Best Futon Bed 2017 - DHP Euro Sofa Futon Loveseat Review

Best Futon Bed 2020 – DHP Euro Sofa Futon Loveseat Review

A furniture is an accessory to beautify your house. The style and design of every accessory in your room reflects who you are. If you know how to choose the right sofa for your room, then it shows how good you are. You might want to have a look at what’s on sale. To give you an example, we have here the best futon bed review for your small house.

Benefits You Get from The Sofa’s Features

best small sofa bed review

Our Rating: 5/5

Many cheap sofas are available on the market. Various manufacturer flies, but buying a cheap sofa is not the only option left. The DHP Euro Sofa Futon Loveseat is on sale and you might want to consider it.

  • The DHP Euro Sofa Futon Loveseat comes with a linen upholstery. It also comes with chrome legs. These features may give your small house a modern style.
  • Also, this loveseat sofa is available is various colors, such as berry purple, black, gray, navy, and tan. Having the best futon bed that matches your small house looks awesome. You may also bring it into your condo, apartment or dorm.
  • Assembling the sofa is easy, so it won’t eat much of your time. Simply fold down the adjustable armrests. And then, you can come up with multiple and innovative designs.
  • Furthermore, the sofa’s versatility provides a magazine storage on the side pocket. The magazine and the people’s weight are still fine. This sturdy sofa offers a weight limit of 400 pounds.
  • It has a sitting dimension that measures 56L x 30W x 32H inches. For the sleeping dimension, it measures 75.5L x 30W x 17.5H inches. The sofa weighs 59 pounds.
  • Finally, an instruction manual is included in the package. If you lost your copy, then you may visit the Futon website and provide the Instruction Manual Number.

small sofa bed review

Pros and Cons of The Best Futon Bed

Pros of the product

  • Comes with linen upholstery for a modern sofa style.
  • It has chrome tapered legs and cushions for a modernized look.
  • Be creative with its adjustable armrests.
  • It is available in various colors. So, choose the color that matches your room.
  • It comes with a pocket that serves as your magazine storage.
  • It is easy to assemble. Taking less of your time is always appreciated.

Cons of the product

  • The cushions do not have removable covers.

best small sofa bed

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Tips for Choosing a Sofa

Finding the right sleeper sofa bed for your room is not that easy without interest in home designing. You just need to be aware of the different considerations regarding the sofa. There are a few things in the list, the type, style, size, frames and fillings of the sofa.

  • Types of Sofa

The type of a sofa will depend on various factors. Consider the number of people using the sofa, your lifestyle, the layout of your room, the use of the sofa and the people around your home.

There are also questions that you need to answer. Do you have kids at home who will normally hang out the room? Is the sofa for your living room having a television?

  • Different Styles

The Chick Style is made out of natural materials, such as leather and cotton. This style usually comes in gray, light brown or chocolate brown colors.

The Luxe Style is a luxuriously designed sofa.  These sofas usually have pipped and details to raise the design of the sofa. It makes use of sophisticated materials, such as cashmeres, velvets, and soft shiny fabrics.

And The Urban Style makes use of bright colors, monochrome palettes or colorful burs. They are also designed with a contemporary look and a modular shape.

small sofa bed for sale

  • Various Size

The size of the sofa varies. So, you have to consider the space of your room. Of course, do not forget to get the measurements for your sofa’s position.

  • Sturdy Frames

Upholsterers have their own field of expertise when it comes to the frame. They use hardwood material in the solid construction of the frames, such as beech or oak.

You must also check the back, style of the arms and legs of your sofa. These are important factors that affect the durability of the sofa.

Fabrics and fillings upholstered the back of a sofa. The back falls in three classifications, such as fixed, cushioned or scattered.

Furthermore, The Fixed Back offers a formal style. The Cushion Back design comes with fixed cushions and a back support. The Scatter Back has multiply scattered cushions.

Also, A Square Arm gives a contemporary style. A Scroll Arm is luxurious and traditional. An Ornate Arm offers a modern scheme.

Finally, The Legs may be hidden or exposed. Choose the Bun Feet for a classic or contemporary type. You may also pick the Turned Legs for traditional arrangements.

  • Comfortable Fillings

The fillings are usually the most exciting part of the sofa because you have to enjoy sitting on it. You may choose a deep cushioned or a firmed sofa. Consider a Foam, Fibre or Feather type of cushion fillings.

A Foam filling gives a firm experience. A Fibre filling, which is made of synthetic materials, offers a medium comfort. And a Feather filling gives a soft, relaxing and luxurious feeling.

  • Maximum Support

You must also check the support or the suspension system of your sofa. This will help you experience the comfort of using it. Be aware of the coil spring system on the seat to determine quality.

best small sleeper sofa 2017


Finding the best futon bed can be easy for home design experts. Of course, without expertise, usual small homeowners need the best futon bed reviews. Therefore, reading various reviews benefits you with the facts and information to help you choose a product.

With the DHP Euro Futon Loveseat Review, various features are provided. For this reason, you can clearly see the benefits of using this sofa.

This is not simply a sofa or bed for your small house. In fact, its modern design may give your room a change in style.


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