A Complete Guide to Pellet Stove Inserts Installation

A Complete Guide to Pellet Stove Inserts Installation

A pellet stove is considered as a well-refined replacement for the traditional stove because it is easy to use and consumes no more fuel. Nonetheless, if you want the pellet stove to operate well, you need to install it properly.

Yes, the pellet stove inserts installation seems to be a difficult-to-solve problem, doesn’t it? Don’t worry! In this article, we will share how to install and tips with you. Let’s see!!!A Complete Guide to Pellet Stove Inserts Installation


Watch out for Pellet Stove Inserts Installation

The Parts of a Pellet Stove

  • Warm air blower

When saying to this part, you will be able to think of circulating the air. Based on the heat exchanger, it helps to change the heat in your room.

  • Pellets

To fire, we need the fuel. The pellets are often the combination of the hardwood with the softwood sawdust. From there, it makes the energy dense extrusions.

  • Fuel chute

The pellets easily move out of the hopper and into the pot, thanks to this part – the fuel chute.

  • Auger

The pellets will not be able to move to the fuel chute if it has not equipped an auger.

  • Fire pot

As mentioned above, the pellets will be burnt in the fire pot. It means that this part helps to contain the pellets. Frequently, its floor is made of the cast-iron, along with the heat-resistant capacity.

  • Igniter

With the igniter, you do not need to match the pellets, which are burnt through the electricity.

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How to Install a Pellet Stove

Initially, you need to determine an exact position that you want to install your pellet stove. Where? Here are some locations recommended, along with the way to set up…

  • Install a Pellet Stove through a Wall

To install a pellet stove in the house, many people prioritize to install through a wall, instead, the roof or ceiling. Simply, it is easier and less costly. Basically, you need to…

How to Install a Pellet Stove
Photo credit: armourchimneys.com

Prepare the essential things

After determining the right position, consider preparing what you’ll need. In particular, it includes a jigsaw, cordless drill, utility knife, stud finder, wood drill bit, grinder, stepladder, and construction adhesive.

Cut the holes

1 – Choose the right position, by snapping the end of the vertical with the pipe section by hand so that it can reach 900. Mark these points.

2 – In the wall, each of the sides needs to be located and marked a stud with a stud finder. It is necessary to place it between the studs, so the mark can be adjusted either manner.

One is to provide the internal collar at the face position unless you can choose the central position of the hole and then mark them on the wall.

3 – Use a jigsaw to create a 1/8-inch hole that is large sufficient if compared to the outline. In the wall, you continue cutting an insulation with the prepared utility knife. An inside-face point of the outside wall needs to be marked at the central cutout.

4 – Use a cordless drill with the 6-inch length if the wall is made from the wood while the stucco is recommended to use a masonry drill.  

5 – From the ladder, position the external collar that is provided at the wall face. Take the pipe through the center of the drilled hole. Remember to mark the holes outline on your wall.

6 – In the wood siding, cut a 1/8-inch hole with a jigsaw. Yes, it must be larger than outline marked. Beyond that, on stucco, continue cutting the outline with a grinder combining with a diamond-bladed disk.

Set up the stove pipe

1 – Start from the internal face. Fit the pipe (short and horizontal) via the wall so that the inner end of the wall face reaches 2 inches. For the inside collar, on the flat portion, use the construction adhesive to fit on the wall. Let the collar against the wall, slide it into the pipe.

2 – At the top of the pellet stove, consider the flange to fit the vertical section (take the lower end). At the elbow and the horizontal pipe, snap the open end to the inner end together.

3 – In the drill, attach a screw-tip attachment after attaching 3 screws provided self-tapping to the flange (the vertical pipe lower end). Each of the sides of the pipe you will drive one and move the external wall.

4 – Allow the collar flat portion to fit the wall face, by using the construction adhesive. To fit the collar in the wall, slide it into the horizontal pipe end. The last one, snap the horizontal round cap on to the pipe end each other. Complete!

  • Install a Pellet Stove in a Basement

To provide the heat evenly, a large number of people choose to install their pellet stove in the basement. This is a challenge if you are not guided. However, now, everything becomes simpler because you can follow my steps:

Install a Pellet Stove in a Basement
Photo Credit: monroefireplace.com

Step #1 – Placement

Determine a central position in order to set up the stove. Like that, you can make sure that the distribution of the heat is even. At once, the chosen location must reach the right distance from other objects. So, need to read the manual of the maker.

Importantly, avoid the obstacles, which can affect the heat release. The surrounding space is also enough for you to use and maintain the stove.

Step #2 – Distance

Consider an electrical outlet. Make sure your pellet stove that has a certain distance with it and the compatible voltage.

Step #3 – Weight

Is your pellet stove heavy or light? Your basement floor is sturdy sufficient to support that weight, isn’t it? The weight of the pellet stove consists of the stove and the hopper. Some models even provide a hopper over 80 pounds. Correspondingly, ensure the surface of your basement that likely supports.

Step #4 – The floor surface

The floor underneath your stove will get hot, so you need to protect it from that. Apart from a concrete basement floor has the best heat-resistant capacity, others need to have the support. Depending on the specific material of the floor, the manufacturer will give the proper instruction.

Step #5 – Vent

In this step, consider venting your pellet stove. With the chimney, place it straight up via it. Nevertheless, to vent properly, you need to read the vent placement and size and follow the guidelines of the producer. Remember to check the chimney before performing.

Step #6 – Install

Start to install your pellet stove. If you do it yourself, let read the guidelines carefully. Conversely, you do not know how to install. So, pay a bit to hire a contractor, who help you.

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  • Install a Pellet Stove in a Mobile Home

You are living in a mobile home and want to install a pellet stove so as to heat during the cold winter, right? Well, similar to a wood stove, the pellet stoves also rely on venting via a chimney to work. Consequently, you will have to install a stove in a variety of the configurations into your mobile home.

There are two simple options for you – the vertical or horizontal installation. To install vertically, the requirement is straight up from your stove. With the horizontal option, it starts from the stove top. Then, thanks to a fan, the air from the stove will be drawn.

Install a Pellet Stove in a Mobile Home
Photo Credit: kingdombifuel.com

#1 – Determine the right position

This step is very important because it decides the effectiveness of your stove. The best plan would be to place it in the central position in a room or anywhere that you want to heat. This one makes sure that the heat will be evenly dispersed.

Your mobile home also includes a chimney. What good! Place the stove near it to ventilate better. The pellet stoves do not complicatedly require with the floor as long as it is sturdy enough and can withstand the heat.

#2 – Fit up the pipe vent

The most difficult installation is the vent of the pellet stove. In general, it is pretty complicated. You need to create a vent for your stove, by using a double-walled steel pipe.

First of all, choose a proper position in the wall/ ceiling to cut a hole. The pipe will be installed through this hole. Place a metal piece the outside of the wall. Install the pipe straight down to the stove. To avoid the dirt clinging the chimney, cover the outside of the pipe (the end) when installing.

#3 – Install the pipe

Start attaching the pipe to your pellet stove. Let’s have peace of mind! Don’t have any wrong because there has a receptor for the pipe, so you will easily recognize.

Just slide the pipe into the inside of that receptor. Use the heavy duty sealant with the ability to resist the heat in order to secure it. Aside from that, if you recognize the wall that has the leakage or cracks, it seals them right away.

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Where Shouldn’t You Install a Pellet Stove?

Probably, the worst one is to place a fireplace whatever there is a wood or electric model, including the pellet stove. How? Why can’t use in the bedroom?

The first reason is the ban. The second is due to being loud. This one can affect your sleep. In addition to that, there will not have any pay policy from the insurance company because this does not include in their policy.

Tips for Installing a Pellet Stove

  • Each of the manufacturers will provide a variety of the stove pipe kit. For the traditional kits, they will consist of the collar for both the inside and outside. Some others come with a wall thimble to set up on the wall. With this type, you have to cut a proper opening in two sides of the wall depending on the thimble size. It would be best to read the manual of the thimble installation.
  • It relies on the height of the vertical pipe that you want in order to obtain the kit of the stove pipe.
  • How do you want to install? You need to answer this question so as to define that an adjustable elbow is necessary to utilize. It enables the pipe to be able to run via an upward angle of the wall in an easy way.
  • The heat created from the pellet stoves is pretty low. Therefore, you ought to install the horizontal pipe with the 12-inch outer end. If there has the roof overhang, it is below.
  • Remember to wear the protective mask while you cut the holes in the walls. And don’t forget to wear the eye protection.

Final Words

As a whole, in comparison with performing the DIY outdoor Christmas decorating ideas, you will have to take a little effort to install a pellet stove in your home.

In my article mentioned, there are some appropriate positions to install a stove. Depending on your chosen location, you will follow the steps of the pellet stove inserts installation above.

Don’t forget to remind you that you let learn about the parts and read the tips before starting to install one. Keep in mind, don’t set up a pellet stove in the bedroom.

Finally, I hope that this article is useful for you. Happy warming in the cold days enjoy!

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