How to Hook Up TV to RV Antenna

how to hook up tv to rv antenna

For many years, we did not have a lot of choices when it came to antennas for TVs reception. Most of us relied on the batwing. And once the analog signal was done, the digital came out, we had some types of different antenna. The old batwing will still work and receive the digital signal. However, the analog can tweak the antenna around a little bit, so we can get a fairly good picture. Moreover, there are quite a number of TV antennas for the RV options. Thus, you can have the best entertainment during your drive. But, I know that many people do not know how to hook up TV to RV antenna. Hence, this article will definitely give you the best answer.

How to Hook Up TV to RV Antenna

How to Hook Up TV to RV Antenna with 3 Steps

For the last couple of decades, the batwing antenna has been the primary antenna that has been put on the recreation vehicles. By cranking it up and turning on the booster, it allows you to bring in the even distant television signal. So, it is very easy to improve your free high-definition TV in your RV these days. I am sure that you can do this yourself and it is not an expensive upgrade.

In order to have the best performance, you need to prepare the necessary items. In particular, you need to have the portable satellite dish, the crank-up antenna, and the TV. Without them, I am sure that you cannot do anything. Moreover, you should remember to get the brackets, the mounts, the caulk, the power drill as well as some screws.

I have an important notice for everyone here. In the current market, there are some expensive satellite dishes with high standard. Thanks to the improved GPS technology, they can search for the signals automatically. As a result, you can catch the signals quickly without the need of manually adjusting the dish.

With no doubt, you can save more time than before. And of course, you still have the best signals and receptions in the end. No matter whether you have either an existing or new antenna, you can still upgrade your TV to RV antenna. Besides, my sharing can provide you an overview of how to get better reception on camper antenna as well.

Check your RV – RV TV Setup

Check your RV

First and foremost, you need to know your RV clearly before getting started. In particular, you need to understand how your RV is wired carefully. Moreover, it is essential to know the level of your service as well as the cabling system.

If you have already installed any cables in your RV, you need to have a careful check. By this way, you can decide whether you need to upgrade the service or not. Furthermore, this will help you choose the right cables antenna or satellite dish for your RV. Believe my instructions, and you will have the best decision after all!

Let’s get into the installation part!

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Connect the cables to your TV – RV Cable Hookup

Existing antenna or satellite dish

If you have an existing satellite dish or antenna, you can plug its cables into the control box. On the other hand, you can directly plug the antenna cable into the back of your TV. It will be a plus if your existing dish supports the high definition. In that case, you are possessing the cables that are a high-definition multimedia interface.

You can easily find this connector at the back of some new TVs nowadays. However, you do not need to worry if your cables do not support the high definition. You can still use the normal coaxial cables. Coaxial cables are sturdy and dependable and provide a great connection for audio/video signals. As long as you have the right coax cable to fit your device, you can rest assured your television will receive the right signal.

I have used this cable before, and nothing bad happened. When having this normal cable, you need to screw it into the back of your TV.

If you want to hang your TV on the wall, you can screw the mount inside the wall of your RV. Another option is to hang on any overhead spaces of your RV. I think that all of the positions are good, and you need to make sure to attach the brackets to the TV beforehand. After that, you can attach these brackets to the mounts without any difficulties.

New antenna or satellite dish

New antenna or satellite dish

For people who do not have the existing tools, you need to seek for the suitable antenna or satellite dish. When actually purchasing them, you can take them out of the box. I have to say that you need to follow the instructions inside the box and set up the antenna.

If you notice, you can see that a particular antenna has three feet. And you need to peel the rubber feet out of the antenna and set them aside. Then, take the wingman and slap it up underneath the antenna. Make sure to line up the holes and you are going to take these pushed in. After doing this step, you can begin to connect the antenna to the RV.

Now, you can know the great effect of the caulk that I tell you to prepare. You can put it around the base of the antenna. And then, you need to adjust the position of the antenna when placing on the roof of your RV. However, do not forget to attach the whole antenna to the roof. After that, you need to wait for the caulk to dry gradually.

You need to be patient at this step since you do not want to have any problems in the future. If you want more support for this attachment, you can screw the antenna directly to the roof. I prefer the second option since I want to have more guarantee in a long time. I usually drive with my children, so that I do not expect any injuries and damages for them.  

The next step is to run the interface as well as the cables of the antenna. Inside your RV, you need to find a hole that you can feed the cables through. And you just need to plug the cables into the back of your TV.

Moving to the next thing, you should remember two important cables regarding the interface and the power. Many people are very confused at this stage since they do not know where to plug them. It is very easy and simple. You only need to plug the interface cable of the antenna into the control box. Also, the power cable will be connected to the antenna.

When everything is done, you can screw the TV mount to anywhere based on your preference. My children like the overhead TV, so when I drive and they sit at the back, they can watch TV together. But in my opinion, attaching the TV on the wall is also a great decision.

Again, I have the same advice when you attach the TV. Make sure to attach the brackets to the TV first. The next step is to attach and screw the bracket to the mount. My friends used to say that I should not screw the bracket to the mount since it will take more time and effort.

However, I still do this step because it will provide more strength to the attachment. As a consequence, it will be safer if you use your RV in a long time.

Install the TV signal meter – Best TV for RV Trailer Use

Moreover, you can improve the signal by preparing the TV signal meter. It helps you to search for and find the digital television signals. You know that in the old days if you had a snowy television signal, all you had to do was rotate the antenna until it came in as clearly as it could.

Since TV has been digitized, you either have a signal strong enough or a nice clear picture or you do not have anything at all. This item will allow you to peek into your signals prior to doing the channel scanning by using its scans seek and channel mode.

Also, it has an adjustable amplifier which provides up to 10 DB gain for increased performance. Or, you can have a lower gain for close range areas. It has an adjustable volume audio signal feedback, a scale aiming system, and the specific signal focus. These elements make this tool easier to aim than ever before.


Why is my RV antenna not picking up channels?

If your RV antenna is not picking up channels, the first thing you should check is the connections between the antenna and TV. Make sure all cables are securely plugged in and that no wires have been disconnected or become loose. You’ll also want to make sure that your antenna is compatible with both your TV and location.

If this doesn’t solve your issue, it may be that the antenna is too far away from the TV or tall trees, and other obstacles are blocking the signal. In this case, you may need to move the RV and try again. Alternatively, if you’re in an area with poor reception, you can supplement your antenna with a satellite dish or digital converter box to pick up more channels. However, these options require additional setup and may incur extra charges. Finally, if you’re still unable to get any channels with your antenna, you may want to consider investing in a satellite TV provider. You can usually get better reception with cable TV, and most providers offer special deals for RV owners.


In conclusion, I hope that all of my sharing will give you more knowledge about this aspect. Now, you can know how to hook up TV to RV antenna. However, in case you have any confusion and difficulties, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.

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