Posturepedic vs Tempurpedic Mattress Comparison

posturepedic vs tempurpedic

Sleep is a vital component of a healthy life. When you lack sleep or have some sleeping problems, the consequence is tiredness that prevents you from doing anything.

To guarantee a good sleep, you will need a good mattress and also pillows to feel comfortable whenever you lie down.

Sadly, many people tend to ignore the importance of mattress and choose it carelessly. This article will give you a close look at the mattress and more exactly, shed light on two main types: Posturepedic vs Tempurpedic.

Tempurpedic vs Posturepedic Mattress Comparison

What Are They And Why Are They Important?

Mattress plays an essential role in aligning your spine, which improves your posture significantly. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to choosing a mattress, instead of wasting time and money on the design of your bedroom.

Why is mattress so important that you have to allocate more time to choose it? Well, here are some reasons for those who are still doubting.

  • The mattress has a direct influence on your health, as the quality of your sleep is much dependent on it. Too firm mattress will cause you to suffer from back pain, for example
  • Experts recommend that we spend about 8 hours on sleeping every day, so you probably spend one-third of your life on the mattress. It is a worthwhile investment in the long term for the sake of your health
  • Good sleep ensures not only a healthy body but also a fresh mind. You will become more energetic and positive because you have enjoyed your comfortable mattress so much
  • Last but not least, elderly people and kids need a high-quality mattress to stay healthy. Otherwise, their body will have difficulty recharging themselves at night

Now you have decided to think carefully about your current mattress, haven’t you? It’s time to find out which type of mattress is good for you.

Nowadays, tempurpedic and posturepedic are two main kinds of mattresses. In the 1970s, NASA decided to make something that helped the astronauts feel comfortable in space.

This material was then taken advantage of to produce mattress. And it is known as Tempurpedic. Meanwhile, the birth of posturepedic mattress was even older, and it contains mainly fabric, foam with coil fixed inside the mattress.

Both of them contribute to making you feel better when lying. However, if you are concerned about the mattress, you need to know carefully about each type. This would enable you to make a decision more easily.


Tempuredic bed

The first advantage of the tempurpedic mattress, compared to others, is not to sag or sink in. Sagging mattress usually makes a bad impression on users, and if you are irritated by this problem as well, tempurpedic might be good for you.

It is unnecessary to flip the mattress or turn it regularly just to ensure its surface levels anymore.

Besides, ripple effects are gone in this type of mattress. So, you probably do not have to worry that the movement of someone lying next to you will affect you. It is a very problem because I used to wake up suddenly after my children moved.

Soft foam of this mattress will mold the whole body and serve to enhance your body circulation. Its comfort is considered excellent.

Does it have any disadvantage? Of course, it does. The first one I am much worried about is its density. It is so dense that you might have difficulty moving or changing your lying positions frequently.

It is particularly important because if your body only stays in one position, the likelihood is that you will get painful soon.

Another bad problem about tempurpedic that some users experienced is bad smell after a certain period. I have never experienced it, though. But off-gassing is a serious issue that you need to question before buying the mattress.

Besides, its memory foam, which I am pretty sure is a plus, turns into a flip side of the tempurpedic mattress as well. The extra warm foam will keep your heat right on the surface. As a result, the temperature might increase greatly.

So, it may be unsuitable for those who live in the warm environment. Nobody wants to spend more time on a hot mattress after exposure to the sun all the day.


Posturepedic mattress

Let’s move to the second type of mattress that I would like to address in this article!

What is outstanding about the posturepedic mattress? Undeniably, it is its high-quality materials. The inside is covered with solid latex core that is dust-resisting. This material is particularly good for those who usually struggle with allergies and dust.

You will get enough support from its center, especially your leg and back. You will feel comfortable during the whole sleep. Sags and bumps are avoided to the fullest extent once you possess a posturepedic mattress.

Springs are not present in this mattress, which is a great advantage. It makes the mattress so comfortable that you feel like floating.

It has many latex foam layers to provide support for different body weight. Different modules in the box spring serve to alleviate any pressure on the mattress instantly.

This characteristic makes the posturepedic mattress like a shock absorber. You will help such smooth and comfortable sleep all the night.

Furthermore, you have more sleeping space with this mattress thanks to its firm edges. Worry no more about falling off the mattress, and you now can enjoy wide space with your beloved ones.

Who’s particularly suitable for this type? I think those whose weight is above average. Thanks to the patented design, the mattress now can adjust according to your body weight very effectively.

No bad smell is recorded in this mattress even after a long time of using.

Nevertheless, the only problem is its over-softness. Yes, the soft mattress is good, but if it is too soft, it is an issue worth your concern. You might experience stiffness due to the soft mattress and end up with aches and pain throughout your body.

The Difference Between Tempurpedic vs Posturepedic

You have had chances to look closely at each type’s pros and cons. Now let’s make a comparison between these two kinds to find out which one is more suitable for you. The controversy around tempurpedic vs posturepedic has never ended in forums or communities.

Tempuredic vs posturedic mattress


It is obvious that comfort is the priority in every mattress. However, it is a quite subjective factor, depending on our different preference.

If you are interested in the firm mattress, posturepedic with its innerspring mattress will be an ideal option for you. There are more springs in this mattress, which helps you relieve any annoying pressure points.

On the market, you can even find some posturepedic models with memory foam. They are such a great combination of two amazing things.

Meanwhile, if you do not want any pressure points, tempurpedic is superior. It is as soft as a cloud to make you comfortable all the time. You do need to be concerned about its temperature.

It might be a better choice for people who usually feel cold. But even when you are so obsessed with tempurpedic but hate heat, some tempurpedic products are equipped with cooling systems. So, all problems are solved, right?


Regarding durability, posturepedic is regarded as the longest lasting product in the industry of innerspring mattress. Its average lifespan can be more or less than 6.3 years.

However, it is not as long lasting as tempurpedic whose lifespan is up to over 10 years. Of course, its durability is much dependent on the way you maintain the mattress.

But you should not be ignored even when your tempurpedic is considered as long lasting. Pay attention to sagging that might put your comfort in danger.

Also, for a mattress with air chamber, you do need to be worried about the possibility of leakage.


Undoubtedly, this is an essential factor when it comes to the purchase of anything.

The price for memory foam beds is usually higher than that for innerspring mattresses. Therefore, tempurpedic costs a little more than posturepedic. But the quality is worth your investment.

Tempurpedic mattress usually costs around $1,200 for mid-grade products. Sometimes, you can see some high-end products whose price is up to more than $5,000.

If you have a low budget, then posturepedic might be a better option for you. Starting at around $500, you can purchase a good mattress to make you feel comfortable.


The mattress is used for a long time. Nobody wants to replace it so soon. Therefore, the warranty is something that you should pay attention to when purchasing a mattress.

Normally, the posturepedic mattress will give you a one-year guarantee, and its warranty can last for 9 years. Guarantee means that you can replace the mattress due to default occurs.

On the other hand, tempurpedic can go with a 10-year warranty of full replacement. And its durability is also superior, compared to other products.

It is also necessary to note that the warranty varies from a brand to another. So, you had better work closely with the agents to know more details about it.

Also, at they have a comparison between 4 famous mattress brands: Serta vs Tempurpedic vs Sealy vs Dynasty. They are a trusted source so you can reassure about authenticity!

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Top Reviewed Products

For each type between tempurpedic vs posturedic mattress, I will give you an example of the hottest products on the market right now. I have gone through them by myself, so all reviews are written based on my personal experience.

This helps you to look further into the real product of these two types of mattress.

Tempur-Flex Hybrid Prima Mattress

Tempur-Flex Hybrid Prima MattressThis is a tempurpedic mattress that comes in many different sizes. You can select from Twin to California King size, and their price is various as well.

This mattress’s firmness is up to 10 inches so that you will feel much more responsive and comfortable during your sleep.

Its Dynamic Support Layer contains innovative precision coils. This material, along with TEMPUR-response layer, plays an important role in supporting the movement of your body.

You no longer feel pressure or pain with this Tempur product. It is also equipped with a brand new system – SmartClimate – to remove moisture and prevents you from feeling wet.

You will get EasyRefresh cover along with this product. Therefore, washing or replacing the mattress is no longer a big problem for you anymore.

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Mattress

If you like posturepedic mattress but still are keen on foam, this product is a perfect combination for you. Its 13-inch thickness consists of both springs and foam, each of which is responsible for half.

In other words, you now make use of both innovative technologies to make you feel comfortable. Its comfort is spread throughout your body and helps to reduce motion transfer.

Its fabric is breathable, so the airflow is improved in this mattress. You do not need to worry about being too hot at midnight.

The warranty is up to 10 years, and it is a really good investment for you to enjoy your sleep for an extended period of time.


Is Posturepedic a good brand?

Yes, Posturepedic is a reliable mattress brand with a long history of providing quality comfort and support. Their mattresses feature special technologies designed to provide optimal support for your body as you sleep. Posturepedic also has several models available at different price points, so customers can find one that matches their budget.

Is there a better mattress than Tempur?

It is difficult to say which mattress is definitively better than Tempur since everyone’s needs and preferences are different. It is important to research the different products available and decide what works best for you. If you are looking for an alternative to Tempur, other popular mattress brands include Serta, Sealy, and Purple. Each of these brands also offers a variety of models and prices to choose from.

Is Posturepedic mattress good for back?

Yes, Posturepedic mattresses are designed to provide optimal support and alignment for your back. The individual coils adjust independently to the shape of your body, creating contouring support that can help reduce pressure points on the neck and spine. Additionally, some models feature extra lumbar support in the center of the mattress that helps to reduce back pain. It is important to try out a few different mattresses before deciding on one, as it will vary from person to person.


In general, there are some differences between posturepedic vs tempurpedic mattress. But both of them are great products. The only thing is to decide which one is suitable for your requirements better.

Before buying a mattress, you have to do some research on the Internet to know which options are available at the moment. Also, it is possible to ask your doctor for advice in case you are suffering from any health problem.

We all know that the back is an essential part of our body and if you do not treat it well, it will make you look so ugly in front of other people. Thus, always be concerned about the back whenever it comes to any mattress.

If you find this buying guide beneficial for you, do not hesitate to send me your emotion and comment below. Share it to make other people know about the significance of having the right mattress.


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