12+ Inexpensive Fall Decoration Ideas (Part 2)

inexpensive fall decoration

Almost everywhere, the time passes very fast as well as the day usually ends early in the fall – the season of shedding leaves. So, has your house changed anything to welcome the moment yet? You may not know that just a few simple inexpensive fall decorations, your home’s space will become brighter, warmer and friendlier with the characteristic- colored furniture. Now let’s be ready to blow the heat of summer and decorate your home in the coming autumn with us.

At first, we will learn about simple things but they will make your nest becomes more different.

12+ Ideas for Inexpensive Fall Decorations

Sofa and cushion

Sofa and cushion

If you only have a blue sofa, it would not be able to say that the autumn is here. However, let’s change this boring color by choosing the cushions with natural plant motifs of autumn like chrysanthemum, hydrangea and so on.

Moreover, do not forget to renovate the walls with wallpaper printed flowers and leaves that are simple yet delicate in due season.

Fresh flower

Fresh flower

It is wrong to underestimate the power of fresh flowers because the use of seasonal flowers that bloom by season to decorate will brings the fall to your living room.

Pictures and photos

Pictures and photos

In fact, the living room and bedroom space become warmer than ever if you choose family photos or paintings with the theme of family affection. This will create amazing effects that make you surprised. This trend is now being chosen and applied by lots of people to bring a warmth of love for their nest. Thus, you can select some photos from the family photo album that you find most satisfying to put in the frames and decorate your rooms.

Light in the house

Light in the house

The electric bulbs with warm light are preferred for home in the autumn and winter if you choose warm colors to light up the house, it is better when choosing the ones with white light.

In case you decorate a living space with bright white (cold color) should select the bulbs with the warm yellow. You should note that it is not advisable to renew your home with warm colors while using the yellow lights for illumination. This combination will bring a feeling of darkness and sadness for your room.

Front door

Without the glamour and youth of summer, the main tone of autumn should be changed accordingly.

Front door

In front of the door, you can place the chrysanthemum pots or hang a wreath on the door. But remember not to use too many colors to decorate as well as put the big trees because it will be very cumbersome.

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The flavors of fall

The flavors of fall

Not only do the maple leaves bring the inspiration of autumn to your home, but even the smell of pumpkin pie, waffles, apple cakes as well as the smell of wood burning in the fireplace for the first time can also make the house full of flavor.

Furthermore, you can also use scented candles, or boil the flavors like cinnamon, cloves, etc. to bring the aroma of autumn to the house as well.



In addition, although it is expensive, the furniture covered with velvet material creates a feeling of luxury and warmth for both autumn and winter. If you do not have enough money to buy a stylish velvet sofa, you can replace it with a velvet cushion or velvet cover on your chairs and couches.

Decoration in each room


Bedroom fall decoration

The bedroom needs private space, so it is good to let the colors make you feel the most comfortable. The blue of summer brings the feeling of peace and quiet while the yellow color will make your bedroom get an elegant, warm appearance.

Living room

Inexpensive Fall Decorations

For the living room, you should choose the warmer colors. Dark brown, violet or yellow color is very suitable for the air of this season. Besides that, the small glass jars containing the colorful beans or corn cob as decorations in the front room are the great ideas, which not only saves money but also brings excellent effects.


Fireplace fall decoration

Not everyone knows that when adding a few pumpkins and colorful candles in the fireplace, it partly makes the whole space warmer, partly shows the specific shade of autumn.

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bathroom fall decoration

The fact is that bathrooms are often ignored when we decided to decorations by seasonal color. However, let’s pay more attention to that.

Instead of using a white towel, as usual, it is better when you replace it with another one with dark red of olive or pumpkin in order to get the feeling of early autumn in your house.


kitchen fall decoration

For the kitchen, you can invest in simple decorative objects that evoke this season like a magnolia wreath or a small picture with neutral colors and so on. Plus, the tray is also an important detail that many people do not notice.

One more note is that for each season, you can place on this tray the colors as well as the characteristic items. For instance, the decorations of wood with green color are most suitable for autumn.

Things to keep in mind when decorating a house

Things to keep in mind when decorating a house

1. The furniture is not handy

It is necessary to test the furniture before purchasing. You always remember to try the interior before you buy. Do not hesitate to lie, sit or try to use them as at home before deciding on the purchase or not.

2. Wrong colors

You can arrange beautiful furniture throughout the room, but if you mix the unsuitable paint, it will destroy all of your efforts. This does not mean you have to use paints in rigid rules. However, you should at first try to paint a small wall to see the effect of natural and electric light on the paint color. The same color but different tones will make different effects.

3. The bulbs are too big compared to room space

If you want your room to become cramped, the ceiling is lower than itself in real life, you buy a huge chandelier to decorate. In case you prefer a spacious guest room, it is the time to consider carefully choosing the lights and chandeliers. Instead of elaborate, sophisticated bulbs, you should choose the ones with simple, slender or crystal designs to reflect light effectively.

4. The wrong size of carpet

The most common mistake people make is to choose the carpet that is too small. Hence, they cannot put the essential items in the living room. If you are fond of a certain carpet, let’s consider it at least several times so that the legs of the table can be put neatly on the carpet. If not, you can remove to expose the floor. It is better than using a rug that is not fit anymore.

5. Trendy items

Following too many trends is one of the reasons turning your loved home into a disaster. The items that look good in a store or other people’s home may not match your current living room or other positions in your house. If you are interested in the new and stylish products, try to limit yourself to small, easy-to-replace items.

Tips for beautiful house

The following tips will help to create the warmth as well as contributing to the romantic look of your home at the end of autumn.

Create a rustic room

A living room with ancient architecture with wooden beams, chairs in French style will certainly bring a warm atmosphere to your home in this fall.

Creation with chairs

Creation with chairs

Along with a styled saddle chair in the house’s corner, a wreath made from dry, seasonal fruit will make you mesmerized as if you were walking in a romantic leafy autumn forest.

Trends by using warm colors

Trends by using warm colors

The cold air of autumn and winter will be reduced if you live in a cozy interior space that is highlighted in red, pink, and purple. The light yellow and orange-yellow are very popular in the design world. These are the colors symbolizing for autumn. In addition, they also bring a sense of relaxation and comfort as well.

You can create highlights by using the orange cushion, thin tablecloths or too golden pumpkins in the corner or a glass room overlooking the garden. From the inside of the house, you can both drink lemon tea and look out to the garden to see the autumn nature outside, which nothing is more wonderful than that feeling. Otherwise, you can also enjoy a glass of champagne or a cup of dark-green tea, which is nothing more poetic than it ever.

Adding decorative motifs of vines

Adding decorative motifs of vines

Because purple is one of the romantic colors and characterizing the fall, an antique vase with a small bough of grapevine hanging on a shelf next to a mirror or near a window will bring autumn into your home.

Door decoration

Door decoration

Give your home a warm feeling from the moment you set your foot in it by spreading the carpet on the porch. It is perfect if you prepare a rustic wooden chair, a laurel wreath on the wall near the door, a few blankets for you to sit in the chair and watch outside the porch without any worrying.

Drawing floral motifs or painting on pumpkins

Drawing floral motifs or painting on pumpkins

In addition to carving a lantern pumpkin, you can also own a white pumpkin-shaped lantern that is designed with the floral motifs on top. It is no doubt that the flower decoration will help bring autumn flavor into your home immediately.

You can paint seasonal patterns using an acrylic paintbrush and painters tape. Now let’s follow these steps to have a nice product by yourself. First, use painters tape to paste up the edges of pumpkins forming the diagonal lines. Then, paint up the rest of pumpkin by a paintbrush and dry at least 30 minutes. After that, remove the adhesive tape. And now you can display these colorful pumpkins throughout the house to make a nice look for the house.

Decoration with wild apple twigs

You can equip your home with some of the wild apple twigs that could be placed on the table, fireplaces or shelves, which will bring nature to your place of residence. Besides that, just keep in mind to remove the leaves from the twigs as it will crown the beautiful apples.


Firewood fall decoration

With the aim to create a unique art in decoration, some homeowners in Pennsylvania have removed their cabinet door under the windows to place wood in that empty space. Ornamenting our home with firewood is also a way to add extra warmth in the autumn.

When the weather becomes colder, you should put a warm blanket, body pillows, socks, blanket, and shawl in the position that is easy to find out in the house. Moreover, you can leave a couch or sofa in the home’s corner, near the window with colorful pillows and blankets to renew overall architecture at the moment of the season change. Sometimes, a blanket can make the house, even warmer than what you are expecting.

Keep the warm attic

From the small attic, you can look at the outside world. Sitting on a rattan chair and sipping a hot glass of tea or a cup of coffee is a great sensation in cold weather like this.

In short, there are only a few days away until the ripeness of autumn filling the air. This is also the time when everyone is eagerly preparing materials to decorate their home or office so that it looks fresh and cozy. Instead of re-decorating your home with the old items you used last year, why not try your hand at creating new and unique decorations that make the house look both fancy and aesthetic.

Hopefully, the information above will be useful for you, helping you come up with the unique ideas in the autumn of this year. Last but not least, do not forget to visit our website for more interesting news and reports related to this topic. Wish you a warm autumn with your love.


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