Top 10 Easy Small Kitchen Ideas That Will Change Your Life!

Believe me or not, your small kitchen can store more than you think. The main query you need to solve is finding brilliant space-saving ideas on the Internet and then applying them to your cooking and dining area. It could be a creative challenge if you know how to innovate them as the way you want. Here are 10 small kitchen ideas which can help you defeat the limitation of your house. I hope you find them interesting!

Pullout Pantry

It’s not difficult to find and buy a pullout pantry on the market today, or if you want, you can make it yourself. However, before taking part in the process, make sure you find a gap (about 12 inches) between the bridge and the wall, where you will install the pantry. Believe me, it’s a brilliant supplement, besides the cabinet, to store canned foods, bottles, and spices. Even though it’s tucked into the most narrow space, it’s still easy to access and take out the things.

pullout-pantry - Small Kitchen Ideas
Pullout Pantry. Image Source:

Or you can try to remodel your pantry like this. It can help you a lot in storing canned foods.

Kitchen Pantry Ideas from Decorchick
Kitchen Pantry Ideas from Decorchick

Store on the Wall

Never dissipate any usable any space in your house, including the wall. Instead of using the horizontal surface in your kitchen to store cooking utensils such as pots and pans, take advantage of the height like a wall-mounted rack. It will be an ideal place for you to keep your pots and pans. Besides, assemble a curtain rod close to your pot rack to suspend food filter spoons, knives, and other hangable items. Our small kitchen ideas based on a throughout rule: if you’re able to find more space for storing, you will have more precious cooking area.

Kitchen Wall Storage
Kitchen Wall Storage. Image Source:

Select Compact Appliances

Living in a small house with a small kitchen doesn’t mean you must eliminate basic kitchen appliances. The point here is choosing modest-size utensils and cookware that still have the full functions as regular ones. The majority of manufacturers nowadays focus on a variety of compact appliances that can be used well in any size of kitchens. For example, if you don’t want to purchase a slim refrigerator, there are many types of under-counter fridges for you.

Compact Appliances
Compact Appliances. Image Source:

Above-Cabinet Baskets

Another rule among small kitchen ideas is never stopping seeking for empty, useless space and transform it into a useful storage. Does your kitchen have a bare gap between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling? If yes, congratulation because you’re going to possess a potential storage location that you might not realize so far. Take advantage of it to keep uncommon used cookware or seasonal appliances. If you worry about the invading of dust and rats, you can put them to baskets as long as they fit in the space.

Above-Cabinet Baskets
Above-Cabinet Baskets. Image Source:

Removing the Door

In my small house, I removed the door of the kitchen, and I think you should apply this simple rule for your own residence. Why? That’s because it’s not essential to install a door to separate the kitchen and the living room; to be honest, I see no benefit of this task. The kitchen doesn’t need to be as private as the bedroom. Even worse, opening and closing of this kind of door occupy quite a lot of space. As a result, you should remove it as soon as possible to save space for your cooking area.

Contemporary Kitchen
Image Source: Houzz

Pot Rack

We discussed small kitchen ideas on how to free up the horizontal and vertical space. It’s time to talk about the ceiling; I mean how to hang some things on the ceiling of your cooking department. A pot rack as showed in the picture is a simple but effective solution. To be simple, you can buy one on Amazon or Houzz with inexpensive prices. It’s made of stainless steel with a protective acrylic coating that is not only lightweight but also durable, shiny, and very eye-catching.

Pot Rack
Ceiling Pot Rack

Open Shelving

Instead of putting all the stuff into cabinets, open shelves are great alternatives that offer you unique advantages. Firstly, they’re less bulky since there are no doors to open and close. Secondly, they’re able to display your favorite collections of disks and bowls. You can make your own tones fit your personalities. Finally, open shelves create an illusion of the extensive space; on the other words, they cheat your eyes and make you feel the space expansion, which is perfect for a small kitchen.

Open Shelving
Open Shelving. Image Source:

MacGyver-Style Island

Wow! This is, without a doubt, an incredible furniture where everything from a sink, a garbage bin to a stove and plenty of storage drawers are combined in one single compact and beautiful design. With it, not only you have a luxurious place to wash, prep, and cook, but you also get more options to store pots, pans, knives, bottles, and much more. And if the front surface is not enough, the opposite side is promised to perch on more stools for sitting and even eating.

Macgyver Style Island
Macgyver Style Island. Image Source:

Storage on Wheels

Sound funny, but among small kitchen ideas, this one is unique and highly effective, especially in the case of hosting guests. Take a further step with a standing kitchen cart that can be double duty to create more storage room as well as counter space in one single movable package that can move around your house. For better, invest on a cart that has a butcher block on the top to get an extra prep area. For even more versatile, go for a cart that can be foldable so that you can minimize its size when it’s not in use.

Storage on Wheels. Image Source:

Minimalist Hardware

If you know in advance your kitchen area will be not spacious as others, the first critical designing step before installing anything is to select a minimal hardware. It’s extremely necessary to eliminate all the unwanted, bulky and useless knobs or handles. Always make sure everything is neat, simple and slender to save as must space as possible.

Small Kitchen with Bright Cabinets - Minimalist Kitchen Hardware
Minimalist Kitchen Hardware – Small Kitchen with Bright Cabinets


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