How to Find Land for Tiny Houses

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Most of us have always dreamt about living in a large apartment or maybe an enormous villa. However, I know there are plenty alternative people are planning for their house on wheels a.k.a a tiny house. Finding land for tiny houses isn’t less complicated than seeking a place to build up a big house, to be honest.

You will have to look up for the same things from housing laws, where to find, prices and size measurement with your budget. It might sound incredibly insane, but don’t worry because I’m going to give you full instructions and additional ideas to find land for tiny houses.

The Location

Right, it’s the first and foremost factor when it comes to building a house, with any types. The question comes upfront always is: “Where can I park my tiny house?” or “Where is the ideal place for my house on wheels?” You have more choices than you thought.

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Cre: Tumbleweed Tiny Houses
  • Park your tiny house on your own land: If you already had a place for your own, why not start building up your tiny house in a part of the land? It doesn’t take a bunch of your budget.
  • Park your tiny house on someone’s land: This option may cause some paper issues at first, you will have to get the permission from the land’s owner to park your house and make sure it’s in a safe area or at least, you know it well. A smart idea for people who can’t afford to have their own land.
  • Park your tiny house in an RV Park or an International Tiny House community: such a good choice to create more connection with people that have the same taste with you. As a mainstream of lifestyle, more and more people who have a house on wheels are gathering together as a community to make it stronger and easier to assist as well as helping each other.

Size and Price

Most of the people who choose to live in a tiny house are people living on a budget. That obviously means the cover amount of money to buy or make your own tiny house should be mentioned.

tiny house interior
Cre: Pinterest

From $1,500 you can DIY everything for your 6’ x 10’ house with space for a kitchen, a small bed with mattress, a small working space ($1,500 does not include the cost for a kitchen, bed, composting toilet and working space). With higher budget starting from $5000-$6500, you can ask somebody to assist you making stuff and buy more tools, same ratios.

To draw up a 8’ x 8’ space, your pocket should be full filled with $10,500. And finally, if you’re interested in making a beautiful furnished 11’ x 9’ tiny house, a veteran instructor will give you an offer of $12,000.

The price could be cheaper or higher based on the location.

Tiny houses are normally not located in big cities where surrounded by insanely tall buildings. And basically, the tiny house owners likely prefer an eco-friendly lifestyle to live in the rural areas which is an important factor to decrease the prices for everything.

Always remember, the price comes with quality and it’s up to your purpose. Furthermore, making chairs, tables or bed by yourself could also save you a lot. So overall, here is the range I can offer you: $500 – $8000; $4000 in average.

Places For Tiny House Community

Living in a tiny home has been popping up as a stream among the young adults so it’s quite easy to find places for tiny house community all over the world. No matter where you live, you won’t find any difficulties to connect with people that already set up as a reunion and living happily among their alternative community.

As if you’re a US citizen, you will find plenty of land for tiny houses community across the country. From the East Coast to the West Coast, from mountainous to coastal areas, you have it all. These are the villages among the country that leading the way of sharing and helping each other in diverse aspects:

On the edge of the US, the Canadians eco-living people have also created their own communities in Ontario, Québec, Montréal, Edmonton.

For people living in Europe, you should step a walk to the rural areas for the real research. Somewhere close by the mountains or beaches are normally considered to become a great place for an eco-living community based on the space, atmosphere, and the living cost.

Tiny house community
Cre: Shareable

Resources To Find Land For Tiny Houses

Thanks a thousand times to the social media and the internet that it could not be easier to search for the sources. All you need to do is take a cup of coffee, open your Macbook or Laptop, find a Wifi connection and type on Google: “How do I find a place for my tiny house?”. Done!

Alright, I was joking. Let me remind you some reliable sources that land’s owners, buyers, and sellers highly recommend. There are numerous groups or pages in all over the world such as Tiny House UK, Tiny House Canada will offer to help you find land for your tiny house.

Don’t forget our amazing advertising site Craigslist – you know how helpful it is. Millions of sellers and buyers have found what they actually need on Craigslist. So, if you’re in need of finding yourself a land for your tiny home or any other kinds of stuff, give a couple minutes to search for the ads on there. If that doesn’t help, try these websites:


2 thoughts on “How to Find Land for Tiny Houses”

  1. Will Pedersen

    I think something has been lost in translation here, much of the article does not make sense to me, for example: “From $1,500 you can DIY everything for your 3’ x 4’ house with a kitchen, a wooden bed with mattress, a small working space”. Are you talking meters here? Most designs are around 7′ x 18′ and you are looking at around USD $15,000 on the low end for new materials and building it yourself (with a loft, kitchen, shower, composting toilet).

    1. Ed. Winston

      Hi Will,
      Thanks for the comment! I was sleepy while writing this article so it has some mistakes. Sorry for that. Here is the correction. The tiny house is 6’ x 10’ with space for a kitchen, a small bed with mattress, a small working space ($1,500 does not include the cost for a kitchen, bed and working space) and It was built with raw materials. You can learn how to do it here:
      Sorry again for the inconvenient 🙂

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