Why You Should Live in a Small House?

why you shoud live in a small house

The majority of people dreams of living in big houses such as a mansion or a chateau for many reasons. Maybe they think larger means more comfortable. Maybe they want to have more rooms for guests. However, even though the extensive size brings several advantages, it has many drawbacks that you may not have considered.

For me, I prefer a small house. Although space will be surely narrowed, you can handle this problem by replacing some furniture. For example, use a space saving couch bed instead of a large-sized sofa to expand the space for the living room.

Why should you live in a small house? This article will completely solve this question.

My Unhappy Experiences when Living in a Big House

When I moved to Los Angeles, I had a beautiful dream that I can live in a mansion. Like many other homeowners, I wanted as much space as possible in my home. When I bought a 2500-square-feet apartment with 3 floors, a living room, a kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a 70-yard garden, I was very happy. However, after two years of living, I realized too much trouble with this dreamed cozy nest.

big house house work

Cleaning became a nightmare. Every day, my wife spent about 5 hours just for sundry chores from vacuuming the furniture to scrubbing the floor. For the remaining time, she looked after our little 4-year-old baby and prepared the meals. And you know what the biggest problem was, that’s she didn’t have any free time for her leisures. No reading, no movie, no hanging out with friends, and so on.

While I go to my company daily, she completes her tasks as a homemaker alone because she doesn’t want to hire any domestic worker. But the garden is an exception since we don’t know how to take care ornamental trees and glass. What does that mean? It means we have to pay an extra wage.

The monthly electric bill was too high. It’s obvious because a large house requires more lighting and heating consumption. I know that before, but it’s just more terrible than I can expect. Besides, there were also lots of problems with security, taxes, and more.

Finally, we decided to move out, and now we’re living in a 700-square-feet house where there is just enough rooms and space for my little family. I have been lived in here for more than a year, and what I learned is that bigger is not necessarily the better. Now I’m so happy, and I have entirely embraced a small living.

Reasons Why You Should Live in a Small House

A Smaller House Costs Less for Buying and Improvement

Price is the first thing coming to most of us when thinking about the advantage of a modest-sized house over a big one. The truth is that the more home you live, the less fee you have to pay. Just think about the purchase cost, the smaller houses are 90% less expensive to buy. Once the size is reduced, the money spending on furnishing interior and decorating exterior will be minimized.

tiny house save money

A Smaller House Costs Less for Power Consumption

The smaller houses are less expensive to live due to the fact that they reduce the expense because of fewer square feet. They require less money to spend for heating and cooling system, normal-size appliances, and therefore, they help you cut down the electricity. They also diminish the expenditure for maintenance and even property taxes.

tiny house save more energy

A Smaller House Save More Time and Effort

The fewer and smaller rooms you have, the less time you must spend on cleaning and maintenance. Everyone have to agree that with me. With a small house, you will save a lot of time, energy, and effort to do tedious chores such as scrubbing the floor or vacuuming a space saving couch bed. Now what you receive is more time to read a book, cook a dinner, entertain with a blockbuster movie, and play with your children.

tiny house save time

A Smaller House Improve the Security Better

It’s widely claimed that a small house makes people feel safe. It brings you the feeling that you can control and manage every single corner in your house because there is no dark space to keep a keen eye. Besides, a small house reduces the risks of stealing since thieves often want to steal from large houses where they think there will be many valuable things to rob and more space to hide.

A Smaller House Bring More Cozy

This is another reason why I love a modest-sized home, and I think many people agree with me. A large room still offers a warm atmosphere, but sometimes we feel empty and impersonal. On the other hand, a small house helps to improve the social interaction among all members of your family, especially on cold and dry winter days when all people gather together next to a wood pellet stove, sip a cup hot coffee, and watch TV. How cozy!

small house bring more cozy - space saving couch bed

A Smaller House Helps You Manage Your Kids Better

My children love to run around, and space is never enough for them. I hate the fact that while I’m doing lawn work in the backyard, my boy plays with his toys 200 feet away from me in the living room. And my wife told me she hates the fact that she watches TV downstairs, and I play Xbox upstairs at the same time. There is a giant barrier when I live in my old 2500-feet-square house. With the new residence, my family always feel to be “put on-line.” We spend our time together, and we all love each other.

easy to manage your kids in a tiny house


In my opinion, the benefits of living in a small house far outweigh the drawbacks even though there are some limits, but it won’t be a problem if you know some tips for living in a small space home. Living large in a small house, have more extra time, save more money, and improve your quality of life.

If you are living in a small space home and looking for space-saving furniture, take a look at our sleeper sofa buying guides. You will surely know what to buy to make your residence’s space wider than ever before.


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