Why is Vintage Furnishing So Popular Now?

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Having a wonderful visit to your friend’s house on a sunny day, you were strongly impressed and obsessed with the vintage home interior products of this house. You came back home with the idea of furnishing your house with vintage style.  Searching information about this on the Internet, you are astonished about the fact that vintage is widely used in reality.

A typical vintage decoration
A typical vintage decoration

However, before I share you with reasons why vintage furnishing is so popular these days, you should equip yourself with basic knowledge of what is furnishing with the style of the vintage. Vintage furniture is usually confused with antique furniture by a lot of people.

Normally, any piece with the age of around 30 to 100 years old is classified as vintage furniture. On the contrast, furniture with the age of at least 100 years old is labeled antique. You had better know that to earn the label “vintage,” the piece should represent or define the style of a specific period such as retro vintage of between the 1950s and 1980s.

Now, this post shall continue to discuss seven main reasons why furnishing with vintage style becomes trendy now.

#1. Budget friendly

One of the most important factors for the popularity of vintage style in furnishing is the cost. Vintage home interior products are not too expensive and difficult to purchase. With just a small budget, you can easily decorate your house with a vintage look.

There are lots of creative furnishing ways that could help you save money but still make your house environment unique and stunning. Unlike modern houses with specific requirements for appliances and home facilities, houses with vintage looks can be added time after time as a result of the fact that vintage style seems to be long lasting and timeless.

A vintage Room 
A vintage Room

One good aspect of a house with vintage style is you are in a position to re-use and revamp old furniture pieces. In other words, you can mix old and new items together, which is the best combination to possess a house with perfect vintage style.

Even though a vintage look often requires a large amount of work, you should not worry about that because you can obtain a lot of fun while fixing old pieces and decorating your house with vintage style.

Imagine that you re-paint old chairs with the same colors or even different colors to mismatch! Or you can cover kitchen furniture in white to make it look shabby! It is all about your inspiration and ideas.

#2. Vintage style brings a unique look to your house

As time flies, vintage pieces become less common. So, it is not frequently applied in home interior decoration. For this reason, your house should look totally different from others regarding surrounding and fittings inside. Each person decor their house in their individual personality and style. This cannot be achieved if your house is built with the new modern architect.

Because vintage art covers some decades, you can choose all pieces from all vintage eras, regardless of retro era, mid-century modern, or you can select some vintage pieces from different eras provided that your combination leads to a house with a cohesive look.

As soon as you mix vintage furniture from several vintage eras in a good way, they still deliver outstanding visual effects. Don’t worry if you invest your money and time in furnish your home with vintage home interior products. Because as I said, you never end up seeing any house sharing the same look with yours.

#3. Earth friendly

Decorating your vintage home interior products with vintage style means you are a friend of the earth. You save furniture from being dumped into the landfill. Vintage pieces are also beneficial for your health as they are off-gassing and non-toxic.

Why should you be worried about old chairs and tables? Or you might be wondering what to do with a partially damaged interior facility? Throw it all in the trash? With a vintage mindset, you can retain good parts of this facility to construct a new one or rebuild it for different purposes. Then, by covering a new paint to make it look timeless, you have your vintage interior facility.

#4. Vintage style gives a sense of “Life is Beautiful.”

Vintage style in furniture decoration brings out a positive thinking and emotion that this life is so beautiful and peaceful. This comes from the color mixtures of vintage pieces, which makes us feel like vintage covers the breath of life and shows off a soul of those who follows this style.

Rather than just “old furnishing and decoration” of vintage home interior products, vintage is somehow more highly recognized than new modern furnishing style. It is history, art and also comes with stories that are still alive and present just by decorating and furnishing your house in a vintage way.

A vintage living room with vintage home interior products
A vintage living room

You may not believe it, but almost every vintage piece is accompanied by a story. You can spend some time to find any details behind each vintage piece and then make it up to have your stories. That is the way your imagination and inspiration about vintage arise.

After all, vintage style in furnishing is simply special. It just is.

#5. Vintage style connects those who follow it in a special way

One of the good reasons for the fact that vintage furnishing is so popular these days is those who love it can inspire others to have a strong passion for vintage, just by the way such people are doing with vintage in decorating their houses.

You can realize that vintage lovers are some of the most interesting and fascinating people you have ever met. Whether these individuals are vintage sellers, vintage buyers, bloggers or journalists, they all show great love and respect for vintage and their creation with vintage.

Now let’s say you are a vintage newbie and there is a whole lot of things to learn about vintage to furnish your house in your way, but you don’t know what to do first. It is so simple! You just need to join a vintage club or community via online or offline forums/social networks. I bet you will be completely embedded into the world of vintage because what these vintage lovers share and do makes you feel like your soul is enriched and fresh again.

It is the way vintage lovers do that strengthens the wave of vintage nowadays. They know how to connect each other into a unique group and makes vintage style viral everywhere to everyone.

#6. Increasing supply of vintage industrial-style furniture and art in high-end stores

Today, you might find it easier and affordable to buy vintage home interior products due to the increasing presence of high-end stores and shops with the massive vintage industrial products.

In fact, most of the furniture in our house is made of raw wood. This makes the vintage style more accessible to everyone as a matter of the fact that wood is the main material representing vintage.

You may choose a variety of vintage wooden furniture online via websites or come directly to vintage stores for your reference. Normally, you will not be dissatisfied with the quality of vintage interior products. Because whenever we talk about vintage, it is assumed that vintage is something elegant, highly fashionable and classical.

This is also the case for high-end vintage industrial furniture. Then why should you consider decorating your house when you have so many options at stores with competitive prices and unexpected good quality?

#7. “Do-it-yourself” trend takes off

Never before in the history has the “Do-it-yourself” trend become influential as it is these days. People try to find ways to make themselves more outstanding and different from others. Vintage furnishing trend is not an exception.

A house with the vintage decoration is now more highly appreciated than a house with massive new modern decoration, which makes every house identical. The vintage style itself is originally unique because of personal designs and mixtures. It opens the door of imagination and creation to anyone of us.

You should prefer a house with your furniture arrangement and mixture rather than one similar to your neighborhood. Even with the same chair, tables or beds, you can re-build and re-paint them to make it your own. So, what are you waiting for? Bring it on!

To sum up

Seven above reasons provide appropriate answers to the question why vintage furnishing is so popular these days. If you are living in a small space, vintage home interior products should be the first choice to make your house warm and cozy. However, if you live in a large house, there is no good reason for you to not decorating your furniture with vintage style. Take advantage of vintage style to design your house into a masterpiece.

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