alternative. It will be even greater if you use it as a border between rooms, living room and bedroom for an example. Why don’t you add more space for storage while creating a unique decorative element for your residence?

Floating Closets. Photo by InteriorSmall
Floating Closets Room Divide Ideas . Photo by InteriorSmall

10.  Lounge against Bed

With this trick, dividing your living area with your sleeping place become easier than ever. It works perfectly for almost all the houses. Just simply put a lounge right next to your bed so that the back of the lounge against the foot of the bed. Doing this means you create an invisible physical barrier that can be considered as an excellent space saving bed ideas since it doesn’t take any extra space. Another great benefit is that you can choose to lie or sit to watch your favorite television shows.

Place a Chaise Lounge at End of Bed. Photo by House Modo - space saving bed ideas
Place a Chaise Lounge at End of Bed. Photo by House Modo

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