How to do Vintage Travel Trailer Decor

vintage travel trailer decor

Are you a fan of the great outdoors? If so, then I’m sure that camping has given you an invigorating experience! Camping can be an incredible way to relax and take off some of life’s pressures. A bonus is that you get to explore the beautiful nature that surrounds us. One of our favorite ways to camp is with a vintage travel trailer. Here are some ideas to do vintage travel trailer décor and make your camping experience extra special.

Vintage Travel Trailer – Inside Decorating

There are many ways to turn your vintage travel trailer into a fabulous indispensable partner on a budget. They vary widely from paint colors, materials, accessories to household appliances that you can consider for your adventures ahead.

Home on Wheels

There is nothing better than feeling like as be at home while camping, especially for those loves exploring the world but cannot absent from conferences. The vintage travel trailer is decked out with a desk, lounge, bathroom, sofa, wood – covered floor and luxurious kitchen with full cooking utensils.

Its interior is mainly filled with black, white and gray colors, which evokes profession and level of the camper owner. Indeed, this initial camper decor idea turns your old trailer into a vintage cozy home.

RV camper decor

Nautical Experience

Have you ever dreamed of breathing ocean air while immersing yourself into a pristine forest so as to escape from bustling cities? The second vintage camper decor recommendation will help you answer this common question. The camper’ inner space fills with air and nautical details. The walls, in which sleek, boat-like white patterns are decorated like waves, are painted with ocean color.

Moreover, some life preserver like pillows can be hung on the bathroom’s door, on the walls or lay on the coach. As a result, all create a feeling of joining the vast sea.

travel trailer nautical Experience

Hollywood Style

How can a vintage travel trailer look like a glamorous space for a super movie star? It is possible. The floor, which is made of diamond-pattern vinyl, relishes colors of silver gray and white and the wallpapers are covered with shimmering color. Also, a vintage turntable can make your travel trailer look like a room in a Hollywood movie.

Moreover, it is a pity if you forget to decorate a geometric clip cover with colorful vector pattern pillows. Orange and pink colors make your space like as an Oscar Ceremony. Therefore, why don’t you stand up and take up this makeover to be able to shine like a star where you come.

vintage travel trailer Hollywood style
Photo by: Michelle Sullivan

Cowgirl Caravan

Women can take outdoor adventures. Why not you? Let’s consider this following travel trailer décor idea to make your coming travel trailer tour more interesting. The interior of the camper features charming orange chandelier, warm color pillows, remarkably faux wild animal head hanged on the wall. It is also decked out with bright walls and fake leather and pink-and-white zebra print banquettes.

Indeed, the owners of these Cowgirl Caravan travel trailers obviously should be deemed as a cool, brave, honest and a little bit mysterious person. Do you belong to this group? Try it out!

vintage camper decor
Source: Sisters on the Fly

Princess Trailer

With this trailer, every girl will become a princess who deserves to relish the best care. It is a very gentle camper decor for your princess. The white-painted interior and exterior’s walls are filled with bright and lively paper lanterns hung from the ceiling. The most impressive features of this design are retro-modern lighting plus luxurious white banquette along with soft fur rug on the floor.

Besides, a small framework, which is hung on the wall, is decorated with stickers or cute handmade accessories. Do you want to be a princess living with “Mother Nature”? Therefore, bear in your mind these simple techniques to make an impressive makeover to your trailer.

princess camper style

Imaginative and Playful Airstream

Can we fly in the sky with the white cloud? Put it into practice by making your vintage travel trailer beautiful with some easy steps. Large white dots are decorated on the walls that are fully covered with a blue coat. Some of them are three-dimensional and are used as hinges with the aim of holding some stuff or small accessories if necessary.

Above all, this camper decor can create the sensation of unburdening, flying and freedom for the owner after exhausted adventures but does not take you much time and money. Let’s do it!

blue vintage camper decor
Source: The Grand Daddy

Handcraft Camper

If you are handicraft maker, I am sure that you cannot miss this makeover. You can deck out your vintage travel trailer with handmade stuff as tabletop or wall accessories. Some baskets made from nature’s materials are hung on the ceiling and served as unique lanterns.

Also, you can add some dried flowers in rattan vase laying on a wooden table, which takes you to a peaceful, ancient atmosphere in a countryside. Every simple stuff you made can have you get back to your memorial childhood, which can not easy to find in such life of technology and innovation. Do you want to take a fresh breath of outskirts area? Try it once.

Decorate your vintage camper with handcrafts

Premier Deluxe Hotel-like Camper

Do you want to stay in a premier deluxe room with low-priced cost in a long journey? It is possible. Bear in mind the following travel trailer decor ideas to make your journey more terrific.

Bead board wallpaper, molding, trim plus wood- grain laminate floor combining with luxurious white banquettes. All create a look of luxury and gentleness. For that reason, write it down on your sticky notes as a clue for your next trip.

vintage RV travel trailer
Source: Design*Sponge

Map-cover Travel Trailer

You do not want to get lost when traveling from the coast-to-coast or have no idea about the visitor attractions, do you? The walls are fully covered with a map used as a route for your every trip, which can help you not to get stuck with above problems.

Moreover, you use floral curtains and red coach with bright color pillows that makes your every moment livelier and more cheerful at anywhere you are going to come across with your map you stick to the walls. Hence, why don’t you apply this decorating suggestion with easy- to- find maps bought in any bookstore?

vintage RV decor by maps
Source: Get Campie

Trailer of joy, colors, and happiness

What do you want to achieve in such a bustling life? The answers are possibly joy, relaxation or happiness. You can find them on every trip on your vintage travel trailer with the makeover I am going to share. The interior features gently turquoise walls covering a combination of colorful stripes, floral, dots on pillows, curtains. You can find the perfect balance between a calm and cheerful environment, with an inviting yellow accent that adds to the overall bright and airy atmosphere.

The most impressive feature of this vintage camper decor is the table covered with a vintage slipcover and cute teapot along with cups. They let you think of a tea party or a birthday party, right? Actually, bringing every moment of joy; color, and happiness to your trip is not difficult to carry on with this camper makeover.

Vintage trailer of happiness
Source: Rhonna Designs

Vintage Travel Trailer – Outside Decorating

Do judge a book by its cover. You already have your ideas on decorating the inside and do not forget to spend time on the exterior makeover. First of all, choose paint coat connected with the theme of the inside you chose and design your own trailer camper’s logo with funny or unique characters, which can evoke your style as well as personality.

Furthermore, the old and rusty door should be replaced with new and firm one. To brighten up the outside, you only need to prepare a long rug, tables, and some colorful chairs. On the tables, you cover with tablecloths and decorate some cute stuff like handcraft vases, baskets, candles, fun jars or buckets. On the other hand, you can bring one or two plants to beautify the outside space.

outside a vintage travel trailer
Via: Tin Can Tourists


Are old travel trailers worth anything?

Old travel trailers can be worth something depending on the condition and age of the trailer. An old travel trailer in good condition with all original parts could be appraised at a higher value than a trailer with missing or damaged parts. Additionally, vintage model trailers tend to have more value than newer models due to their uniqueness and rarity. It’s important to research the current market value of your trailer and set a price accordingly.

What year of travel trailer is considered vintage?

Vintage travel trailers are generally considered to be those that were made before the year 1964. This is because trailer technology and production were rapidly changing during this time period, and many unique models were created. Many of these retro style models are highly sought after by collectors today due to their rarity and historical significance. Additionally, some travel trailers from the 70’s may also be considered vintage due to their unique design. If you own an old travel trailer, it could be worth something to the right buyer. Doing some research about the age and value of your trailer is a good place to start.


With these vintage travel trailer decors we have shared, you have some clues beforehand. Forget baggy tents; you can decorate your camper by yourself and turn it into the home of joy, convenience, comfort, and personality. Do not let boring look ruin your journey and it is time for you and your family relish every moment with your unique and impressive vintage camper on your road.

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