How to Hook up an RV Cable Satellite Connection Effectively

rv cable satellite connection


Owing an RV is great when you can travel the favorite destinations in the most convenient and comfortable way. Nonetheless, you still need to set up a couple of things for the long trips to a certain destination.

At that time, the satellite TV is one of the things that you ought to install before your journey. So, how to hook up an RV cable satellite connection? Let’s feel secure. You just need a bit of the concentration to complete it. Read to know more!

Hook up Satellite TV in RV Right Away

Before Setting Up

  • Learn about Satellite TV for RV

Function – When saying to satellite TV service for RVers, most of them knew that there are many channels of television to watch anywhere.

Advantages – For the RVers, they need a service, which can allow them to watch TV in the most comfortable condition whether they are driving on the road. Yes, the satellite TV is ideal for this need. Evenly, you can stop camping at any destination without a cable.

Types – No more providers if you are looking for a satellite TV service for your own RV. Basically, there are two main types of your option – DIRECTV and Dish Cable Network. You will have to pay a certain fee per month when using.

Features – To set up the satellite dishes, it cannot be short of an antenna. If you choose to utilize the automatic model, it is pretty expensive. Frequently, it is mounted on the roof of the RV so as to receive the satellite easily when you adjust the dish. The cheaper one is the manual-mounted dishes built on a tripod. The dish will be directed to the satellite.

Requirement – You must use the right satellite TV to your RV wire and install based on the service provider. Keep this in mind!

Learn about Satellite TV for RV

  • Equip the Essential Things

You will not be able to begin your installation when you do not equip the correlative equipment. In case you have had the essential things, it is okay. On the contrary, you can consider DISH and DIRECTV to utilize.

Some of the models do not require the support of an antenna – dish so that you can comfortably use on the road. And taking the dish out of the roof or carrying it is impossible. In this case, a unit from the partner is necessary, KING, Winegard, or KVH, for example.

On the other hand, you want to use the internet services available. Yes, you have a couple of options, but it requires to have to be a corrective dish to the mobile internet yours, except, an RVDataSat system combined with DIRECTV. Of course, it needs a specific box for each scenario.

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Step by Step to Install

In fact, it is not difficult to hook up satellite TV in your RV accurately, Keystone Cougar, for instance. Importantly, you know what you are doing. Inversely, don’t I determine the steps to set up? Here! You can follow my guides below.

Step #1 Place the chosen satellite dish

Initially, need to define the type of your satellite dish because it will decide the way to put up it. You need to climb up the roof in order to perform the mounting process. The mount needs to be lifted up so that you can tighten the bolts. In that condition, it will be held upright.

In other words, if you mount a tripod on the ground, don’t forget to open it up. Between its legs, start pushing the braces down. In this way, the legs will be locked in place. In case you recognize that there still has a ground anchor along with it, screw it into the ground to keep the dish without being blown over.

Step #2Be fixed the dish

To do this one, need to slip your dish onto the pole that is mounted. At once, for the bolts, also need to turn them.

Step #3Mount the cable to the dish with the screws

If you stand it on the ground, you will have to set up a long RV cable wiring to be able to reach your dish in an easy way. It is noticed that you can comfortably move the dish with a further distance when you would like to get a signal better.

Step by Step to Install

Step #4Direct the dish to southeast

It can say that the majority of the systems prioritize this direction because it is easy to get a good signal.

Step #5Start the system

The first to go inside and then start up the system, by opening the menu and choose the area aiming the satellite to go there.

Step #6Enter the zip code

What is the zip code? Yes, there is your address. After entering the required information, wait for the guide, in particular, an angle elevation and a direction degree.

Whatever where you are living, the angle also ranges within 0-90. In there, the horizontal to the ground will be 0 while 90 will be vertical. For the direction degree, you can adjust in the north (0), east (90), south (180), and west (270).

Step #7Adjust and check to get the desired signal

Adjust the small amounts of the dish and check the internal signal. Perform this until you get 90% of the signal.

Watch the video below to know more

Pay Attention Some Problems

Weather fade – The heavy rain will lead to this phenomenon, which contributes to preventing your satellite signal, especially, the big storms. At that time, your access is impossible. Nevertheless, when the weather becomes better, everything will be normal back.

Little wind – In a case of shooting via the trees, your satellite may be going to appear the strange effects due to the movement of the treetops. The solution to this problem is to move the dish to another position without being hidden.

Big wind – This one will make your satellite deviate. Correspondingly, let it come back, you need to fix it.

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Some Tips for You

  • Carefully check your zip code and consider the dish pointing in the precise direction or not.
  • Remember that the compass can make your RV be affected, so don’t forget to break out your compass again.
  • Observe the dish of your neighbor. Is he/she utilizing the similar satellite system? So, you ought to direct your satellite as his.
  • Choose the clear line of sight. Let’s say no to buildings, trees, mountains,…
  • It makes sure that the cable is tightly connected to the SAT-IN connection. Check all the sides, especially, the back.
  • When changing the angles of the azimuth, remember to pause some of the seconds after moving each 1/8 inch.
  • Make use of coax cable or coaxial cable so that you can transmit signals with ease.
  • Don’t forget to add an F connector if needed. This is a special type of connector that ensures the satellite signal can transmit smoothly to your receiver.
  • The signal has to read at the highest level when you have obtained a lock.
  • Your signal does not have any picture, does it? It means that your satellite is wrong. Try to adjust the degrees of the dish.
  • Don’t forget to buy the right RV parts for your needs. Depending on the type of RV you own and the kind of setup you are using, you may need an assortment of antenna parts and other hardware. Make sure to have the right RV parts in hand before beginning the process.

Some Tips for You

The Last Words

How? Installing a satellite TV in your RV is not too difficult, right? There is not also a complicated wiring diagram, is there?

Well, obviously, you just need to follow the simple steps and remember the tips shared above. Don’t also forget the problems related to the weather that can affect your satellite.

I believe that you will be able to effectively hook up the RV cable satellite connection with ease and confidence now that you have learned all of the steps. I hope this guide was helpful – happy travels!

How to Hook up Satellite TV in RV Effectively

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