Where Should You Empty The Composting Toilets?

Where Should You Empty The Composting Toilets?

A composting toilet is a kind of toilets that processes human waste by composting, which is a biological treatment. Through it, the organic patterns in human excrement are turned into compost. In a controlled condition, microorganisms, more precisely bacteria and fungi, do the task and get rid of the unpleasant smell. Most composting toilets don’t use water to flush away human waste. Now, the trouble is finding where to empty composting toilets responsibly and legally.

Where to Empty Composting Toilets: In Case of Pee

Public Restrooms

Sometimes when you are on the way, you can stop at a public WC to empty the pee bottle. It’s 100 percent responsible and legal. However, remember to put in in a canvas bag before taking it with you. No one wants to see others’ liquid waste.

Dumping pee into public restroom means you have to use water for flushing, but you have saved a lot of it during the days before using the composting toilet.

RV Dump Stations

If there is an RV Dump Station in the neighborhood you are living or traveling, you can use the facility to get rid of the urine. It’s convenient, and since the stations are built to collect black and gray water from RVs, you are free to do so.


It sounds upsetting when you have to dump your urine outside, but if you know how to do it without bothering other people, it’s totally fine. Besides, although human liquid waste is not something clean, it isn’t toxic. The chances of getting infectious diseases through urine’s rare. Moreover, because urine includes, beneficial components such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, it may benefit the plants. Still, don’t dump it into others’ gardens. Do the task somewhere distant from housing areas.


Emptying the pee bottle into the sewage is not illegal, and you should do so when it is raining to get rid of the lingering smell. Don’t dump your urine into the stormwater drain. The pipes go straight to the rivers or lakes, not to the wastewater processing stations.

Empty Composting Toilets: In case of poop

Empty Composting Toilets: In case of poop

It’s more important to care about poop than about pee. Apart from the unbearable smell, poop hasn’t actually composted in the composting toilets. Therefore, so you have to be careful not to spread the wicked bacteria like salmonella or E. coli everywhere.

In the wood

Many people recommend burying human excrement in the woods. It’s fine as long as you can dig a hole that is deep and wide enough. You may hear from elsewhere that it is okay to dig a cat hole from 6 to 8 inches deep to dump your shit in. But, it’s for a poop, not a bucket of excreta and sawdust, coco pith, or peat moss.

In the pit toilets

Trailheads and campgrounds often offer pit toilets, where you may consider dumping your human waste into. It’s a fast way, but not recommended. Emptying what’s in the pit toilet need more time, efforts, and money that dealing with your composting one. So, despite all the advantages, you should only make the decision when there isn’t another method.

Make a compost pile

Make a compost pile

It’s a long-lasting, efficient way to get rid of the excrement, especially when you have a garden of fruit tree or live near the forest. Find a place in your backyard, dump all the accumulated waste in a pile, then cover it with mulch to prevent the flies. Though the waste is not completely composted during the time in the poop bucket, it will, given the time in the pile.

If you are gardening, the compost is an incredible fertilizer. You should keep it underground to avoid the smell and make the trees grow better. However, don’t use it on vegetable since you are not sure it’s safe, or you are eating it raw. The compost can have more use if you are living near the forest. Just scatter it on the ground and it works magnificently.

Straight to the garbage cans

Though it may sound unreasonable, dumping poop into trash cans is completely legal, as long as you have packed it securely so the smell doesn’t bother your neighbors. Don’t use plastic bags to do so, because it will erase your effort to save the environment by using composting toilets.

Human waste, when mixed with coco pith, sawdust, or something like that, is hardly hazardous. If you can throw dirty diapers and dog poop into trash cans, so it’s okay to do so with human excrement. Just remember, put the dirtbag into the right can. The authority in many countries require people to sort out types of trash before dumping, and they won’t be pleased to find the dirty things of yours in the glass bins or metal bins.

Maybe in the future, there will be regulations to control human waste dumping. Now, when there is only a small part of the population using non-flushable restrooms, it’s okay to toss your poop bag into landfills. Years later, I believe there will be places and ways stated in the laws for you to empty your composting toilets.

The Verdict

Dumping human waste, after all, is not so troublesome. Once knowing how to process the pee and poop after your loo is full, don’t hesitate to buy the best composting toilet for your RV or home.

Now, with all the methods recommended in the post, I hope you have got rid of the confusions about where to empty composting toilets. Utilizing the type of toilets is an effective way to save the environment and reduce your monthly water bill. If you are gardening, look for ways to use the compost for fertilizer. In the future, there will be more and more people turning to composting toilets, and you may be able to find your peers everywhere.

Where Should You Empty The Composting Toilets?


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