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7 Best Tankless Water Heater for RV: Review and Buying Guide


You are one of the millions of Americans, who enjoy the outdoor activities, aren’t you? Well, it is certain that the portable or tankless water heater is one of the necessary equipment for your trip.

Nonetheless, it is not easy to find the best tankless water heater for RV because there are too many options available on the market today. No problem! In this article, I will introduce the quality models in the budget to you, based on my own experience. Let’s see!!!

Go Over Best Tankless Water Heater for RV Now or Never

Tankless Water Heater – What Is It?

Nowadays, the tankless water heaters are pretty common, thanks to the beneficial design. They have the ability to provide the hot water, depending on your demand.

If a traditional model helps you store a certain amount of the hot water in a tank and utilize the energy to maintain the hotness until you use, everything will become simpler with a tankless water heater. You do not get limited by the size of the tank.

Nonetheless, this new heater does not include the energy to keep the heat for water. Basically, that energy is only to heat water.

What Is Flow Rate (GPM)?

The flow rate is exactly GPM – Gallons Per Minute. People use it in order to measure the number of gallons of water that your shower head flew out each minute.

It is known that the flow of water can only reach 2.5 GPM – a maximum GPM. This has been a rule of the federation since 1992. Like that, the gallons of water will never be more than 2.5.

Time to time, the GPM number for the shower heads has gradually reduced. For example, your showerhead manufactured in the 1980s or 1990s is the GPM rate might approximately be 3.5 GPM.

Tankless Water Heater – What Does It Work?

The operation of the tankless water heater is not too complicated. When opening a hot water tap, the running cold water in the tankless unit will be heated through the energy from the gas burner/electric element. And then, the water leaves the unit with the sufficient-to-use hotness.

Based on the systems on demand, the hot water is constantly delivered. But, the speed of the flow – the amount of the capably-heating water is limited. Therefore, it recommends to picking to a large sufficient tank in order to prevent the hot water run out.

Top 7 Best Tankless Water Heater for RV Reviews

Product Name Flow Rate Fuel Quality Price Our Rating
Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater 2.6 GPM Propane A $$ 4/5
EZ 101 Propane LPG Tankless Water Heater 2.8 GPM Propane A- $ 4/5
Camplux 5L 1.32GPM Tankless Water Heater 1.32 GPM Propane A+ $ 4.5/5
Girard 2GWHAM Tankless Water Heater 0.9 GPM Propane A+ $$$ 5/5
PrecisionTemp RV 550 Tankless Water Heater 1 GPM Propane A $$$ 4/5
EcoSmart ECO 11 240V Electric Tankless Water 2 GPM Electric A+ $$ 4/5
New Suburban Sw6De 6-Gallon Electric Water Heater Updating LP Gas and Electric A+ $$ 4/5

To help you be able to find a suitable model easily, I am very pleased to share RV tankless water heater reviews with you. So, let’s continue reading to look for a right product!

#1. Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater – Best RV Tankless water Heater

Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater

rv tankless water heater reviewsAre you looking for a quality tankless water heater for your RV? So, let me introduce a good sufficient model to you – The Eccotemp L10 Outdoor Tankless Water Heater. The product promises to bring the beneficial features.

First of all, it has to say to the 9’ CSA regulator and hose to approve the gas. That size is standard enough for you to utilize a 20-lb tank with the grill style.

The next, there is the BTU numbers, which are big ~ 74,500 BTUs. This number is ideal for those who want to own a large capacity and use for a long time.

Aside from the durable material – the cap made from the stainless steel, the product has been equipped with an adapter. Correspondingly, the use time is longer and it contributes to simplifying the use.

Don’t stop! This heater is very safe for the consumers. If you forget to turn off the machine, the automatic timer will help you shut off after 20 minutes.

Furthermore, the product applies to both yourself and your pet. Only with the 20-pound weight, it is especially convenient when you have intended to camp or have the activities.

It can say that the Eccotemp L10 is a priority option for those who often have the outdoors or move on their RV. With the compact size, it allows you to be able to set up the appropriate positions.

Pros of the product

  • Easy to install
  • The water pressure is quite good whether the temperatures are very hot
  • The water is pulled faster via the coils
  • The temps are never under 75 Celcius
  • The 20-minute timer is good
  • It just needs to turn on/off the propane tank to start
Cons of the product

  • Require to adjust the flow of the shower control constantly
  • It is very sensitive

#2. EZ 101 Propane LPG – RV Propane Tankless Water Heater Reviews 

EZ 101 Propane LPG Tankless Water Heater

best rv tankless water heaterA tankless water heater designed in a nice way, along with the simple features is what you are finding. So, there does not have the reason in order that you can deny the EZ 101 Propane LPG.

As its name, this tankless water heater works based on a standard propane tank. This feature makes it more beneficial than the traditional models because it is convenient and easy to use.

Aside from that, you do not need to buy the battery for RV to maintain the operation of this unit because its operation relies on the battery powered ignition. Correspondingly, don’t have to pay for changing the battery.

Continuously, the model does not require the electrical plug-in, so it is especially ideal for camping or hunting. With the long-term camping destinations, you can install it permanently. The ventilation positions like open shelters, workshops, cabins, sheds, or barns are okay.

If you worry about the weights and bulkiness, no necessary. The manufacturer only designs it with 14 lbs. Yes, it is lighter than what you thought. Even, it is still portable for the narrow living space.

It is noticed that the design says no pilot light. Not you can only use in a safe way, but the energy is also saved in a significant manner. That’s why you can utilize it without electricity.

After all, the EZ 101 Propane LPG is a suitable option for those who love traveling and camping. It is important that its price is very affordable. It is good, right?

Pros of the product

  • Easy to install
  • Keep it hot
  • Battery ignition is very convenient
  • The water is quickly hot
  • Cheap
  • Portable
  • Work on low pressure
Cons of the product

  • The water pressure is on high
  • A bit of difficulty to maintain even temperature

#3. Camplux 5L 1.32GPM Propane Tankless Water Heater

Camplux 5L 1.32GPM Propane Tankless Water Heater

rv propane tankless water heater reviewsA compact model is your priority when choosing to buy a tankless water heater. So, a good suggestion for you is the Camplux 5L 1.32GPM Propane. With the optimal features, you can be going to like when using it.

The first is the ideal numbers. To reach the 1.2-GPM number of this water pump, it just requires the small water pressure ~ 2.5 PSI, along with 12 volts of the water pump. It means that its performance is great and easy to work.

There has an opposite one between the propane gas pressure and the power output. To operate, requiring the gas pressure is about 0.4 PSI while the power output is maximum – 34,000 BTUs per hour.

In a case without the electric, you can still use it, can’t you? No problem! At that time, you likely turn on the 2D ignition batteries to continue utilizing the heater.

Furthermore, with the 10.8-pound weight, carrying it is relatively easy. If your family has some vacations for hiking, camping, or going to the beach, remember to equip the heater from Camplux.

It recommends to putting the gasket into your adapter before the regulator is connected to the heater. This one will help your heater avoid catching on the fire. Keep in mind!

Finally, thanks to the oxygen depletion sensor protection, you are not difficult to install indoors as long as the chosen positions are ventilated. Plus the manual to set up, your installation is simplified any more.

Pros of the product

  • Easy to hook up
  • Good price
  • Heat the water fine
  • It gets hot water within 10 seconds
  • Compact
  • Ideal for camping
  • Convenient with a foldable handle
Cons of the product

  • Not enough volume to rinse soap off
  • Difficult to control the temperature at all

#4. Girard 2GWHAM Tankless Water Heater – RV Propane Tankless Water Heater Reviews 

Girard 2GWHAM Tankless Water Heater

best tankless water heater for rvWhich tankless water heater operates in a quiet way? It requires an optimal performance when running. That’s right! You can add the Girard 2GWHAM in your shopping list because it can completely meet these needs.

Yes, I have the reason in order to say that. If you choose to use this unit, it can provide the BTU that is pretty big ~ 42,000 BTUs. In comparison with some of the similar models, it is much larger than.

Nevertheless, the appearance looks like bulky, but the weight is relatively light. Yes, the easier the installation and use will be. Only 21.2 pounds, you are not difficult when carrying it for your trip.

Although there do not have any special lines for the LP gas, the machine still operates well. Even, it does not also require to plumb. Accordingly, you can easily utilize.

In addition to the brushless motor without noise, the manufacturer has still equipped the freeze protection. Why? During the cold months, the machine is easy to break down, including the heat. Correspondingly, this feature is especially useful.

On the other hand, the worry about maintaining the hot water is also simplified. The unit is designed with the burner. You just need to adjust it to get the desired temperature. What beneficial!

Moreover, you are easy to monitor the hot or cold temperature through the microprocessor monitor on board. With the 12-volt power, the model is quickly run.

Apparently, the Girard 2GWHAM is a good sufficient option though the price seems expensive. Nonetheless, anything also has its value. I believe that you will get what you have paid.

Pros of the product

  • No more waiting for hot water
  • Easy to install
  • Very quiet
  • A long hot shower
  • No tank anode to change
  • No wasting keep water hot
Cons of the product

  • Expensive
  • Sometimes, it does not produce enough flow to kick the heater on

#5. PrecisionTemp RV-550 Wall Vented Tankless Water Heater – RV Tankless Hot Water Heater Propane

PrecisionTemp RV-550 Wall Vented Tankless Water Heater

A tiny house, trailer, or RV is an ideal dwelling to relax. And it will become greater if you have equipped full of the necessary appliance. Of course, it cannot lack a tankless water heater. Here! The PrecisionTemp RV-550 is a considerable option.

The product brings a belief for the consumers because of the design, assemble or check-up in America. Like that, you can have peace of mind on the quality during use process.

The users also love this model because it helps to save the energy and water. The heater will not operate unless you turn on a hot water tap. Besides, due to being a tankless model, the unit only utilizes 50 percent of propane.

Averagely, you will get the 940-gallon hot water with 20 pounds of propane. How? The used energy is less while the proving water is enough. It is so well, right?

Another advantage of this heater is the weight. With the 32-pound item weight, it is lighter than other water heaters, which have 6-10 gallons.

You do not need to adjust the gas usage to achieve the sufficient hot temperature. Thanks to having an automatic gas modulation, it will self-regulate. By this way, the temp is easy to get the consistent whatever how the weather is.

Importantly, the product is one of few heaters come with the freeze protection throughout 4 seasons. The power in the normal condition is approximately 1.5 amps. You will just activate it up to 3 amps in the cold condition.

View from different angles, it is completely worth so that you can pay this price level. How many features it has provided are enough for you to save plenty of other items.

Pros of the product

  • No limit on how long you can take hot shower
  • Very efficient
  • Only heat when turning the hot water on
  • Never run out
  • The temperature is very even
  • Easy to install
Cons of the product

  • Expensive
  • Require 1.5 gallons/ minute

#6. EcoSmart ECO 11 240V Electric Tankless Water – Best Electric Tankless Water Heater for RV

EcoSmart ECO 11 240V Electric Tankless Water

EcoSmart ECO 11 240V Electric Tankless Water ReviewsFor those who are looking for this water heater having the good warranty, it will be a fault when ignoring the EcoSmart ECO 11 240V. Don’t worry about the usage when the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty.

In fact, this is a super saving model for the consumers. Aside from saving the water heating cost ~ 50 percent, it still contributes to saving your living space and the energy.

Don’t have to be in doubt! If compared to the traditional heaters taken up more your space, the EcoSmart ECO 11 240V is designed to mount on the wall, so the floor space is free.

For the energy, the energy will just provide when needing. Even, you do not worry about the water that will not run out of, thanks to the advanced modulating technology.

For me, I like the ability to control the hot water of this unit. Through the digital temp control, you are not meet more difficult to adjust the hotness of water.

Perhaps, this model is the lightest on my list. Look at, it is only 6.5 pounds. What light! Plus, the dimensions are 12 x 8 x 4. In general, these numbers are small. That’s why you do not have to spend more space to store.

As previously stated, the EcoSmart ECO 11 240V is really an ideal model for a small space like the RVs. Those who love the technology will certainly like it because of its innovated features.

Pros of the product

  • Easy to install
  • Free-up a large space in a small cabin
  • Use less energy to operate
  • Not drain the tank when utilizing the cabin in the winter
  • Great warranty
  • It is noiseless
Cons of the product

  • It is not hot if the temperature is less 10
  • It takes a while so that the water can get hot

#7. New Suburban Sw6De 6-Gallon Electric Water Heater – Electric Tankless Water Heater for RV

New Suburban Sw6De 6-Gallon Electric Water Heater

New Suburban Sw6De 6-Gallon Electric Water Heater

There are the tankless water heaters combined both gas and electric, aren’t there? Are there the models that provide the sufficient gallons to get the desired quality? Well, it is certain that you are finding the New Suburban Sw6De 6-Gallon.

With a variety of the water heaters available on the market, the appearance of this heater is noticeable. Even though the flow rate is only 6 gallons, the basic requirements of most RV versions can be easily met.

The model especially has a faster recovery. It means that there will have more hot water. On the contrary, the cycles of the cold water are fewer. So, you are not going to take more time to wait for hot water.

Yes, this number of gallon seems low, so the manufacturer has equipped a 1,440-watt element. The purpose is to recover the same gallon per hour if you are camping. Therefore, no amazing! When this product likely convinces the majority of the consumers.

I have to admit that the New Suburban Sw6De is a unique combination. Accurately, I want to say to the dimensions. They have the width, height, and depth, which are compatible, 12.75 – 12.75 – 19 3/16”.

Now what! There is the BTU number. If you choose to use this water heater, it will offer 12,000 BTUs. To get this number, it has to thank the electric ignition. Possibly, they are lower than some of the other heaters, but it is likely sufficient in case you do not require too much.

In a nutshell, with this price and these features, it is worth to pay as long as you are not looking for something that is very good.

Pros of the product

  • Not difficult to install
  • The price is affordable
  • Ideal for camping
  • It is fine
  • Don’t meet any difficulties to start
  • The water is hot
  • Work well
Cons of the product

    • It seems that electric elements are not actually effective
  • There have a bit of the problem related to the propane

5 Best Tankless Water Heater for RV: Review and Buying Guide

Advantages When Owning a Tankless Water Heater

Have you chosen a right tankless water heater for your RV? Well, in case you still feel wavering, I will provide the reasons to persuade you. In particular, there are some of the advantages of the tankless water heater. Let’s see!!!

  • Save Your Living Space

As known, the space of the majority of the RVs is limited, especially when you have the vacations. It will take up more area when equipping a 10-gallon tank. On the contrary, with the tankless model, you can install it in a small space of the RV yours.

You can feel secure! A couple of the tankless water heater available are to fit into a bathroom with a hidden space.

  • No Need to Wait

You do not have to spend more time so as to wait for the hot water when using a tankless water heater. You do not need to refill or reheat once the tank of the standard models gets low. Owing to being the tankless style, the hot water will be quickly provided. Frequently, you just take a few minutes.

  • Save the Energy

Exactly, you will only utilize less 50% propane to make the water become hot. This number is not high if compared to the standard units. Even, if you choose to use the electric models, the energy is less, especially, it is friendly to the environment.

Things to Consider When Choosing an RV Tankless Water Heater

It is not difficult to select a right RV tankless water heater as long as you know what to need to consider. If you have known, let’s continue reading. Inversely, you cannot ignore these things:

Size – This is a vital problem. It is necessary to determine the precise number of the size that you will need. For example, your family has 4 members, but you choose to utilize a 6-gallon heater. Yes, it is not enough and even take more time to warm up. Therefore, let’s prioritize to consider the right size when buying one.

Maintenance – In fact, there are plenty of faucets in which you are living, so you will save your time and effort if the chosen model does not require the complicated maintenance. It makes sure that the product is tested for the leakage and spillage check-up. At least, it is not worse than the traditional models.

Energy – Aside from the qualities, the requirement of a good tankless water heater still has the ability to minimize the energy consumption. In general, the excellent models only consume a half of propane in comparison with the traditional water heater. Remember that the less the energy the safer your usage will be.

Weight – It prioritizes to choose the tankless water heater with the lightweight. Like that, you will easily install. With the portable models for camping or traveling, you can conveniently carry it.

Electric or Propane – There are two types of the tankless water, in particular, the run-on-propane ones and the run-on-electric ones. This depends on your demand. Basically, the operation of both is similar. In some cases, the manufacturers provide two in one.

The difference is the installation time. For the electric units, you will take less. At once, they are also quieter than the propane models. However, the tankless water heater from propane is cheaper.

Price & Warranty – You will not buy anything once it is over your budget. So, the quality tankless water heater also needs to have a reasonable price. It is necessary to consider your own budget before choosing.

The next is the warranty. Most tankless water heaters provide a certain warranty. But, if possible, you ought to pick up the model with the longer warranty. Similar to the fifth wheel hitch, some are the lifetime warranty.

Tips for Using a Tankless Water Heater

Although the tankless water heater is easy to utilize, it can still break down if you maintain or use in a wrong way. To make sure that your unit works properly, I share with you some helpful tips. Here are…

  • Remember to turn off the power in case you want to spruce up your unit.
  • Don’t forget to shut off the water valves that are attached to your heater.
  • With the valve cap, need to remove in a slow way from the service ports on each the valves (both hot and cold).
  • Never use the chemicals to clean because they can damage your machine and health.
  • Flush and drain based on the guide of the manufacturer.
  • Before re-starting your tankless water heater, have to read the manual of the chosen-to-use heater.
  • When turning on the hot water tap, remember to turn it on slowly so that the air can pass via the pipe.

Final Thought

For the time being, you have known how to choose the best tankless water heater for RV and had the typical models to add your shopping list. So, have you found the right unit for yourself?

As a whole, the optimal models are pretty expensive and vice versa. For instance, the Girard 2GWHAM has full of the dominant features of one tankless water heater, but its price is not cheap while the Eccotemp L10 is the relative quality and the affordable cost.

Yes, the decision is based on what you need and your preference. Let’s consider in a careful way. You can also consult the feedbacks from the customers. There are the most precise answers for you. Luck to you!!!

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