What You Will Need in Your RV Camping Checklist

RV Camping Checklist

Time to start your long-awaited holiday with your family! Look! All seem to be excited to scurry around and load necessary items and supplies into an RV. But, if you’re new to RVing, it’s best to prepare a good RV camping checklist, with help on what to carry while you’re going to travel.

When it comes to camping, using the RV can help you bring a whole world of comfort since there are lots of spaces. You can pack an actual bedding for sleeping or essential supplies for cooking in the RV kitchen or even equip a water heater like bathing at home.

However, to remember everything is not an easy job. Before starting anything else, you need to set up a must-have checklist for the trip with your family.

RV Camping Checklist

An RV camping checklist, what does it look like?

Honestly, you are able to find different checklists as well as various reasons to check your RV on the Internet. Some pre-trip lists help you depart a safe and well-prepared trip. Others are particular in the best fifth wheel hitch, travel trailer, or motorhomes.

And if you land on the RV Forum, you will receive some of the free RV checklists for any situations. Print a copy as a reference while you’re preparing for your trip. Or simply create your own camping checklist with the items that are suitable for your demands

Learn how to use

An RV camping checklist, what does it look like?

Before finding out what to include on the RV camping checklist, we will show you helpful ways to use it effectively.

The checklist is your starting point

In case you print the available copy from the Internet, you need to look at it first. Remove any items you don’t need on the list and add things you want that are not here.

You have to be clear-cut

You must write down exactly what to place in your RV. How many flashlights to bring? How many camping chairs? How many cups? And so on.

Arrange the items in sections

Placing the items in each different section such as kitchen, bathroom, outside or inside, etc. will help you scan and see what is missing easily.

Check again

Do a quick look at each section and then start packing. Or if this is your subsequent trip, you should check the RV again before following the list.

Continue adding others to the checklist

While on the trip, you will explore something else that you don’t have. Every time you think of something, remember to add it to the checklist instantly to avoid forgetting after turning back home.

We recommend that you should have a note board on the RV to jot down everything easily and conveniently.

Check now our to-do list for the camping trip

Check now our to-do list for the camping trip

The kitchen

What could be more wonderful than cooking when going camping! And with the RV, you will get more space in order to bring extra kitchen items than only packing a versatile skillet, a sharp knife and your creativity.

  • Please prepare the iron skillet because of its versatility and indestructibility. Besides, you can add an aluminum pan or two if you plan to cook a few excessive meals.
  • Bring the most versatile three knives from your beautiful collection of knives at your home kitchen. They include one bread knife, one chef’s knife, and one paring knife.
  • Taking one medium-sized cutting board can help you deal with most of the cooking demands. However, don’t mind adding another small one if you are going to cook a lot while camping.
  • Aluminum foil is rather versatile in cooking. Use it to wrap meat and cook it right on the flame or store leftovers or use a cooking surface.
  • With kitchen utensils such as plates, forks, or spoons, you just bring one set. Too many utensils take too much time to keep them tidy and clean.
  • Of course, don’t forget to bring condiments (salt and pepper only), cooking oil, bottle and can openers, and matches.

The sleeping area

Sleeping under the stars is truly interesting in the camping trip. Listening to chirping crickets, seeing the occasional flash of fireflies, and enjoying a warmness from a campfire are enough to calm you into a happy sleep.

  • It’s unnecessary to explain why you need to bring some pillows, right? Try to imagine that you leave your orthopedic pillow at home for your first night away from home.
  • Prepare your favorite sheets and cozy blankets. Since the campfire only warms one side of you at a time, you need to cover yourself with the blanket to avoid the coldness in the night.

The bathroom

Going camping with the RV will help you say goodbye to bathing in cold streams and lakes. Now, just arrange some essential items below and then you can enjoy a comfortable feeling like at home. Even, the RV allows you to install the tankless water heater for cold days.

  • Bring enough towels for the trip and you can hang it up to dry and use a couple of times before washing.
  • A bar of soap and two bottles of shampoo and conditioner are enough to make your camping nearly like a vacation at a hotel.
  • Pick up at least a dozen rolls of toilet papers since they are necessary for lots of situations.
  • Additionally, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, feminine products, and nails clippers are all good items to bring along.

The mechanical kit

Whether you check the RV carefully before departing, there is something wrong happening while on the road. As a smart road tripper, you need to anticipate the worst.

  • A duct tape is ideal to deal with a leaking vacuum hole. And it works as a bandage long enough to have your RV repaired.
  • Preparing a quart or two of oil is necessary when you’re driving an RV. It won’t take much space and you only cost some money in order to keep the engine from seizing.
  • Of course, a small tool box with a range of basic tools will help you handle unexpected mechanical troubles. A pair of pliers, a flat screwdriver, some wrenches, a hammer, and a sharp knife are all you need to perform anything from placing a hose to changing a battery.
  • Do you know that your comfort, safety, and gas mileage depend on accurately inflated tires? So, don’t forget to prepare a tire pressure gauge.

Miscellaneous items

You might have a never-ending RV camping checklist of the miscellaneous items according to your different needs. Take a look at some below and decide which you should bring and not.

  • Make sure you take all kinds of chargers for your phones, laptops, cameras, and any electronic devices.
  • Flashlight and batteries will be handy than using lanterns.
  • Although your phone is equipped with GPS, you should bring a road-map to avoid falling into any tricky situations.
  • Prepare some comfortable lawn chairs that can be folded and stored into the RV easily.
  • Of course, it’s fun to be in nature while camping out in the RV. But, it’s nice to enjoy something modern such as watching favorite TV shows or accessing the Internet, etc. To carry out all these things, you just install an RV antenna before going.
  • And other things such as books, card games, pens, paper, firewood, propane, fire extinguish, recycling bags, extension cord, etc.


Have you written down all the items that we recommend in the RV camping checklist? Since everything is here, you won’t feel annoyed anymore. Of course, you can add other items and tools to this list if you think that they are essential.

Feel free to add and start packing! And don’t forget to save hotlines in case of emergency or update your insurance to cover any accidents along the road.

Where is your trailer camping location? Don’t forget to share with us your awesome experiences in the comments below. We’d love to hear.


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