How to Choose The Right Tiny House Flatbed Trailer

tiny house flatbed trailer

When it comes to build a tiny house, the trailer is importantly considered as the foundation of your entire house. That obviously means you should look around and choose it wisely. These following tips on choosing the right tiny house flatbed trailer will successfully help you a hand so don’t freak out.

trailer for a tiny house
Cre: Tiny Home Builders

Common Trailer Options

1. The Deck Between:

The Deck Between trailer features a flatbed trailer between two wheel wells. The width of the bed is restricted by how far apart the wheel wells are. However, the flatbed takes a little lower to the ground. By far you will be able to build your tiny house taller by taking the advantage of this feature.

tiny house the deck between trailer
Cre: South Island Trailers

2. The Deck Over:

This is an absolute contrast to the deck between. As the name above, this trailer model features a bed on top of the wheel wells. The bed can be up to 8’ wide as it’s not restricted by how far apart of the wheel wells. According to the design, your house can add in another extra room on the sides. But since the bed is too high off the ground you’re highly advised to stick with one-story house models without lofts.

tiny house the deck over trailer

3. The Dovetail:

tiny house dovetail trailer
Cre: Trailers Direct

You can either have a deck between or a deck-over with this model. Yet there is a section at the gear that angles towards the ground (which creates its name – The Dovetail) compared to the two trailers above makes a little difference. Usually, this feature of the trailer is commonly used to haul the cars, big trucks or vehicles.

You can either have a deck between or a deck-over with this model. Yet there is a section at the gear that angles towards the ground (which creates its name – The Dovetail) compared to the two trailers above makes a little difference. Usually, this feature of the trailer is commonly used to haul the cars, big trucks or vehicles.

The angle on this trailer allows the big trucks or vehicles to be loaded easier with this trailer. But unfortunately, it’s not a really good choice for tiny house building upon on this awkward platform. The trailer, however, requires an additional welding and more modification of the dovetail if you wish to build a house on this trailer.

4. The Gooseneck:

tiny house gooseneck trailer
Cre: Johnson Trailer

Again, a deck between or a deck-over can be a gooseneck but a gooseneck has a special hitch connection. The trailer hitches to the flatbed of a truck which is placed with a ball hitch.

In addition, the tailgate of the truck is connected to the trailer’s gooseneck in order to attach the installed hitch. Hence, this connection allows it to pull larger trailers and it’s basically more stable to pull a heavy loaded trailer. You can tell it’s fine to build a tiny house on a gooseneck.

Further Things To Consider

There are numerous considerations to keep in mind and look up when choosing a trailer for a tiny house.

1. Calculating Weights and Heights Capacity Needs

A trailer for a tiny house is built with axles connecting the wheels that are rated for certain load capacities. The axles can be able to carry a certain amount of weight each.

Your trailer can hold 7,000 lbs in total with a double axle trailer that comes for 3,500 pounds with two axels. And make sure to keep in mind that the GVWR includes the weight of the trailer. You can literally put on 5,500 lbs on a trailer weighs 1,500 lbs and is rated for 7,000 lbs.

2. Size of Trailers

Size always does matter on everything. A size can be the main factor that goes first and it’s generally what you need to make a final decision.

8’6” wide is legally the size of a trailer. For a gooseneck trailer, we will go up to 30′ on the deck with 7′ on the neck for a total of 37′. We are capable of extending widths past the 8′6″ wide norm up to 12′ wide.

The highest size we can go up to is 13’6’’. You will have to keep in mind that the larger the width is, the more expensive and complicated permission of your house is required. There are a few exceptions can be made if you’re a professional mover in some certain states.

You should also pay attention to the trailer frame, which is actually the backbone of your trailer.

3. What Kind of Hitch You Will Need?

tiny house trailer hitch
Cre: Chux

Type of hitch depends on how heavy your vehicle is. Once you know how much it weighs, you can ask the manufacturer or the constructor in assisting you to find the best option. Hitches also go with matching capacity for weight which is generally called “tongue weight”. It means the weight that the hitch can carry as opposed to the wheels.

I hope you have found this information before going to get into calculating your trailer weight. There are many sizes for hitch balls, but almost all are either 2″ or 2 5/16″ (2 5/16″ is perfect for Tumbleweeds). The hitch ball on your towing vehicle is changeable. Parts for the hitch of your towing vehicle can be purchased at auto supply stores and fortunately quite cheap if you need to swap it into a new one.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that utility trailers and tractor trailers each require a unique type of hitch attachment.

4. Trailer Cost

Knowing the price before you go to pick up your trailer or any other factors is a MUST. This is what always care about and it also goes straight into the top tips when choosing a trailer for your tiny house.

Based on research and average, a flatbed truck/trailer for a tiny house won’t cost less than $3,000 and can be up to the amount of $20,000. It sounds not a really good deal as you wanna build your tiny house on a budget, but it will be an important part if you actually consider a proper foundation for your tiny house on wheels. The quality usually comes with the price.

I highly don’t recommend the cheap second-hand trailer. You should splurge when you’re bound to buy a trailer as if you don’t want a crummy one which will make you regret and worry about forevermore especially when moving it. So don’t scrimp on, save up and find the best trailer.


It may seem quite a lot for you to take in, but these tips when choosing the perfect tiny house flatbed trailer should help you in your search. The construction of a trailer is the base and first thing that comes to build a tiny house so everything must be well-prepared. No matter you decide to make it on your own or having a veteran constructor to help you out, these are things you should know about what a trailer needs. Read, get to understand and you won’t be regret.

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