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Top 5 Best TV Antenna for RV 2018


Nowadays, the market for outdoor travel enthusiasts has grown very quickly. There are more and more travelers like RV-ers, tailgaters, campers, and many people enjoying outdoor activities than ever before. However, they do not know how to maximize their entertainment when being outside. As a consequence, I am going to help you find out the best solution. By applying my tips, you can feel free to watch the best TV channels with your family members during your trip. So, I am willing to share my list of the best TV antenna for RV at once. And of course, you can have your own decision in the end.

What Are We Used for RV Satellite?

Have you ever considered anything before choosing the RV satellites (Parabolic antenna)?

If not, you should think about them right now. Firstly, you should know how many TVs you would like to support. The second thing is where you intend to travel. The third question is whether you want to have the options to mount on your RV or not? Lastly, you can ask yourself if the in-motion satellite is something you are looking for.

After answering these questions, you may have a general view in your mind about the best TV antenna for your RV. Prior to choosing the TV antenna, we should identify which brands we should use for RV satellite and why. There are two main companies that you can use, and they are DIRECTV and DISH Network.

I know that a lot of people do not understand clearly. So, I will explain the details to you. If you want the high definition, you cannot use DIRECTV. The reason is the bands that they use including the KA and KU bands. Moreover, the INB inside is not compatible with the high-definition satellite service for DIRECTV. On the other hand, the DISH Network can do a good job.

So, if you are looking for a service provider and you want full high definition all the time, DISH Network is really your choice. They are the only company that has a pay-as-you-go program, so you can start and stop the service as you go. Also, they have dedicated staffs. Hence, if you call in because you have a problem, you can actually request the RV department to repair your issue quickly.

Moreover, there are different types of satellite dishes that may make you a little confused. You get the dome which you mostly see on every RV/motorhome/travel trailer/camper/tiny house. And then, you have the traveler system from Winegard where you see them come up off the roof and they lock in. They also have the portables that you can manually set up outside your coach.

Now, the advantages of using the dome are it is an in-motion system. As you travel down the road, you can actually watch TV as long as you have a clear reception and not going down a corridor with trees. It is pretty amazing that they can do that.

The second thing is the dish that comes off the roof. You can simply push one button after you get parked. It will find the satellite and locks in. You will get all the satellites that you are supposed to get at one time. The advantage is that you do not hear the dome switching satellites, which is quite annoying.

Also, you do not hear the dome in the middle of the night searching for a signal. Another big advantage is that you can also use a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) when using these dishes. It is possible since you can get multiple satellites at one time. Therefore, you can record multiple programs simultaneously.

You really cannot do that with the dome unless the TV station you are watching is actually on the same satellite that you want to record from.

In the end, if you are considering which service to get, DISH network, in my opinion, will be the way to go. You will get the pay-as-you-go, so you can stop it at any time without the penalty. You also have the high definition if you are using the dome. It is the only provider for HD on all mobile antennas.

I am choosing DISH Network since it is a low-cost effective solution for getting crystal-clear HD TV outdoors. It lets you watch live HD TV in less than 15 minutes with an easy and simple setup. Therefore, you can make use of the automatic signal finders and lightweight portable designs. Besides, its software is very wonderful to work with.

However, I know that you want to have the detailed description to have the right choice. Hence, you should take a hassle out of setting up your entertainment a variety of needs in the outdoor market. Let’s go to the next part of RV TV antenna review since I am going to introduce you a few outstanding products. They are the best TV antenna for RV in the current markets.

Top 5 Best TV Antenna for RV 2018

Our Best TV Antenna for RV Reviews – 2018


Product Quality Price Our Rating
Winegard SK-1000 TRAV’LER RV Satellite TV Antenna A+ $$$
Winegard SK-SWM3 DIRECTV TRAV’LER RV Satellite System A $$$
KING VQ4100 Quest Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna A+ $$
Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmaker HD Portable Satellite Antenna A $
Winegard PA-6002 Pathway X2 RV Satellite Antenna for DISH A- $$

Winegard SK-1000 TRAV’LER RV Satellite TV Antenna for DISH

Winegard SK-1000 TRAV'LER RV Satellite TV Antenna for DISH

Best TV Antenna for RV - Winegard SK-1000 TRAV'LER RV Satellite TV Antenna for DISH

First of all, I am going to introduce the incredible product from Winegard. It weighs about 50 pounds and has a stylish exterior design.

You can experience the most comfort at home as well as the most entertaining when it comes to Winegard SK-1000. You will be a big fan of this item since it offers everything that every satellite TV has these days.

I love the multi-satellite viewing since it allows you to see all of the satellites simultaneously. Therefore, you can have the maximum programming without any difficulties.

Another reason makes me love this feature is that I will never miss any of my favorite shows even though they are on air at the same time.

Moreover, you can use with DVRs, which helps you to record your favorite program. By doing this, you can watch the full show again in the future.

This will save much time for busy people, and you can still watch your favorite thing. Well, many people may be confused if the DVRs can record different satellites at the same time, the answer is yes.

You can feel free to either watch or record the maximum of 3 satellites. As a result, you need to prepare more than 2 TVs inside your RV. By doing this, you can satisfy the different interests of your family members.

My children do not fight with each other anymore when it comes to watching TV during the family trip.

best rv hdtv antenna - Winegard SK-1000

Furthermore, Winegard SK-1000 will provide the strongest signal that you can have at home. And of course, you can have the best HD programming when using the DISH and Bell TV.

Besides, this product can be compatible with the DISH Hopper. As a consequence, I consider Winegard SK-1000 as an ideal product for RV/travel trailer/camper/tiny house/motorhome users.

Besides, whenever having the technical problems, you can have the online technical instructions. Also, you can have up to 2 years of warranty for the components.

However, there are two limitations that you need to consider when purchasing this one. It is not as portable as the other products in the current market. And in my opinion, this is not really a big point at all.

The second drawback is the high price, which makes many people hesitate a bit. But you need to think about the quality and standards that Winegard SK-1000 brings to us. After having a look at all the features, you can agree that this product deserves this cost.

Pros of the product

  • Automatically toggle between the satellites
  • Offers maximum of 3 viewings at the same time
  • Be able to record different shows simultaneously
  • Good warranty service
  • An RV HDTV antenna
Cons of the product

  • Not portable
  • More expensive than the other products

Winegard SK-1000 TRAV'LER RV


Winegard SK-SWM3 DIRECTV TRAV’LER RV Satellite System

Winegard SK-SWM3 DIRECTV TRAV'LER RV Satellite System

direct tv dish for sale - Winegard SK-SWM3 DIRECTV TRAV'LER RV Satellite System

When it comes to the best TV antenna for RV, the second option in this list is Winegard SK-SWM3. You cannot ignore this wonderful product since it is the only one that is compatible with DIRECTV HD programming. Thus, this digital television antenna for RV can have the strongest signal strength as well as the automatic connection.

In addition, there is only one button to turn on and off the system. So, it is very easy and simple to use this product. Regardless of your age and your experience, you can use Winegard SK-SWM3 without any barriers.

Moreover, similar to the previous product, Winegard SK-SWM3 can provide more than one TV viewing simultaneously. Hence, you do not need to worry about the different tastes in watching TV among the family members. The only thing you need to prepare is the number of TVs that are sufficient for your whole family.

Winegard SK-SWM3

Furthermore, the enhanced DVR capabilities will let you keep the record of various TV shows and programs. Therefore, you will not waste time searching for them later on the Internet when you want to watch them again.

However, if you want to have the HD viewing, you need to buy the HD receiver together with the programming package. The minus point is that you have to buy both of them separately.

After making the purchase, I highly recommend you should seek for the professional installation. Otherwise, it will take you much time and efforts.

Besides, the price will be another point that creates a burden for many people. But if you care about the quality and service that you can have with this product, Winegard SK-SWM3 will be an excellent choice.

You can turn on a total of three channels at the same time to satisfy your needs. And in case of any problems, you can have two years of warranty.

Pros of the product

  • Watch multiple programs at the same time
  • Simple on/off button
  • The only item that are compatible with DIRECTV HD
  • Offer enhanced DVR capabilities
Cons of the product

  • Quite expensive
  • Sell the HD receiver and programming package separately
  • Need professional installation

Winegard SK-SWM3 DIRECTV TRAV'LER RV Satellite System


Winegard PA-6002 Pathway X2 RV Satellite Antenna for DISH

Winegard PA-6002 Pathway X2 RV Satellite Antenna for DISH

rv tv antenna reviews - Winegard PA-6002 Pathway X2 RV Satellite Antenna for DISH

Next, we are going to discover some outstanding elements of Winegard PA-6002. We cannot forget this name when talking about the top satellite television for RV.

I am really in love with this product because it is automatic and self-install in a very short time when compared with other items nowadays. Hence, you will not waste any time on setup, and all you need to do is set your state. Then, this amazing product will do the rest.

I have to say that Winegard PA-6002 is extremely easy and simple to use. Even though you are not an expert in technology, you can still use Winegard PA-6002 comfortably.

It is the pathway antenna which is powered by only one wire. You only need to connect the coaxial cable from the satellite receiver instead of the normal power cable.

best rv antenna - Winegard PA-6002 Pathway X2 RV Satellite Antenna for DISH

Different from the previous antennas, Winegard PA-6002 is a portable satellite antenna. Moreover, you can have two receiver capabilities as well as the programming coverage.

You can access all of the DISH satellites in the US by using Winegard PA-6002. As a result, you can have all of the convenience whenever you travel with your family.

With this product, you can have the second receiver for multiple TVs. However, you can only watch a maximum of two programs at the same time.

And these programs have to be on the same satellite. Thus, this point is the drawback for Winegard PA-6002.

However, when we mention the weight, Winegard PA-6002 is the winner.

It is very lightweight with 16 pounds only. So, if you use your RV regularly and prefer the portability, Winegard PA-6002 will become one of your priority in this list.

Pros of the product

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Dual-Arc satellite for both the West and the East
  • No need for power cable
  • Automatically toggle between satellites very quickly
Cons of the product

  • Only have two receiver capabilities
  • Can only watch two programs simultaneously if they are on the same satellite

Winegard PA-6002 Pathway X2


Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmaker HD Portable Satellite Antenna

Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmaker HD Portable Satellite Antenna

best rv tv antenna - Winegard Company PA-1000 Satellite TV Antenna (Dish Playmaker)

Moving to the fourth choice, we have Winegard PA-1000 with a number of great features. If you are a big fan of lightweight and portable antenna, you should get this item immediately.

By having this special product, you can watch DISH HD programming when driving your RV or having the dish tailgater.

There is no need for antenna pointing like the past. Winegard PA-1000 can automatically seek for the satellite programming. For those people who are worried about the setup, you can feel released now.

Winegard PA-1000 only takes you a few minutes for the whole installation. It is very easy for anyone to follow the instructions and attach all of the components together.

In particular, you can connect the DISH Playmaker and the satellite receiver with each other by using the 25-foot coax. After that, you need to connect the receiver to your TV. Make sure to power up the receiver as well as your TV. By this way, you can finish the initial setup without much effort.

 dish tailgater reviews - Winegard Company PA-1000 Satellite TV Antenna (Dish Playmaker)

Moreover, if you require the better reception, the temporary mount options will satisfy your demands. You can raise the antenna off of the ground easily.

I extremely like these mounts since they are designed to avoid the harsh environment outside the RVs. There are a number of options for you to choose including the tripod mount and the side vehicle mount.

Furthermore, Winegard PA-1000 improves its signal strength with the aluminum reflector and the hybrid stepper motors.

Thanks to these enhancements, the signal strength increases up to 20 percent. Hence, I am really amazed by the performance of Winegard PA-1000 despite its low price.

However, I have a small notice for everyone. After using this product for a while, I have to say that Winegard PA-1000 only accept one receiver at one time. Therefore, you cannot watch multiple channels at the same time as the previous products.

But, Winegard PA-1000 is still worth your money due to its low price and premium quality.

So, I believe that it deserves to appear as one of the top TV antenna for RV.

Pros of the product

  • Very low price
  • Premium materials
  • Compact and portable, which is suitable for travelling
  • Increased signal strength up to 20 percent
  • Take a little time to set up
Cons of the product

  • Maximum one receiver at one time

Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmake


KING VQ4100 Quest Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna

KING VQ4100 Quest Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna

direct tv satellite dish for sale - KING VQ4100 Quest

Last but not least, KING VQ4100 will complete this list as the lightest satellite TV antenna. With only 8 pounds in total, this item is ideal to carry around.

As a result, you can enjoy your outdoor activities while bringing it along. I am a big lover of RV, and this product totally maximizes my satisfaction.

You can mount it permanently to the roof, and after a few seconds, it will automatically give you the satellite signal. It is very fantastic since there is no need for extra actions. And of course, we can still have the crystal-clear TV to watch for the entire day.

KING VQ4100 works by powering the coax cable which is connected to the power injector in between. However, you need a variety of devices for the whole connection, which is minus point for KING VQ4100.

In particular, you need to have the power inverter, the power pack, the AC power source along with the portable generator.

KING VQ4100 Quest

In addition, this item does not support the DIRECTV HD programming, SWM, as well as the Ka-Band satellite. Therefore, you need to know that KING VQ4100 is exclusively designed for DIRECTV SD programming only.

Besides these elements, KING VQ4100 is a great portable service that allows you to go everywhere with entertainment. It offers the incredible TV programs on the road or on your trip.

Also, you do not need to attach any additional brackets to the roof mount. It is safe and stable enough for a long time.

Moreover, with the dual output, KING VQ4100 can allow the audience to have two different viewing. Thus, you can watch two channels at the same time. In summary, KING VQ4100 is not the ultimate choice for you, but it is one of the best TV antenna for RV that you should consider.  

Pros of the product

  • Either portable or roof mountable
  • No need for additional brackets when roof mounting
  • Automatically find the satellite signal
  • Extremely lightweight to carry around
  • Support two satellite receivers
Cons of the product

  • Require a number of devices to power up
  • Only support the DIRECTV SD programming

KING VQ4100 Quest Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna


In conclusion, I hope that all of my sharing will give you the overview of the best TV antenna for RV. Now, you can choose the most suitable one for yourself without any difficulties. However, in case you have any queries or confusion, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime. Or if you have any great ideas and suggestions for this list, you can give your great answer.


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