10 Worst Towing RV Accidents You Need to Avoid

Nowadays, many people live in a small space home getting an RV for their travel or camping, you, too.

Yes, apart from what you need to prepare, you should also know the cases, which can occur on your trip. No one wants to occur the RV accidents, but it would be best to know to avoid.

Worst Towing RV Accidents You Need to Avoid

Watch Out for 10 Worst Towing Tiny House and RV Accidents

Accident #1

You should know that wind is always a problem whether that is a sunny day. You will meet many difficulties and risks if you are driving in the high-wind condition.

In fact, a large number of accidents happens due to driving in that condition. If light, it can damage your vehicle’s mirror when side-swiping a semi-truck is passing.

The worse cases are to overturn your RV and make you get trapped in your own vehicle. These ones will be able to cause other dangerous situations to you.

RV Crash

Accident #2

Driving at high speeds is also one of the causes lead to RV accidents. According to the experts, most drivers move with high speed because:

  • They want to come to the destination sooner.
  • They do not recognize their own speed.
  • They do not concern the law.

And of course, the speeding accidents injuries are not light. You can get lacerations, broken bones, whiplash, back and neck injuries, and the worst one is death.

Driving an RV too fast

Accident #3

You usually maintain the tire improperly, don’t you? Yes, this one can lead to a tire blowout. The worn tread, aged tires, collision with curb, overweight load and others are the major causes of this problem.

Don’t underestimate this situation! A tire blowout not only makes you dangerous but also affects the vehicles in proximity. The common injuries are composed of the internal bleeding, injuries in the back and neck, wrist damage and more.

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Thermopolis, Wyoming. Four people died in an SUV and a 3-year-old passenger in the motorhome. Via: Do it yourself RV

Accident #4

The main cause leading to the complicated RV crash must say to rollover. It is especially more common than other accidents. There are many factors, which reflect this case.

The first is vehicle types, especially, RVs, SUVs, vans, or pickups are easy to occur rollover. Besides, the speed, alcohol, and location also contribute to causing the serious consequences related to rollover.

Numbers death people due to rollover are not under 50 percent for each of causes. In the light cases, it also affects the organs of the body in a serious way, blindness, chronic back pain, nervous, for example.

RV Accidents 2

Accidents #5

Each of the drivers must have a specific license to the vehicle they are driving. We say this one because a disastrous accident can occur whether there is a small error.

When mentioning to the runaway trailer accident, overloaded trailers, speeding, steep declines, vehicle defects, brake failure, or sudden turns are the common causes.

Once the trailer speed has the problems, attaching to the tractor will get broken. It will damage to people and property.

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Accident #6

If you compare an RV with a general vehicle, it will be heavier many times. Accordingly, their damage is very huge. Once a case of overloading occurs, it will lead to an array of situations such as difficult to stop, top overs, braking axles, and dropping cargo.

Look at what can occur, it is certain that you can recognize their consequence. You, your RV, and vehicles nearby will get damaged.

Marsh Lake, Alaska. No one was injured. Via: www.doityourselfrv.com

Accident #7

It doesn’t absolutely drive while you feel sleepy, tired, or drowsy. It is known as driver fatigue/ drowsy-driving. Perhaps, this cause is not strange. Generally, the majority of the drivers do not sleep enough.

Though you only feel asleep in several seconds, that one may still lead to the death. Therefore, if you have the signs, including, boredom, restlessness, yawning, or unfocused, you stop and rest until you feel ready to begin the trip.

Accident #8

rearview mirrors

There are some areas that the driver cannot see through the rear-view mirrors. This case is called a blind spot.

To eliminate the blind spots, you can adjust the framed rear window, adjust the left or right side mirror, or turn the head to determine these blind spots. Like that, you likely minimize the risk of knocking against another vehicle.

According to the statistics, the blind spots cause countless motor accidents, RV accidents included. The organ injuries involving the neck, back, whiplash, wrist, or spinal cord are the most common.

Accident #9

The vibration at the steering wheel is a sign to recognize an unbalanced tire. It will have a large number of issues arise in this case. The first is damaged to the property because you need to have to repair. Having said that, it is damaged to yourself.

Remember that reducing fuel economy, vibrating, or adding tire tear will lead to the unbalanced tires.

Accident #10

SUV and Motorhome Collide
Forest Grove, Oregon. Via: www.pinkflamingorvradio.com

It will be actually worse if you are an inexperienced driver. Based on the report of the CDC, the young drivers that cause the automobile crash have been increasing.

They often use the cell phones when driving, don’t wear the seat belts, are overconfident, and more. Plus, they are short of the experience, so it cannot handle the risk situations while driving.

Saying to the worst result is to cause the accidents for others and must bear legal responsibility.


Don’t drive when you are not active and do not have any experience. Avoid overloading in comparison with the allowed load. Maintain your vehicle regularly to see the unusual signs of parts. Let’s drive with a proper speed.

It believes that you will be able to avoid the worst motor accidents, not just the RV accidents. If you have the traveling or camping hobby, these ones will also help you avoid the travel trailer/tiny home on wheels accidents. Good safe!!

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