How to Choose Appliances for Your Tiny House

tiny house appliances

Choosing furniture and appliances for a tiny house are always difficult because everything needs to perfectly fit with one another. Otherwise, space will be wasted and you will not have so many conveniences while living in the house. I know that you as well as many other people are having various hardships in selecting appropriate appliances for your tiny house. Therefore, I will show you how to choose tiny house appliances in this article today and I hope you will be able to purchase the best-quality products after reading.

Tiny House Appliances for your Kitchen

Ranges and Ovens

tiny house appliances
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These seem to be essentials that every tiny house owner or cook would need. With their small size and 2-in-1 design, they can fit any type of tiny house. Whether you have a cabin, RV, prefab, or even cob house, ranges and ovens can still satisfy your demand. These are some criteria that you should pay attention to while choosing them:

• Your primary purposes

This is crucial because once you buy a range and an oven altogether, they will become the main tool that helps you make all the delicious meals. So this factor has to rank first. You need to know what your cooking habit is to choose the most suitable type. Do you regularly bake? Do you have kids? Or do you often have a barbecue in the garden? Those are the questions you need to ask yourself before buying ranges and ovens.

If you regularly bake or have a barbecue, a gas stove top and electric oven will be a great choice. But if you have kids, electric ranges tend to be much safer.

• The place where you put them

This factor will decide what size and style you should choose. Most tiny houses have small kitchens with a variety of space. Some houses only have little rooms on the floor but are wide-opened in the spaces above due to a high ceiling.

However, some people prefer to build low ceiling and open the space below it, which creates more rooms on the floor. There are plenty types of ranges and ovens in the market nowadays. One tip for you is that you can measure the length and width of the place you are going to put them before purchasing. These perfect tiny house appliances will follow behind.

• The total money you can spend

You can find quite many ranges and ovens with different prices. A gas range is usually from 400 to over 3000 dollars, while the electric stove top is a little more expensive, which is from 500 to over 3000 bucks.

Therefore, calculating all of the expenses and work out how much you can afford for the ranges and ovens you need. You will find the best type you need.


tiny house Refrigerator
Credit: Mindful HQ

Another essential for your tiny house appliances is a refrigerator. Every home needs one. It has become one of the most necessary appliances in our lives for centuries. To choose an excellent fridge, you need to care about:

• How much food you often need to store

If you know precisely how much food you often put inside your fridge and how many people live in your tiny house, you can decide the number of trays. Whether they are scattered or dense, it depends on you.

If there are only two people living in your tiny house, you may not need so many trays. On the contrary, if there are about 4 to 5 people, more units will be needed.

• The place where you put them

Similar to ranges and ovens, choosing the place for a refrigerator requires measuring the space on the floor and the ceiling. With a high ceiling, you can choose a fridge with equivalent height but shorten its length and width. With a low ceiling and wide-opened space below, you can have the opposite choice.

• How much money you willing to pay

Budget is always what you need to notice. But don’t worry too much because it does not cost too much to have an appropriate fridge for your house. 400 to over 2000 dollars are the money you can consider. Just estimate your budget and I hope you would make the right decision.


I don’t think that you will have any difficulties when choosing a dishwasher for your tiny home. There are thousands of these appliances and many of them are designed particularly for tiny houses. When I went to choose a dishwasher about a year ago, it looked extremely cute and varied in distinct sizes. Some can be placed on the ground, under or on the kitchen table, and some even had wheels.

In my opinion, when you have over 5 people living in your tiny house, a dishwasher with four wheels will be the best option because it has adequately large space. But if there are fewer than 3 people, one placed under or on the kitchen table is probably more suitable. It all depends on you. So make sure you have a careful overview of your house before buying more appliances.

Other items you must have

These tiny house appliances are necessary but not too essential for your tiny house. You need to consider carefully because they will make your life more convenient but also diminish your living space.

Heating and Cooling

The climate is continuously changing every day due to global warmth; therefore, the weather can be very unpredictable these times. In my country, it’s only 20 Celsius degree in the middle of winter while it used to be a 5-6 degree in the old days. That is why having a heating and cooling system inside your tiny house will be a terrific idea to maintain the pleasant temperature.

To have the best heating and cooling system, you need to use the BTU measurement to see how much heat is needed to released in your tiny house. Each region has a distinct temperature so it is necessary to work on that step to prevent your house from getting too hot or too cold. Then, just read the instructions given in the system to find out which one fits your house. You will be surprised at how useful this appliance is.


tiny house laundry
Credit: Tiny House Talk

I probably don’t need to mention about the benefits of this item. You definitely know the conveniences it would bring to you. So the only thing you need to care about when choosing a laundry is its size. If you build your tiny house with plenty small rooms and each of them has a different function, such as dining room, kitchen, or laundry room, it would not be so hard to find a place for this appliance.

Nevertheless, it may be an obstacle if you only have one bedroom and all of the other activities are implemented in one tiny space. Therefore, find a proper place in your house before choosing the size of your laundry. You will find the task so much easier.


I hope you have discovered how to choose the tiny house appliances having the highest quality. Thank you for reading my article and I hope to see you in my subsequent ones.

P/s: If you want to find something to decorate your tiny house, try a vintage style record player

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